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TVE Tyres have recently been appointed as dealers for Kumho tyres. Kumho have been involved in motor sport for over 10 years, making huge progress in performance and are now recognised as a major supplier of race and rally tyres, rivalling the more established brands. Kumho produce tyres to suit all vehicles from small cars to heavy trucks.

At TVE Tyres we have invested in the latest fitting equipment to enable us to provide you with the best possible service. We can also inflate your tyres with Nitrogen rather than compressed air giving you improved road handling and stability, greater tyre life, and eliminating corrosion. All Kumho tyres fitted by us are inflated with Nitrogen at no extra charge.

Nitrogen has been used in areas demanding the highest performance and safety standards for many years. These areas include aircraft, heavy mining and construction vehicles and of course Formula One. Nitrogen is 100% safe, entirely predictable and superior to standard compressed air in every instance.

Compressed air contains water vapour which helps to develop rust and corrosion of the wheel increasing pressure leaks from between the bead of the tyre and the wheel. Nitrogen eliminates oxidation preventing rust and corrosion.

Nitrogen inflation delivers

  • up to 30% greater tyre life,
  • 4% improved fuel economy,
  • improved wheel handling and stability
  • predictable tyre pressures.


All other leading tyre brands can be supplied and fitted by us at competitive prices.

At TVE Tyres we fully recommend Nitrogen inflation to all our customers!

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