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Elite TeleSales is a specialist telemarketing company, providing outbound telemarketing services throughout the UK. We will help you identify your target market. Then cold call contacts on your behalf, follow up contacts until they become leads, then nurture those leads into appointments. Outsource your telesales operation to Elite TeleSales and allow your sales team to spend their time in front of potential clients, doing what they do best – closing the sale!

Elite TeleSales staff are trained in the Elite technique of building rapport with cold contacts, concentrating on their needs and solving their problems – it’s a technique that works and that keeps your reputation in tact. So if you want to reach your target market quickly, efficiently and conveniently then contact Elite TeleSales – because Your Success is Our Success!

The strength of our service generates many customer testimonials, for example....

David Hinds of David Hinds Associates wrote.. “We recently engaged Elite TeleSales to conduct a telesales campaign. The aim of the campaign was to set appointments for meetings with targeted contacts. Within a 2 hour period Elite was able to fix 10 confirmed appointments. They also achieved 11 further requests for written information about our company from the contacts called. We will be following up these leads and developing them into appointments.

The final result of this campaign was that Elite TeleSales achieved a success rate of over 50%. We were very pleased with the work conducted by Elite. The results speak for themselves. We have already engaged them for another campaign and are actively recommending them to other companies.”

Matthew Bell of Bell I.T. 2000 wrote.. “I am taking this opportunity to write to you on the effectiveness of your service provided to Bell IT 2000.

Elite TeleSales was engaged by Bell IT 2000 Ltd to conduct a cold calling campaign in order to make appointments with potential clients. This campaign was in support of a unique software package specifically created by Bell IT to organise the operation of cleaning companies.

The effectiveness of Elite Telesales was impressive. From the time they began making calls to contacts the appointments began flooding in – to such an extent that we were forced to terminate the campaign before the due date, as we were unable to cope with the amount of appointments. Based on the results of this campaign we have once again engaged Elite TeleSales to conduct an in-depth campaign in which they will be more closely involved in making sales on our behalf.

I am very happy to recommend Elite Telesales to your prospective clients based on the excellent campaigns you have conducted for Bell IT 2000.”

Elite Telesales
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    Elite Telesales

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