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Chiropodist in North Lanarkshire

New Feet Podiatry in Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire is delighted to offer the assistance of its skilled chiropodists and podiatrists in all chiropod and podiatry treatments offered to our clientele around North Lanarkshire. As we are the experts in all aspects of foot care and foot wear advice you can rely on us to maintain your feet in tip top condition. Whether you are looking to have corns or calluses to be treated or nails clipped, we do it all. 

New Feet Podiatry in North Lanarkshire also do Massage as well as Biomechanics. New Feet Podiatry also offers patients a mobile service for an extra charge. For the best foot treatments around North Lanarkshire, come in and visit New Feet Podiatry. 

Trust New Feet Podiatry to have you walking on air in no time at all.

New Feet Podiatry
  • Chiropodist In North Lanarkshire:
    • Corns and callous conditions:

      Corns and callus build up as a result of too much friction, pressure or torsion of an area of skin. Callus formation is a mechanism used to protect the skin from these stresses. Unfortunately, continued skin stress and trauma leads to continued callus formation which, together with corns (which are localised, circumscribed deeper variations of callus) can become painful.

    • Nail Surgery:

      If a nail problem is persistently infected or painful over a period of treatments or time, then nail surgery will be offered as a cure.

    • Ingrowing toe nails:

      This painful condition occurs when the nail has grown into the skin at the sides of the nail and is more common in males and teenagers. This causes the area to become painful, weep, bleed or exude pus. In most cases a single visit to the podiatrist will be suffice to alleviate the condition. Treatment will involve removing the offending piece of nail with small nail removal.

    • Biomechanics Assessment:

      Full assessment of the joints and structures of the foot and lower limb. Gait analysis and footwear advice will be given, with recommended exercises and insoles or orthoses also determined.

    • Foot Scrub And Massage:

      Feet are cleansed and soaked in a foot spa, feet are then smoothed and buffed followed by exfoliation using a blend of oils and salts. Heat therapy is then applied to feet which eliminates impurities through open pores, leaving them deeply cleansed and soft like never before. Treatment is then finished off with a foot massage using a cream appropriate for your skin.

    Why Choose Us?:

    With years of experience in Podiatry and Foot Care, we are the experts to contact.

    Fungal skin, nail infections and problems:

    A fungal nail infection usually starts at the edge of your nail and spreads slowly down to the base. They tend to take a long time to develop. They cause your nail to discolour and become crumbly. The surrounding tissue may also get thicker. Eventually, your nail can become so thick that it’s painful to wear shoes. Toenails are usually affected more than fingernails. Call us to book in for a treatment to start to cure the problem.

    Diabetic Foot Care in North Lanarkshire:

    Foot care is especially important for people with diabetes to prevent or eliminate problems. Call us today to book an appointment.

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    New Feet Podiatry

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