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Creating Connections: Where Businesses Meet Consumers

Welcome to Yellowtom, we’re on a mission to connect local businesses with local consumers.

If you’re a business who wants to connect with more customers locally through online search engines or a customer hoping to find a trade or service in your area - we’ve got you covered.

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Discover Great Businesses In Your Local Area With Our App

In today's fast-paced world, instant access to local businesses and services is not just a convenience, it's a necessity.

Our app bridges that gap and allows you to shop local with confidence.

Integrating all your favourite local brands under one umbrella, our app is a one-stop solution to connecting with local trades and services, making it easier than ever to support and enjoy your local community.

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Our directory service allows businesses to create SEO optimised listings in their area and specialism, trade or business category


We host free listings for local businesses where they can have their offers seen by thousands of members daily.


Upgraded directory users can list their local jobs maximising their potential of being seen by the right candidate.


Upgraded directory users can promote their ecommerce shop and products on their unique SEO optimised listing page.


We’ve thousands of cashback opportunities from high street stores as well as local offers from local businesses for your staff and members.

Eat Local

Our user-friendly food ordering app committed to empowering local takeaways by eliminating crippling commissions.

Why Choose Yellowtom?

Local business profiling

We help businesses create a comprehensive profile that not only lists basic business details but includes information about your business.

Create your digital presence

You don’t need to have your own website. Your unique Yellowtom landing page can replace a website or be used in addition to your digital presence. Whether through Google searches, our website, or the Yellowtom App, consumers have multiple access points to discover local businesses.

Creating connections with your customer

It’s hard to connect with local customers right when they’re ready to buy. Our search engine optimised listings mean your business will show up as soon as your customer starts looking for your product or service.

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Find a business in your area!

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Discover local gems with Yellowtom

Creating Connections between you & local businesses

Navigating the local business landscape has never been easier with Yellowtom:

Varied Listings: Whatever you need, you can find them all on our site.

Authentic Reviews: Gauge credibility through genuine reviews.

Special Offers: Never miss out on a deal with our Yellowtom App.

Direct Communication: Deal directly with the businesses.

Keyword Searches: Find what you need, where you need it easily.

Explore, engage, and support your local community businesses with
Yellowtom – making discovering your local businesses a breeze!


Search your local area!

Find local services from plumbers, hairdressers, accountants and builders to beauty salons, landscapers, electricians, insurance brokers, estate agents and much more...

Yellowtom is a UK based directory platform, facilitating connections between local businesses and consumers.

Offering a blend of traditional listings and advanced digital marketing solutions, we help businesses boost their online presence, while providing consumers with an easy way to discover and engage with local trades and services through our Yellowtom app and other brands.

Find a business in your area!

Head Office: Yellowtom, 54 Elmwood Avenue Belfast BT9 6AZ

Yellowtom NI Ltd - VAT Reg. No: 359 8652 40 / Company Reg. No: NI671661