About Yellowtom

Yellowtom is designed to help you find the local businesses you need quickly and easily - and to get their best offers! After you've set your location, try typing into the search box and we'll start suggesting what you might be looking for after just a couple a couple of characters. If you see "offers" in the list of suggestions that means those searches lead to special offers from relevant business partners for you, check them out! They can help to make your budget stretch further.

Want to keep up to speed with the latest offers from our business partners? Sign up for your nearest town's weekly digest. You can unsubscribe at anytime and we will never email you more than once per week - and then only if we have new offers for you.

After each search, we try to provide you with all the most information you might need from opening hours and telephone number to the exact location of the business and it's special offers to you. We're always open to suggestions - use the Contact Us from at the top of the screen to send them to us! And thanks in advance.

When we list the results of your search we describe it as "Local First" initially. Usually, this means we have placed local businesses at the top of the list. You can choose to change the view to "Near Me" which will show you the businesses ranked in order of those which are nearest to you - provided you take a few seconds to set your location on your first visit.

Want to share what you think of a business you've personally used? We give you many opportunities to add your own reviews of businesses who've served you - or you can simply read what others think. In the "Most Liked" setting, we even ranked businesses in terms of the popularity of their reviews and how much their offers are shared or downloaded. And in "Compare Offers" - you can compare offers funnily enough!

Know a local business which should be included but isn't? Please let them know that they can list themselves in one town and one search - absolutely for free! In any case our annual advertising rates are very cheap and easily pay for themselves. You should probably point out that Yellowtom offers a unique combination of local search tool, search engine prominence, social network tools and email marketing system.

Yellowtom is represented in each town by a franchisee who has invested in the development of our site! It also means we don't have any high pressure commission obsessed hungry salesmen anxious to get you to sign today - just local people who need to look after their customers as they want to work with them for the longer term!

Oh - and we don't take any share of coupon linked sales - unlike some of our rather aggressive north American competitors!

Yellowtom was invented by Nigel Rush.


How to Set Your Location

Wherever you see a town name, beneath it will be a "lozenge" with the word "Change" in it. Click that - and then pick your nearest town from the list.

In "Near Me" you can set you exact location which makes the information more useful when you search.