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La Vita Restaurant OFFER

2 Course Lunch for £6 or £9.50  

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Opening hours

Mon 12:00 PM-02:30 PM
Mon 05:00 PM-09:30 PM
Tue 12:00 PM-02:30 PM
Tue 05:00 PM-09:30 PM
Wed 12:00 PM-02:30 PM
Wed 05:00 PM-09:30 PM
Thu 12:00 PM-10:30 PM
Fri 12:00 PM-10:30 PM
Sat 12:00 PM-10:30 PM
Sun 12:00 PM-10:30 PM

About Us

Italian Restaurant in West Lothian

La Vita Viva, Mid Calder near Livingston in West Lothian offers the finest Italian food in West Lothian. La Vita Viva Italian Restaurant has an extensive menu including pasta, steaks, kebabs and pizzas to sit in or takeaway. 

La Vita Viva is also a stockist of Artisan Cheescakes, come and try a lovely dessert today.

We also offer a Home Delivery service, call us and we will do the rest.

Lunchtime Special

Menu A £6.00

Avacado Salad or Soup of the Day
Penne Picante / Cannelloni /Margherita Pizza (any topping £1)

Menu B £9.50

Garlic Mushrooms or Soup of the Day
Steak Diana plus any side dish

La Vita Viva
  • Italian Restaurant in West Lothian:
    • Antipasti:

      Soup of the Day / Avocado Vinaigrette / Avocado con Gamberettie - with prawns / Gamberetti Maria Rose - prawn cocktail / Capresi - Mozzarella, tomatoes & basil / Insalata Tre Colori - Mozarella, tomato, Avocado / Calamari Fritti - squid battered / Cozze - mussels / Funghi Al Aglio - garlic mushrooms / Melanzane Alia Parmigianna - Aubergine with parmesan / Salmone Affumicato - smoked salmon / Salmone la Vita - smoked salmon with prawns / Pepperoni Pescatori - whole stuffed pepper (rice & seafood) / Pepperoni con Carne - stuffed pepper with rice, split beans, onions, meat, herbs & tomato / Pate Delia Casa - chicken liver pate / Japanese Breaded Prawns / Garlic Bread (with or without cheese) / Bruschetta / Spare Ribs / Asparagi Granati - asparagus baked with parmesan / Proscuitto con Melone - melon with parma ham / Melone al porto - melon and port

    • Pasta / Risotto Choices:

      Spaghetti Bolognese / Spaghetti Marinara (mixed seafood) / Spaghetti Carbonara / Spaghetti Polio (chicken, tomato & cream) / Penne al Pesto Genovese (pesto & basil) / Penne Piccanta (chilli & tomato) / Penne Amatriciana (bacon, onion, tomato) / Penne La Vita (spicy sausage, bacon, peas, mushrooms, cream, garlic, tomato sauce) Penne al Salmone e Piselli (Smoked salmon, prawns & peas) / Penne Seciliana (aubergine, mozzarella & tomato) / Tagliatelle Papalina (bacon, onions, peas, mushrooms, danish blue cheese & cream) / Tagliatelle Romana (ham, cream, tomato, meat) / Tagliatelle Caruso (mushrooms, green peppers, peas, tomato, cream) / Fusilli con Funghi (mushrooms, cream, tomato) / Ravioli Ham / Ravioli Salmone / Lasagne / Cannelloni / Gnocchi Risotto Marinara (seafood & tomato) / Risotto Vegeteriana (Peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, asparagus in tomato sauce) / Risotto La Vita (mushroom, ham, peppers, onion, tomato, cream)

    • Pizza:

      Pizza Margarita - cheese & tomato / Pizza Funghi - mushroom / Pizza Verde - onion, mushroom, asparagus, olives & green peppers / Pizza Napolitana - olives & anchovies / Pizza Marinara - seafood / Pizza Bolognese / Pizza Polio - chicken / Pizza Estiva - garlic, tomato, green peppers / Pizza Polio e Funghi - chicken & mushroom / Pizza Fonteluna - spicy sausage & ham / Pizza Hawaii - ham & pineapple / Calzone - folded over pizza with ham, mushroom & pepperoni / Pizza La Vita - roasted aubergine, mozzarella & tomato / Extra Toppings available

