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What to Expect

People often wonder how easy and comfortable it will be when they come into therapy. The majority of folks find that is far easier to step over the doorstep than any new encounter they have ever experienced. Within minutes they are finding it is fun.

To mention just a few cases in the past year:

Jack came along because he had a number of serious issues he wanted to deal with. To test the expertise of the therapist he chose to deal with his heavy smoking habit to begin with. After introducing the idea of trance and the aims of the session Mina induced a fairly light trance and began telling Jack’s unconscious how he was becoming a non-smoker by using the resources within him, how much he would enjoy living smoke free and what it would do for his physical body. He also accepted easily that he would not experience any cravings and was instructed how to cope comfortably with situations that might challenge his intentions to remain a non-smoker. Two weeks later Jack attended a family wedding which he expected to be his first big test. He passed with flying colours and is now working on several other issues.

Shortly after Jack’s success with smoking cessation he sent a friend along because he was terrified of flying. When Jerry was comfortable Mina explained how we ‘code’ our emotions and how easy it is to change the coding to make great changes. Mina took him through three processes to effect this change and ‘voila’, Jerry’s fears were gone and we did not even use trance! Two weeks later he enjoyed his trip to Tenerife in the greatest comfort.

Another case of alleviating fear was for a lady in her sixties; we will call her Isabel. Isabel suffered years of painful anxiety and this was seriously affecting her marriage and family life as she rarely left her bedroom. The first thing that had to be achieved was to help her accept that she could overcome her debilitating anxiety. We worked on her negative beliefs, did some relaxation and really listened to her worst fears. She did not believe she could be hypnotised but during the second session it took effort to make sure she could still hear Mina’s voice using suggestions along the lines of cognitive behavioural therapy. 
After six sessions Isabel said she felt terrific and did not need any further sessions.