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News from Stirling

A Scottish farmer says coronavirus restrictions mean he needs to find hundreds of pickers to harvest strawberries.
31 March 2020
A daily update on the number of coronavirus cases in Scotland and where the cases are.
31 March 2020
Scotland sees its biggest daily increase in the number of coronavirus deaths so far, with a further 13 people dying.
31 March 2020
Pubs, hotels, shops and other businesses have been boarded up due to coronavirus closures.
30 March 2020
Thousands have signed up to the Ready Scotland website to provide practical or emotional help.
30 March 2020
The Scottish government says eight weeks' worth will be delivered upfront to GP surgeries this week.
29 March 2020
Posters have been appearing in windows as people try to stay positive during the Coronavirus outbreak.
27 March 2020
People should only travel to "essential" work if they can't work from home - but what is essential?
24 March 2020