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Mina McGuigan, B.A.Hons, Dip Econ Pol Oxon, Dip Hyp, NLP Trainer and Advanced Counsellor offers an extremely high level of care for your well being. Highly experienced in hypnotherapy and specialising in life coaching and counselling, Mina can soon help you to overcome many issues:

  • smoking cessation
  • phobias
  • fears
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • panic attacks
  • pain
  • and much, much more on a one to one basis

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state and hypnotherapy is a reliable, safe therapeutic treatment which is increasingly recognized by the medical profession as a worthy complement in pain and healing management. Mina is a highly skilled hypnotherapist, and used in tandem with conventional methods, it can help you change effortlessly and achieve major transformation in your life. In conjunction with Mina’s life coaching and counselling skills, she will help restore the fun factor in your life, she will ensure that you get the most out of all your relationships, and set you on an exciting career path.

Sought after locally in Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Falkirk and throughout the UK, Mina has established an outstanding reputation for one to one therapy, enabling those who seek her help and expertise to address their concerns to their highest satisfaction.

Mina is very experienced in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT and several complementary therapies, having served in the position of Tutor Counsellor with the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, a post held for 10 years. There is nothing new in NLP as it is a comprehensive selection of things that work well. The predominating attitude of NLP is one of curiosity and experimentation and when first revealed in 1975 it was thought of and manifested itself as magic, because it worked to fast and produced such exemplary results. Mina is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP. 

Life Coaching can have fabulous advantages for those looking to improve their performance in almost any area of their life, whether it is relationship, business, career development or life style. Mina can accompany you as you take a new look at where you are and where you want to be. Mina has an excellent track record in Online Coaching. This has many advantages as it means if you choose an hour slot in your diary for coaching, that is all it takes; no travelling or out of office time and when you use your new skills in your office they are twice as powerful. Mina has clients as far afield as Washington DC and Lands End, UK. Mina also uses Skype or landline telephone.

For remedial issues it might be you are considering counselling. Mina qualified as a counsellor in 1977 and for nearly two decades specialised in Relationship counselling. After training in NLP she offered help in many more areas and found herself in great demand as a business coach, especially in London. As a counsellor she deals with clients who are having relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety or grief and loves seeing the difference she and the client can make. 
It is good to know that being stuck is can be a prelude to a new life. Many clients have come in confusion and anxiety and have left with a real confidence in achieving the life they wanted. For all aspects of life which require addressing and altering, Hypnotherapist Cumbernauld is the professional establishment to approach for confidential, personal and reputable service.

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