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Nightingales 01 based in Stokesley are a company with bespoke training solutions.  We are proud of our presentations which are aimed at a wide range of individuals and industries.  Our courses are designed from anyone who is interested in emergency aid skills or requalification in certification.  How we do this we use three different types of learning styles:-


  • Auditory - A learning style in which a person is taught by listening

  • Vocal - An important learning process by acquiring information by what is sail

  • Kinesthetic - The hands on approach

An emergency can strike anyone, anytime, a father who suffers a heart attack, a child who chokes and stops breathing, a colleague who collapses at work. 

Our courses are designed to be suitable for anyone interested in emergency aid skills or requalification in certification. 

They are conducted for the layman and no previous experience is required. Lessons are planned to be stress free but professional. We are experienced in this field and we can empathise that often attending a course for the first time or renewing your certification can be daunting, we aim to avoid this.

Our bespoke training courses cover:

  • Paediatric / Child First Aid - On this we focus on scenarios, emergencies that are faced in the real world by professionals and meets Ofsed / EYFS requirements for childminders, Nursery Workers and Teachers.
  •  First Aid at Work, two and three day refresher - Interactive with CPR and AED First Aid Made Easy, student manual. This is a one day course with ongoing assesment by the instructor. The course uses many props and aids to ensure that CPR is effective.
  • Mountain and Outdoor First Aid - This is one of our most popular courses and concentrates on issues involved with the longer term care of casualties in remote environments, this is idea for those wanting to work in the outdoor adventure industry.
  • Anaphylactic Shock / Epi-pen - An extreme, often life threatening allergic reaction to an antigen to which the body has become hypersensitive. With 1 in 3 people in the UK now suffering from an allergy or allergies often been misdiagnosed, this course is often being requested more now.

We are fully equipped for in house training, we also have forged links with other establishments to use their excellent facilities and I.T suites, in many central locations in the North East. 

Please do not hesitate to contact staff to discuss your requirements.

Nightingales 01
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