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About Us

24 Hour Fly Fishing and Bait Fishing in West Lothian

Drumtassie Trout Fishery is located near Blackridge, Bathgate in West Lothian and is the place to go for 24 Hour Fly Fishing and Bait Fishing. We have a separate Bait Fishing Pond and a Fly Fishing Loch all stocked with various types of Trout including Rainbow Trout, Blue, Tiger, Golden and Brown Trout. 

Drumtassie Trout Fishery is West Lothian's number one fishery with lots of offer including a Coffee Shop for snacks, drinks and sweets, a Shop selling Fishing Tackle, Live Bait, Power Bait as well as Fishing Rods for hire. Additionally there is camping and a motorhome available.

We look forward to welcoming you to Drumtassie Trout Fishery is located near Blackridge, Bathgate in West Lothian, easily accessible for West Lothian, Lanarkshire and Falkirk.

Drumtassie Trout Fishery
  • Bait Fishing / Fly Fishing in West Lothian:
    • Fly Fishing in West Lothian:

      With a wide range of trout available in our Fly Fishing loch, come in and try it for yourself. We have fishing rods for hire and Fly Fishing is available 24 hours a day, with a catch and release policy.

    • Bait Fishing in West Lothian:

      With a separate Bait Pond available, come and enjoy some fishing in our idyllic location outside Blackridge. We have a shop where you can purchase Power Bait and also Live Bait. Come and see which type of trout you will catch today.

    • Family Fishing:

      We offer an excellent family fishing environment for you to spend time learning and teaching your children how to fish.

    • Fishing Tackle in West Lothian:

      At Drumtassie Trout Fishery we have a range of fishing tackle available to purchase. Come in and see us today where our helpful staff will be pleased to assist.

    • Camping:

      For your convenience camping is available at our Fishery as well as a motorhome. Call us for availability.

    • Power Bait / Live Bait:

      As you would expect from a fishery we have power bait and live bait available for sale.

    • Trout Fishing:

      In our fishery you will find Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout, Blue Trout and Golden Trout. Come and catch some today!

    Why Choose Us?:

    Drumtassie Trout Fishery is a well stocked Fishery with a wide variety of trout. With 24 hour fishing available and knowledgeable staff, why fish anywhere else?


    We are located just outside Blackridge within easy reach of Falkirk, Avonbridge, Bathgate and Lanarkshire.

    Coffee Shop in West Lothian:

    After a days fishing you will be glad of some refreshments from our Coffee Shop. We sell various snacks, stovies, soup and filled rolls as well as drinks and sweets. We look forward to welcoming you.



    Drumtassie Trout Fishery

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