    • Specials / Sides:

      Specials Trout Limone - rainbow trout cooked in white wine topped with prawns and mussels / Trout alia Cassa - rainbow trout cooked with tomato, olives, capers / Dover Sole - grilled dover sole with wine & lemon sauce topped with prawns and mussels / King Prawn Limone - grilled king prawns with lemon, garlic butter and white wine sauce / Meatballs - meatballs in rich tomato sauce and choice of pasta, rice or chips / Agnello alia Grigglia - grilled lamb chops / Cozze Basilico - mussels cooked in basil, garlic and tomato sauce. / Cozze Granati - mussels cooked in basil sauce and topped with parmesan cheese / Tagliatelle Frutti di Mare - selection of seafood / Mista - mixed salad / Verde - green salad / Pommodoro - tomato salad / Greek salad - with olives & feta cheese / Marinated Olives / Onion Rings / Cauliflower

    • Carni:

      Bistecca Alla Grigglia - grilled sirloin steak / Bistecca Alla Pizzaiolla - sirloin steak in tomato, garlic, herb / Bistecca Al Pepe - sirloin steak with creamy brandy sauce with peppercorns / Bistecca Diana - sirloin with creamy mushroom & brandy sauce / Filletto Alia Griglia - grilled fillet steak / Filletto Rossini - fillet steak with pate & port sauce / Filletto Bourguignonne - fillet steak with onion, mushroom, red wine & tomato sauce / Beef Stroganoff - strips of fillet beef in an onion, mushroom, tomato, French mustard and brandy cream sauce

    • Kebabs & Burgers:

      Polio alio Spiedo - marinated chicken kebab / Agnello alio Spiedo - marinated lamb kebab / Spido di Carne La Vita - marinated lamb, chicken, king prawns / Perugia Burger - burger with mushroom, wine & cream sauce / Napoli Burger - with onions, chilli & tomato sauce / Bolognese Burger - topped with bolognese sauce

    • Chicken & Veal:

      Pollo Grigglia - grilled chicken breast / Pollo Funghi Crema - mushroom & cream sauce / Pollo Cacciatora - tomato, peppers, mushrooms & olives / Pollo Verona - onions, asparagus, tomato sauce & wine / Pollo Alia Vita's - tomato, asparagus, cream & wine / Picata Limone - veal with fresh lemon / Cotoletta Milanese - veal cooked in breadcrumbs / Vitello Funghi Crema - mushrooms & cream / Vitello Marsal - veal cooked in marsala wine / Scaloppine Sophia Loren - escalope of veal cooked with tomato, cream, white wine topped with asparagus & mozarello cheese

    Why Choose Us?:

    La Vita Viva offers delicious home cooked food for lunch and dinner. With a wide range of entertainment, look no further than the Mid Calder Inn to come and watch your favourite sport with a cold drink.

    Family Run Business:

    We are a family run business with friendly staff offering a relaxed atmosphere where you can dine and enjoy our fine Italian food in West Lothian.

    Function Room:

    We also offer function room hire for weddings, parties and anniversaries, choose from our extensive menu of pasta, steaks, pizzas and kebabs for your celebration. Call us now to book.

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    La Vita Viva

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    • If you are looking for somewhere after your meal on Hogmanay why not pop down to the adjoining Tapshop who have The Bonneville Flats playing LIVE to bring in the bells!! Free entry and free pizza and pasta buffet supplied by us!! Facebook.com14th Nov, 2017

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    • Delivery or collection available from 5pm tonight! Find us on Scoffable or give us a call on 01506885138! πŸ˜€ https://www.scoffable.com/menu/la_vita_viva_mid_calder Facebook.com22nd Oct, 2017

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