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The National Pet Care Company

Animals At Home is a local franchise run by Mike and Judith Toft both of whom have many years experience in looking after animals and pets in particular. They are council licensed and vet approved and are able to provide a specialist service caring for your pets while you are away on holiday or for business.

Dogs are well cared for at their excellent boarding facilities on Ham Hill which can be just overnight or for as long as required. Places are sometimes available on short notice but advance booking is preferable to ensure there is a place for your dog.

At their Ham Hill base there is an acre of enclosed paddock for visiting dogs to run and play safely in and there is also the added benefit of over 400 acres of surrounding countryside to be explored on walks of varying lengths. There are no kennels or cages at Hilltop so your dog will be treated as a pet at all times.

For those dogs which do not mix well with others there is an alternative, which is to have your dog placed with one of their carefully vetted host families who will take your dog in while you are away. For owners of three or more pets a house sitting service may be available allowing your pets to be cared for in their own environment.

Animals At Home are also able to offer a microchipping service, to help ensure that should your dog ever get lost it can be quickly and easily identified as yours and returned safely to you.

Animals At Home
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    Animals At Home

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