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Killeen Hardware has a full stove and fireside showroom and supply a wide range of stove brands such as:

  • Broseley
  • Evergreen
  • Firefox
  • Fireside Accessories
  • Hunter
  • Mulberry
  • Olymberyl
  • Stove Spares

We provide all spare parts for your stoves, including flue pipes and replacement glass.

Killeen Hardware is a leading retailer of Wood Burning Stoves, Wood Stoves and Multi-fuel Stoves and we believe that we have a great range of stoves for you to make your perfect choice from. We are passionate about the correct burning of wood and the efficiency and energy independence that heating with stoves provides. Whether it's a Wood Burning, Multi-fuel or Boiler Stove that you're looking for at Killeen Hardware we make it easy for you to choose the ideal Wood Stove.