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Suppliers & Erectors of Steel Sheds

A.C.G. Sheds - Suppliers and Erectors of Steel Sheds!

We supply and erect steel sheds which range from different sizes. The sheds consist of a steel frame, which is made to each customers requirements. The frame is then bolted to a concrete base for security. We then sheet the frame with a PVC coated cladding, which comes in a range of different colours. The roof is also sheeted with drip resistant cladding. This prevents condensation getting into the shed . . . the shed is totally water tight!

There are many different reasons why A.C.G Sheds are the best choice:

  • lightweight steel sheds with a choice of colour
  • available in different sizes from 10 x 10 feet up tp 70 x 30 feet
  • maintenance is free
  • relocatable
  • no foundation is necessary
  • built in hours
  • last for years
  • built to your size
  • built when and where you want it

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A.C.G. Sheds
  • Services Include:

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    A.C.G. Sheds

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