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News from Salisbury

The children's minister says he wants to eliminate the "rogue element" of some youth accommodation.
18 July 2019
The college says continued low demand for places has brought about the decision.
16 July 2019
Crime victims are being "let down" because of a backlog of 830 fingerprint cases waiting to be analysed.
16 July 2019
When tech entrepreneur Hiroki Takeuchi was paralysed in a cycling accident, he was back in work just three months later.
14 July 2019
Jade Collins, 26, from Bournemouth, was driving on the A36 when her car crashed with a lorry.
11 July 2019
The model gives an insight "into what our ancestors would have heard", an academic says.
11 July 2019
Zookeeper Rosa King did not recognise that a metal slide to block the tiger had been left open.
10 July 2019
Thousands greeted dawn at Stonehenge, as people across the UK welcomed the longest day of the year.
21 June 2019
Kale Turner, left with locked-in syndrome after emergency brain surgery, needs home adaptations.
14 June 2019