What is Yellowtom?

Yellowtom is a renowned UK-based directory platform established in 2003 in England. With its head office relocating to Northern Ireland in 2013, it has been instrumental in bridging the gap between local businesses and consumers.

As a pivotal player in the digital marketing landscape, Yellowtom offers a unique blend of traditional directory listings with advanced digital marketing solutions.

It is designed to connect local businesses with consumers in their area. It serves as the parent company for a suite of consumer-facing brands, including our associated brands, aimed at making local search seamless and convenient.

What is the Yellowtom app?

Yellowtom app is a user-friendly application that integrates all your favourite local brands, allowing consumers to access a range of local services, trades, and offers with the touch of a button. It's your one-stop solution to connect with local businesses and support your local community.

How can a business sign up to Yellowtom?

Businesses interested in signing up with Yellowtom can get in touch through our contact page. Yellowtom helps in creating SEO optimised listings for businesses, supercharging their digital presence.

How do consumers benefit from using Yellowtom?

Consumers can explore varied listings, read authentic reviews, avail special offers, and communicate directly with the businesses. They can easily find what they need through keyword searches.

What brands are incorporated in the Yellowtom app?

The app incorporates a variety of brands like Eat Local, Offers, Jobs, Online and others, offering a range of services including food delivery, local job listings, and exclusive local offers.

Can consumers access Yellowtom on various platforms?

Yes, consumers can access Yellowtom through multiple access points including Google searches, the Yellowtom website, and the Yellowtom app, making it convenient to discover local businesses.

How can businesses and recruitment companies benefit Yellowtom Jobs?

Businesses and recruitment companies can list jobs and recruitment ads which will be SEO optimised for higher visibility on search engines. It’s a dedicated platform for connecting businesses with potential employees efficiently.

Can Yellowtom replace a business’s website?

While having a dedicated website is beneficial, Yellowtom provides unique landing pages for businesses which can serve as an alternative supplemental digital presence, especially for businesses that do not have their own website.

Is Yellowtom available across the UK and Ireland?

Yes, Yellowtom supports businesses across the UK and Ireland, fostering connections between local businesses and consumers.

Do I need to register to use Yellowtom’s services as a consumer?

No, registration is not mandatory. Consumers can freely navigate and explore the listings, offers, and other features. However, creating an account can offer a personalised experience and access to exclusive features and updates.

How can local businesses optimise their listings on Yellowtom?

Yellowtom assists businesses in creating comprehensive, SEO-optimised profiles that include essential details, business descriptions, and contact information, to enhance online visibility and engagement.

What kind of businesses can register on Yellowtom?

A wide range of businesses, from local services and trades to retail and restaurants, can register on Yellowtom to enhance their online presence and connect with local consumers.

Can I access Yellowtom on my mobile device?

Yes, Yellowtom is mobile-friendly and also offers the our app for seamless access to local businesses and services on the go.

How does Yellowtom ensure the authenticity of reviews on the platform?

Yellowtom employs stringent measures to validate reviews and ensure they are genuine, providing reliable insights for consumers.

Are there any costs associated with using the Yellowtom app as a consumer?

The Yellowtom app is free to download and use for consumers, offering easy access to local trades, services, and offers.

How does the Eat Local feature benefit local takeaways?

Eat Local is dedicated to empowering local takeaways by providing a user-friendly food ordering platform, eliminating crippling commissions and connecting them directly with consumers.

Can businesses update their listing information?

Yes, businesses can easily update their profile information to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

How do the Yellowtom Rewards feature work?

Yellowtom Rewards provides users with thousands of cashback opportunities and local offers from both high street stores and local businesses, enhancing the user experience and value.

Is my data secure with Yellowtom?

Yes, Yellowtom prioritises user privacy and employs robust security measures to protect user data and information.

Can I list properties and vehicles on Yellowtom?

Yes, upcoming features will include the ability to list property sales, rentals, and vehicle buying and selling directly on the platform

How can I contact a business listed on Yellowtom?

Consumers can directly communicate with listed businesses through the contact information provided on their profiles.

How does Yellowtom differ from other local search directories?

Yellowtom focuses specifically on connecting local consumers with local businesses, trades, and services, offering a suite of features like SEO optimised listings, authentic reviews, and a user-friendly app to enhance the user experience and support community engagement.

How can businesses benefit from Yellowtom Offers?

Businesses can list their offers which will be SEO optimised, increasing the visibility on search engines like Google. This feature hosts free listings for local businesses, enhancing their digital presence and reach.

Can businesses offer promotions or discounts through Yellowtom?

Yes, businesses can leverage the "YELLOWTOM OFFERS" feature to list their special offers, discounts, and promotions, attracting more local consumers.

How can consumers benefit from the Yellowtom Offers feature?

Consumers can discover a variety of local offers, promotions, and discounts, allowing them to save money and support local businesses in their area.

Can recruitment companies list job vacancies on Yellowtom?

Yes, recruitment companies can use the "YELLOWTOM JOBS" feature to list job vacancies, reaching a wider local audience and potential candidates.

Can I share a business listing with my friends or family?

Yes, users can easily share business listings, offers, and other features with friends and family through various social media and communication platforms.

How does Yellowtom support local takeaways with the EAT LOCAL feature?

The EAT LOCAL feature enables local takeaways to reach more customers by offering a user-friendly food ordering app that eliminates crippling commissions, fostering direct connections between consumers and businesses.

Is there a limit to the number of listings a business can have on Yellowtom?

For specific details on listing limitations or special arrangements, businesses are encouraged to get in touch with Yellowtom representatives.

How frequently are new businesses, offers, and jobs added to Yellowtom?

Yellowtom is continuously updated with new listings, offers, and job postings to ensure users have access to the most current and relevant local information.

Do I need a separate account to use the Yellowtom app?

No, users can access the our app using their Yellowtom account, ensuring a seamless experience across all platforms.

How can I provide feedback or report an issue with a listing or feature on Yellowtom?

Users can contact Yellowtom directly through the Contact Us section to provide feedback or report any issues. Customer satisfaction and platform integrity are our top priorities.

How does Yellowtom handle fraudulent listings or misinformation?

Yellowtom employs rigorous verification processes to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the listings, maintaining a trustworthy and reliable platform for both consumers and businesses.

Does Yellowtom have a customer support or helpline?

Yes, users and businesses can reach out to Yellowtom’s support team through the provided contact details for assistance, queries, or concerns.

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