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Music Lessons in North Lanarkshire

Rookie Rockstars of Kirkintilloch near Glasgow and North Lanarkshire have a dedicated Music School in Kirkintilloch providing guitar lessons, music lessons, drumming lessons, piano lessons and singing lessons.

Offering individual music lessons every night of the week from 3.30pm till 9.00 pm. Rookie Rockstars in North Lanarkshire and Glasgow provide music lessons on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Vocals.

Our music lessons start from beginner level, regardless of age, right through to completing your grade 8 exams.  We can even help you prepare for your SQA examinations giving you the best chance of success.

Rookie Rockstars
  • Music Schools / Music Lessons in North Lanarkshire:
    • Guitar Lessons in North Lanarkshire:

      Are you looking for guitar lessons or Bass in North Lanarkshire, Glasgow or West Central Scotland? Our Lessons start from just 4 years old and your never too old to start! We realise that every child is unique. Our job as a School of Music is not just to teach the technical aspects of playing guitar but to encourage and praise our pupils and help them to grow in confidence as they move forward.

    • Drum Lessons in North Lanarkshire:

      Drum Lessons by Rookie Rockstars are specifically tailored to get our students playing music and thinking creatively from the very start of their drumming journey. We combine the conventional approach of learning music theory and technique with strong emphasis on creative expression and fun. Our lessons are available for every age and experience level. We can teach our students to play in every genre, helping them to grow as an individual musician but also building in them the skills needed to play and perform as part of a band.

    • Piano Lessons in North Lanarkshire:

      The piano is an instrument that can be used to play many different styles of music. Every student has their preference between Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz or other genres. We are happy to teach all genres and give all our students the chance to play songs in a variety of styles making more rounded players. We can of course focus on the specific style that you want to learn, however our professional qualified piano teachers encourage you on the journey to becoming a successful rounded musician. Our number one priority, as with all our lessons, is for all our students, both children and adults to have as much fun as possible!

    • Music Exams:

      Our students are all given the opportunity to work right the way through until their grade 8 exams. We offer the Rock & Pop Syllabus from the Trinity College of London. Trinitys groundbreaking Rock & Pop exams for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals provide an opportunity for rock and pop musicians to gain accredited qualifications through performing carefully chosen and arranged songs across the rock and pop genres. When completed, your grades are accepted by UCAS as points to go towards your higher education.

    • Singing Lessons in North Lanarkshire:

      Our singing lessons cover a wide range of vocal techniques. We cover resonance, posture, range, sound, microphone technique, vocal health, breathing and tone. Our vocal lessons are proven to work, we have noticed a sizeable difference in all of our pupils in their technique and tonal quality. We teach according to the age and stage of our students working with them to find the right songs to encourage and inspire them on the way forward. We welcome singers who are complete beginners to experienced singers to students who want to take on singing as a career choice.

    Why Choose Us?:

    Purple Orange in Bathgate welcomes seasoned professionals and beginners. We are passionate about all aspects of music; we are not just a music shop but so much more.

    Primary Schools Programme:

    The Rookie Rockstars Primary Schools Programme is an initiative that was created to give children the opportunity to work with professional musicians and singers to learn original songs, record a CD and perform in a concert. The programme is designed to embrace the 4 capacities of Curriculum for Excellence. Rookie Rockstars is a four-day programme. The first three days involve learning five original songs and some well known favourites. We work with the whole school together if accommodation allows this. However, larger schools may wish to split pupils into two groups. On the fourth day, the songs are recorded live and then later mixed to produce a school CD. Pupils are also given an opportunity to design the CD artwork and the winning design is printed on the final product. The following week, pupils perform in their own Rookie Rockstars concert.

    Schools Programme Locations:

    Rookie Rockstars are working with most local councils in Scotland. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your schools requirements and location. We will be happy to help.

