Back Care in Derry

Back Care in Derry

1Foyle Physiotherapy Clinic

Back Care is a common ailment which affects most individuals as some stage during their lives.  Our specialists in spinal injury are able to ensure that each patient has a thorough back assessment to identify the problem as pain is oft ...

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2Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic

Back care is something that we provide here at clarendon chiropractic clinic. We are very skilled and have got a wealth of experience in dealing with this area so you know you're in safe hands. You ca See more. n count on us to help you out of the pain that you are in and relax your muscles so you leave feeling a lot better than when you came in. We will use different techniques, and skills to find the source of your problem and treat as necesarry while looking at your lifestyle and health records to advise you on how to prevent this happening again in the future.  Hide.

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3Back Pain Clinic

Back care is something that we specialise here at the back pain clinic. We have professional and fully skilled physiotherapists that will be able to help you with any pain that you may have in your ba See more. ck and you will leave feeling a lot better than when you came in. We will have a look at all aspects of your life and advise you on what you can do in order to prevent yourself from getting injured again. If you just need to get advice on how to prevent back pain then our physiotherapist will be happy to help you and help to ensure that you fully understand.  Hide.

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