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About Us

Expert Chimney Sweeps in Limavady - A Professional Job Every Time!

Bradley Chimney Services are well established chimney sweeps in Limavady.

We are NIACS Members and provide a provide a professional chimney sweeping service in Limavady and surrounding areas, including:

  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney pot repairs and replacement
  • Cowls
  • Cages
  • Chimney lining
  • CCTV chimney inspections
  • Power sweeping
  • Carbon monoxide detectors (supplied and fitted)
  • Smoke testing
  • Reaming and descaling
  • Fire backs fitted

We sweep the chimney with a brush, rods and a large vacuum to ensure a thorough sweep and also use the latest power sweep technology, depending on your individual needs.

It is important to get your chimney swept at least once a uear as this not only ensures your fire burns to its full potential, it also drastically lowers the chance of a chimney fire.

If you need your chimney swept in Limavady or surrounding areas, then call Ronan on 079 7037 6861, for a prompt and professional service.

Bradley Chimney Services
  • include:
    • Chimney Pot Repairs and Replacement:

      We provide expert chimney pot repairs and replacement for all types of chimneys.

    • Chimney Cages and Cowls:

      We supply and fit quality chimney cages and cowls.

    • Chimney lining:

      We supply and fit quality chimney lining.

    • Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

      We supply and fit carbon monoxide detectors. Keeping you and your family safe.

    • Fire Backs:

      We fit quality firebacks for all types of fireplaces

    • Smoke Testing:

      We offer expert smoke testing services for your flu and chimney.

    • Chimney Cleaning:

      We specialise in chimney cleaning, including reaming and descaling.

    Chimney Sweeps in Limavady:

    Bradley Chimney Services are professional chimney sweeps and provide expert chimney sweeping services in Limavady and surrounding areas, including Ballykelly, Dungiven, Benone, Eglinton, Roe Valley, Castlerock, Magilligan, Greysteel, etc.

    Power Sweeping in Limavady:

    We sweep your chimney with a brush, rods and a large vacuum to ensure a thorough sweep and also use the latest power sweep technology, depending on your individual needs.

    CCTV Chimney Inspections:

    Not sure what is wrong with your chimney? We use specialist equipment to provide CCTV chimney inspections before carrying out any repair work.

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    Bradley Chimney Services

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    • Facebook.com8th Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com4th Feb, 2018

    • You've got to admit there is something hypnotic about watching a well fitted stove using well seasoned wood on a cold night . Facebook.com22nd Oct, 2017

    • Facebook.com12th Oct, 2017

    • Facebook.com6th Sep, 2017

    • Thanks to the previous sweep for leaving me one of his brushes !!! He shouldn't have bothered as I have enough of my own . 😃😃 Facebook.com1st Sep, 2017

    • Another wee job for the to do list !!! Facebook.com26th Jul, 2017

    • A new boiler was fitted here a couple of years ago . As it is a lot more efficient than the previous one condensation was a problem . Easily solved by fitting a flexi liner and insulating around it. To get advice on anything chimney related pm me or call 07970376861 . Facebook.com20th Mar, 2017

    • This is what can happen with a chimney fire . You need to get your chimney cleaned and checked out after a chimney fire as the flue can be badly cracked or broken making it unsafe to use . We can do a cctv inspection and give advice on what to do next . It's better to be safe than sorry . Facebook.com15th Feb, 2017

    • 4th plastic bag caught up in the cage this year so far . You should not throw plastic bags in the fire as they can get sucked up and caught in the cage . At best your house would be smoked out and needing redecorating or the worst case would be someone losing their life !!!! A lot easier to just bin it . Facebook.com8th Feb, 2017

    • It's getting to that stage of the year where the birds will be starting to build their nests . It is better to stop them from building rather than removing the nest . We have various cages & cowls to prevent them from gaining entry . Facebook.com6th Feb, 2017

    • If you have a back boiler be sure to clean around it on a regular basis. If you don't soot will build up around it preventing the heat getting to the boiler making it less efficient. Facebook.com2nd Feb, 2017

    • A flue of an oil range partially blocked by large flakes coming of the chimney liners . The owners of the house were alerted to it by the smell of oil in the kitchen and condensation around the range . Facebook.com13th Jan, 2017

    • No wonder there was a poor draw in this chimney. There must have been 1/2 a bucket of cement blocking it . 😳 Facebook.com13th Dec, 2016

    • Even if it is a new house you should still get your chimney checked out before you use it . You just never know what's up there . Facebook.com24th Oct, 2016

    • At this time of year I would gets lots of people contacting me about blue bottles in their living rooms . A lot of the time it would be coming from a nest in their chimney where a chick has died or the parents don't come back to it for some reason . If you are one of the unlucky people to experience this and want me to check it, call me on 07970376861 .😀 Facebook.com14th Jul, 2016

    • It took more five minutes to build this one . A little bit of everything in here sticks , moss , wool , plastic , cable ties , paper . I guess they are just recycling . 😜 Facebook.com19th May, 2016

    • It's that time of the year again. Anywhere they get the opportunity to build a nest they will be in . Facebook.com6th May, 2016

    • https://www.facebook.com/ronan.bradley.31/posts/480072935531849 Facebook.com27th Apr, 2016

    • If you have a wood burning stove you really should have one of these . I have a few in stock . Facebook.com17th Nov, 2015

    • First spot for the new camera. A lump of fermicrolite half blocking a flue of a gas fire . Facebook.com5th Nov, 2015

    • Facebook.com2nd Nov, 2015

    • Facebook.com22nd Oct, 2015

    • Facebook.com24th Sep, 2015

    • Facebook.com24th Sep, 2015

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