Cafe in West Lothian

Cafe in West Lothian

1Andy's Coffee House

If you are looking for Cafes in Whitburn and the surrounding areas then come into Andy's Coffee House in West Main Street for breakfast, lunch and snacks. We have a wide selction on our menu including lots of breakfasts options and filled r ...

Opening hours

Mon 07:00 AM-04:00 PM
Tue 07:00 AM-04:00 PM
Wed 07:00 AM-04:00 PM
Thu 07:00 AM-04:00 PM
Fri 07:00 AM-04:00 PM
Sat 07:00 AM-04:00 PM
Sun Closed

2Balance Bistro

Balance Bistro in Deans, Livingston is a Health Cafe serving healthy food in their coffee shop, also available for Takeaway and Delivery. If you are fed up with feeling sluggish andwould like some healthy food then come to Balance Bistro in ...

Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue 09:30 AM-04:00 PM
Wed 09:30 AM-04:00 PM
Thu 09:30 AM-04:00 PM
Fri 09:30 AM-04:00 PM
Sat 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM-03:00 PM


Papillon in Uphall, Uphall is a fine example of cafes in the Broxburn  area. Our bistro / cafe has been opened to provide Uphall with tasty breakfast, lunches and afternoon coffee and cakes. We do fresh food every day, coupled with fas ...

Opening hours

Mon 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Tue 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Wed 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Thu 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Fri 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Sat 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Sun 08:00 AM-03:00 PM

4Sompoton Snack Shack

If you are looking for Cafes in the Bathgate and Whitburn areas then stop off at Sompoton Snack Shack in Bathgate, Standhill Industrial Estate for some delicious home cooked food. Sompoton Snack Shack of Bathgate offers a wide selectio ...

Opening hours

Mon 08:00 AM-02:00 PM
Tue 08:00 AM-02:00 PM
Wed 08:00 AM-02:00 PM
Thu 08:00 AM-02:00 PM
Fri 08:00 AM-02:00 PM
Sat 08:00 AM-12:00 PM
Sun Closed


Tastebuds is an excellent example of cafes, sandwich and coffee shops throughout Armadale, Bathgate and the locality which specialises in freshly prepared top quality foods for all events. From everyday takeaways to buffets and special occa ...

Opening hours

Mon 009:00 AM-03:00 PM
Tue 009:00 AM-03:00 PM
Wed 009:00 AM-03:00 PM
Thu 009:00 AM-03:00 PM
Fri 009:00 AM-03:00 PM
Sat 009:00 AM-03:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM-02:00 PM

6Star & Garter Hotel Linlithgow

If you are looking for cafes in Linlithgow, then visit Star and Garter Hotel. With a new coffee shop serving fine coffee and cakes, you can come in sit and relax and watch the world go by. If you do not have time to stop for a coffee then w ...

Opening hours

Mon 06:30 AM-11:30 PM
Tue 06:30 AM-11:30 PM
Wed 06:30 AM-11:30 PM
Thu 06:30 AM-11:30 PM
Fri 06:30 AM-11:30 PM
Sat 06:30 AM-11:30 PM
Sun 06:30 AM-11:30 PM

7Sweet Little Cheesecake Cafe

If you are looking for a Cafe in Linlithgow then come into Sweet Little Cheesecake Co for breakfast, lunch and cheesecake and coffee. We have a wide variety of flavours of cheesecakes on a daily basis as well as serving breakfast, lunches a ...

Opening hours

Mon 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Tue 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Wed 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Thu 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Fri 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Sat 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM-04:00 PM

8Pillar Box Cafe

If you are looking for a Cafe in Dechmont with parking and handy for the main road or M8 Motorway, take a visit to Pillar Box Cafe in Dechmont, near Uphall. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or snacks and coffee then we will serv ...

Opening hours

Mon 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Tue 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Wed 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Thu 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Fri 08:00 AM-03:00 PM
Sat 09:00 AM-01:00 PM
Sun Closed

9Playpost Ltd

Pavana in Shotts is right next door to Playpost Role Play Centre in Shotts. Pavana is licensed where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch such as sandwiches and paninis as well as pasta, pizza and burgers. We also have a Kids menu and are fully l ...

Opening hours

Mon 09:30 AM-05:30 PM
Tue 09:30 AM-05:30 PM
Wed 09:30 AM-05:30 PM
Thu 09:30 AM-05:30 PM
Fri 09:30 AM-05:30 PM
Sat 09:30 AM-05:30 PM
Sun 09:30 AM-05:30 PM