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About Us

Supplying Innovative Compressed Air, Vacuum and Gas Solutions in Armagh

Ace Air Ni is Northern Irelands most experienced compressed air company.

Ace Air Ltd with our global manufacturing partners are at the forefront of supplying innovative compressed air, vacuum and gas solutions in Armagh and surrounding areas.

We supply to all types of industries, including manufacturing, processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food industries throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Ace Air Ltd are the premier specialist source for the design, installation and servicing of compressed air systems in Armagh.

We stock a wide range of commercial air compressors in Armagh, including:

  • Air treatment equipment
  • Vacuum pumps and blowers
  • High pressure air and gas systems
  • Oil free air systems
  • Air control and management systems
  • Medical compressors
  • Dental compressors     
  • Breathing air systems
  • Air pipework systems
  • Personnel de-dusting and cleaning equipment
  • Air knife systems
  • Bottle and can drying equipment
  • Compressed air pipework
  • Screw compressors
  • Oil lubricated compressors
  • Oil free compressors
  • Piston compressors
  • Variable speed drive compressors / VSD compressors
  • Class 0 oil free compressors
  • Energy efficient compressors
  • Air dryers
  • Refrigerant air dryers
  • Desiccant air dryers
  • Adsorption air dryers
  • Air filters
  • Compressed air condensate
  • High pressure compressors
  • Compressor controllers
  • Dust removal systems
  • Dust removal booths
  • Bottle drying
  • Can drying
  • Industrial fans
  • Axial fans
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Radial blowers
  • Side channel blowers
  • Slimline fans
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Nitrogen generators
  • Nitrogen gas systems

Ace Air NI are highly experienced compressed air consultants in Armagh and provide expert compressed air services, including:

  • Compressed air audits
  • Air compressor servicing
  • Air compressor sales and advice
  • Air compressor maintenance
  • Air compressor repairs
  • Air compressor parts
  • Compressed air quality control
  • ISO 8573 air quality audits
  • Air measurement

We are your no. 1 compressed air engineers in Armagh and are passionate in putting our customers first with reliable, energy efficient and quality product solutions from our German manufacturing partners backed by 24 hour support to ensure your continuity of business at all times. Our manufacturing partners include:

  • Beko
  • ACI Air Control Industries
  • Peak Industrial
  • RENNER Kompressoren
  • Busch

Ace Air staff have worked locally in the compressed air industry since the 1970’s and with this longevity you can “TRUST IN OUR EXPERIENCE” to ensure the optimum performance,efficiency and reliability of your compressors, air treatment and associated systems.

Ace Air NI
  • services and products include:
    • Dust Removal Systems:

      We design and install high quality dust removal systems, including dust removal booths and personnel de-dusting and cleaning equipment.

    • Bottle and Can Drying Systems:

      We supply and install high quality bottle and can drying systems for the food and beverage industry.

    • Air Dryers:

      We supply highly efficient air dryers and air drying systems, including refrigerant air dryers, desiccant air dryers, adsorption air dryers, air knife systems, etc.

    • Industrial Fans:

      We supply high quality, industrial fans for all types of business requirements, including axial fans, centrifugal fans, slimline fans, etc.

    • Vacuum Pumps and Blower Systems:

      We supply and fit vacuum pumps and blowers, including radial blowers, side channel blowers, etc.

    Commercial Air Compressors in Armagh:

    Ace Air NI supply and install commercial air compressors in Armagh, including medical compressors, dental compressors, screw compressors, oil lubricated compressors, oil free compressors, piston compressors, variable speed drive compressors / VSD compressors, class 0 oil free compressors, energy efficient compressors, etc.

    Gas Systems:

    We design, supply and install a wide range of gas systems to suit your requirements, including nitrogen generators, nitrogen gas systems, etc.

    Over 45 Years Experience:

    We are highly experience compressed air consultants in Armagh. Our experienced and qualified engineering staff provide high quality advice and services, including audit of existing compressed air system consultancy, design and installation of new systems, energy recovery systems, system Improvements and ongoing support 24/7.

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    Ace Air NI

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    • A few more machines installed this month, 45/55/22/11/7kw compressors and a few Dessicant dryers and Breathing Air Dryer. Facebook.com24th Nov, 2017

    • A 30kw installed for Shot Blasting Facebook.com27th Sep, 2017

    • Two scrolls with Dessicant dryer and Wall controller installed this week Facebook.com22nd Sep, 2017

    • Another 2 installed today Facebook.com22nd Sep, 2017

    • Another 7.5kw install today Facebook.com24th Aug, 2017

    • 11kw install today Facebook.com24th Aug, 2017

    • Another multi scroll Oil Free install this week Facebook.com19th Aug, 2017

    • Grand Prix draw for Corporate day. Winners as below, congratulations. Facebook.com9th Aug, 2017

    • Another few installations last week , 11kw and 110kw Facebook.com7th Aug, 2017

    • Ace Air have 2 VIP Passes for the Corporate Event at the Dundrod 150, Thursday 10th August all day racing with full track access and dinner with Ace Air. Just like and share this post and the 2 winners will be announced on Wednesday. Facebook.com6th Aug, 2017

    • Few more installs this week! Facebook.com21st Jul, 2017

    • Variable Speed install today Facebook.com27th Jun, 2017

    • Another one in today Facebook.com26th Jun, 2017

    • Here is one out of 2 machines installed today. Full package installed. 💨 Facebook.com26th Jun, 2017

    • Another install to start the week Facebook.com10th May, 2017

    • 15 kw install Facebook.com24th Apr, 2017

    • Another one installed Facebook.com6th Apr, 2017

    • Another install complete Facebook.com28th Mar, 2017

    • New 37 kw for shotblasting application to start the week Facebook.com20th Mar, 2017

    • Oil Free with Dessicant dryer and filtration to finish the day Facebook.com16th Mar, 2017

    • Another one in. Facebook.com15th Mar, 2017

    • Another wee install to start the week Facebook.com15th Mar, 2017

    • Another RSF45 kw today Facebook.com14th Feb, 2017

    • RSF45kw to start the week Facebook.com14th Feb, 2017

    • Another one gone and fitted Facebook.com14th Feb, 2017

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