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About Us

Quality Aquariums and Tropical Fish in Ballycastle - Everything for the Fishkeeper.

AMC Aquatics are your no. 1 fish shop in Ballycastle.

We stock a great selection of cold water fish, marine fish and tropical fish in Ballycastle, including:

  • Salt water fish
  • Koi
  • Goldfish
  • Sea horses
  • Star fish
  • Pond fish
  • Cichlids
  • Clown fish
  • Goldies
  • Snails
  • Oscars
  • Plecostomus
  • Marine fish
  • Live coral
  • Inveraberts
  • Soft coral
  • Lips hard coral
  • Sps hard coral

  • and so much more.....

At AMC Aquatics, we stock a wide range of aquarium accessories in Ballycastle, including:

  • Fish tanks
  • Aquariums
  • Fish tank lights and light bulbs
  • Fish tank heaters
  • Water pumps
  • Fish tank filters
  • Fish bowls
  • Fish food
  • Plants
  • Fish tank gravel

We stock all fish tank accessories in Ballycastle from quality brands, such as Eco Systems, Clearseal, Aquarium Solutions, Red Sea, Juwel, Eheim, ATI, Eccotech, Tropical Marine, etc.

We provide expert aquarium maintenance in Ballycastle for all types of fish tanks.

From beginners to advanced, we have it all. Call us today on 028 7776 9748 to see what we have in stock to suit your fisk tank.

AMC Aquatics
  • products include:
    • Fish Tank Accessories:

      We stock a wide range of quality fish tank accessories, including heaters, water pumps, tank filters, fish bowls, fish food, plants, fish tank gravel, etc.

    • Aquariums and Fish Tanks:

      We supply aquariums and fish tanks in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Including corner tanks, large fish tanks, bespoke tanks, small fish tanks, etc.

    • Fish Tank Lights:

      We stock a selection of fish tank lights and bulbs.

    • Aquarium Maintenance:

      We provide expert aquarium maintenance in Limavady for all types of fish tanks.

    Tropical Fish in Ballycastle:

    AMC Aquatics stock a large selection of tropical fish in Ballycastle, including cichlids, tetras, plecostomus, snails, oscars, cat fish, clown fish, tropical sharks, angel fish, goldies, etc.

    Marine Fish in Ballycastle:

    We stock a wide range of salt water fish and sea horses in Ballycastle. We are easily accessible from all surrounding areas, including Armoy, Portballintrae, Cushendall, Cushendun, etc.

    Cold Water Fish in Ballycastle:

    At AMC Aquatics we stock a wide range of cold water fish, including goldfish, koi, black mollies, etc.

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    AMC Aquatics

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    • Open today as normal folks 🐠🐠 Facebook.com17th Mar, 2018

    • Monday selfies @ AMC AQUATICS 🐠 Facebook.com12th Mar, 2018

    • We have canary wrasses also arriving on Friday of this week . Again please do not hesitate to contact us on 02877769748 or PM for further assistance. Facebook.com7th Mar, 2018

    • Just a selection of our pending arrivals on Friday of this week folks... For further information or queries please contact Andy/Sarah on 02877769748 or PM. Facebook.com7th Mar, 2018

    • Happy Monday folks 🐠 Facebook.com5th Mar, 2018

    • Marine Saltwater New Arrivals in store: Aptasia Eating File Fish (lg) Percula Clownfish (high demand) Okinawa Goby Mandarin (XL) Chromis Red Bubble Tip Anemone (SOLD) Elegant SeaStarfish Clean up Crews Yellow Tangs Flame Tangs Australian Origin Duncans Coral (v.good size) Australian Origin Catalaphyllia (high demand) Facebook.com23rd Feb, 2018

    • Tropical Freshwater 'New Arrivals': Bala Sharks Neon Tetra Rummynose Tetras Veiltail Angelfish (M/L) various colours (marbled, black etc) Lyretail Swordtails Calico Platys Dwarf Gouramis Indian Glass Fish (artifiical colours, not to be missed) Blue Gouramis Golden Plecos Sky Blue Dwarf Gouramis Amano Shrimps Guppies (male and female) extremely hardy! Bronze Corydoras (artificial colours) Various species of Corydoras Please ring or pm for further details - thanks... Facebook.com23rd Feb, 2018

    • Feeding with D-D Reef Paste 🐠 Facebook.com22nd Feb, 2018

    • Singapore Tropicals arriving Friday 23rd - just a sample of what’s arriving 🐠 Facebook.com21st Feb, 2018

    • Marine stock/delivery arriving Friday 23rd. Just a sample of what’s arriving... Catalyphyllias (actual images of stock) and Australian Duncan’s (actual image)... More details to follow 🐠 Facebook.com21st Feb, 2018

    • In store photos ⭐️ Facebook.com21st Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com14th Feb, 2018

    • Bubble Anemone with clown 🌟 Facebook.com9th Feb, 2018

    • Some in-store photos 🐠🌟 Facebook.com9th Feb, 2018

    • LPS Corals' (Indonesian) Premium Grade arriving with Kalimantan fish - Friday. Pictures include a sample of what is expected. For more details please contact the store or pm. Facebook.com7th Feb, 2018

    • Good read folks. Facebook.com21st Jan, 2018

    • Clown loach ... Great size 3.5"'- 6". Fantastic Quality 🌟 Facebook.com20th Jan, 2018

    • 50kg of Indonesia Grade A Live rock arriving this week... Facebook.com16th Jan, 2018

    • Happy Sunday 🐠 Facebook.com14th Jan, 2018

    • In-store favourites 🌟 Facebook.com13th Jan, 2018

    • Tried and Trusted in store :) Facebook.com9th Jan, 2018

    • 2017 was a great year for us and we met some lovely customers both old and new.....were hoping that 2018 is going to be pretty special too! Have a great New Year everyone and Thank You for a great 2017 🌟 We reopen Wednesday 3rd January. Facebook.com30th Dec, 2017

    • To all of our customers 'old and new' we would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas; and thanks for your valued custom throughout the year. Facebook.com23rd Dec, 2017

    • Freshwater Tropicals - favourites. Facebook.com18th Dec, 2017

    • Re-posting our Christmas and New Year Holidays folks.... Again big thanks to all of our valued customers! Facebook.com17th Dec, 2017

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