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1High-Spec Metal Polishers Ltd

High-Spec is a metal polisher who has developed and built its business on a reputation as a leading specialist company providing all forms of surface finishing of fabricated & machined components made from non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass & copper.  O ...

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High-Spec Metal Polishers Ltd OFFER

Special rates for ALL motorbike parts polish for...

2Park Metal Polishing

PMP are a specialist metal polisher who provide their services throughout the West Yorkshire Region. They undertake only the highest quality mirror finishes in addition they polish all types of metals See more. from aluminium and stainless steel to brass and copper. With years of experience they bring many quality skills in which they use to give customers the best finish possible. So for all your vehicle cleaning services and needs look no further. Hide.

Halifax: Metal Polisher

3Stainfree Metal Finishers

Stainfree are a quality metal polisher company based in Yorkshire and providing an experienced service throughout the UK and Europe. They undertake all aspects of the metal-working industry which incl See more. udes finishes, decorative, hygenic and functional in addition to polishes, stock materials and more. Their business carries out a variety of services from pharmaceutical, architectural features, handrailing and machine parts to aircrafts, hopfittings, automotive and decorative work. Hide.

Halifax: Metal Polisher