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    Rookie Rockstars

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    • Our fundraiser is looking for some help next week handing out flyers for our 3 Years of Rookies event around the Kirkintilloch area. Send us a message or email fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk if you are interested! Facebook.com23rd Feb, 2018

    • Ever interested in trying out Stobo Castle's Spa? or maybe a Pickering's Gin tour? Attend our Three Years of Rookies event and you might be in for a chance to win something special! Facebook.com21st Feb, 2018

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    • eBay sellers! We are now an affiliated charity with eBay! If you are selling on eBay and would like to donate some or all of the proceeds to us simply click the ribbon at the bottom of the selling page and look for Rookie Rockstars! If you need some help with this, feel free to get in touch via fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk Facebook.com8th Feb, 2018

    • We have had a number of enquiries recently for violin and sax lessons. We have therefore decided to add Violin to our repertoire! If you are interested in learning please get in touch with us for more details. Sadly we can't offer Sax lessons any time in the near future however Bishopbriggsschool OfMusic who are not far from here do offer Sax lessons so please feel free to contact them if you are interested in learning the Sax. Facebook.com7th Feb, 2018

    • This year, May will be our Give Back Month. If you are a looking for activities or events to do for us here are some below: Edinburgh Marathon - 26/27 Rookie Rockstars SkyDive - 26/27 Bubble Rush - 6 Big Arran Challenge - 12 Rainbow Warrior - 13 Nightrider Glasgow - 19 Contact fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk for your fundraising pack today! Facebook.com5th Feb, 2018

    • We have had lots of interest for our 3 Years of Rookies event. Call 0141 404 0057 or email fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk to reserve your ticket now! Facebook.com5th Feb, 2018

    • Rookie Rockstars the BIG jam!! #oasis #morningglory #thesekidsrock! Facebook.com3rd Feb, 2018

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    • Whether you are struggling or know someone who is, today is the Time To Talk. Where will you be talking about mental health today? http://www.time-to-change.org.uk #TimeToTalkDay2018 Facebook.com1st Feb, 2018

    • We already have so many incredible prizes to be won at our 3 YEARS OF ROOKIES event! - From spa days to brewery tours, there will be a fair few lucky people! email fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk for info and tickets! Facebook.com31st Jan, 2018

    • For full table bookings at our 3 Years of Rookies event, pre-order your drinks via fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk to receive 10% off. These drinks will be waiting at your table on your arrival. Facebook.com29th Jan, 2018

    • We are some looking for some brave thrill seekers to join our team to SKYDIVE in aid of Rookie Rockstars on the 26th and 27th of May! Send us a message if you are interested or email fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk to find out more! Facebook.com29th Jan, 2018

    • Our new mental health service, Rookie Minds, is already making a huge difference in a short amount of time. We have new clients coming in regularly, but we still have plenty of spaces for any child or young person who may need help in any way. Please spread the word of this vital new service and get in touch if we can support you in any way. Thank you. Facebook.com26th Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com26th Jan, 2018

    • Calling all those on the twittersphere! Follow us @rookierockstars for more rockstar greatness! Facebook.com25th Jan, 2018

    • Always wanted to do something in the name of charity? From a sky dive to a bake sale, we need YOU! Contact us at fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk or pop into our office to receive a fundraising pack today! Facebook.com22nd Jan, 2018

    • We are very excited to be very soon officially launching our new Children and Young persons Mental Health Service "Rookie Minds" We have provided this service on a small scale for a short time now and are absolutely convinced of the need for it. For this reason we have taken on new premises for the service and are now open for more clients. We are able to assist in many areas associated with Mental Health including, bereavement counselling, anxiety issues, depression, support through education and many more. Please feel free to contact us for any area in which you feel we will be able to help. Facebook.com20th Jan, 2018

    • From today, we will be introducing Fact Friday! You know the old phrase? Learn something new every....Friday? Facebook.com19th Jan, 2018

    • On the 31st of March brings our 3rd anniversary of the opening of Rookie Rockstars. To celebrate, we have organised a fantastic fundraising dinner held at the Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort and WE NEED YOU ALL THERE! Tickets are £40 per person and our tables can hold up to 10 people! Included in your ticket is a three-course dinner. Your evening will be filled with entertainment, auctions and more! For tickets and enquiries call us on 0141 404 0057 or email fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk Facebook.com18th Jan, 2018

    • We at Rookie Rockstars have an exciting announcement for you all! On the 31st of March brings our 3rd anniversary of the opening of Rookie Rockstars. To celebrate, we have organised a fantastic fundraising dinner held at the Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort and WE NEED YOU ALL THERE! For tickets and enquiries call us on 0141 404 0057 or email fundraising@rookierockstars.org.uk PLEASE SHARE!! Facebook.com18th Jan, 2018

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