Restoration is our speciality, we restore the cars ourselves and have a small selection of classic Jaguar models in various conditions for sale, please contact us for further details of current stock. 

McMillan Jaguar carry out vehicle inspections and valuations on request for clients who wish to purchase a classic or modern Jaguar and are not sure of its condition. 

Our restored cars are prepared to a very high standard we take into consideration many aspects of restoration and will only put McMillan Jaguars name against them when we are satisfied of the condition. 

McMillan Jaguar want to preserve the tradition of classic Jaguar cars. 

Here are just some of the steps we go through to restore your Jaguar: 

After a careful examination of a restoration project a detailed estimate and breakdown of the proposed labour and parts requirement is provided. This will often include hidden corrosion and other mechanical and electrical problems which cannot be seen, but which from our vast experience we can be 90% certain will be there.

The car is then stripped to its components and all existing paint materials are removed from the body panels. At this point, in consultation with the customer, any unforeseen problems or additional requirements are costed and the estimate is updated to take these into account. 

At the end of project you will be the proud owner of a vintage Jaguar in immaculate condition.