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About Us

Be Sure to Take Great Care - Expert Social Care Consultants in Dewsbury

DJD Social Care Consultants in Dewsbury provides a full range of social care consulting services covering auditing, consulting and training for all areas of social care responsibility under the Quality Care Commission’s focus.

We assist care home and nursing home providers with most aspects of home management and social care advice in Dewsbury and surrounding areas, including:

  • Raising the quality of care
  • Improving occupancy
  • Increasing staff performance
  • Supporting managers
  • Staff rota management
  • Undertaking audits
  • Compliance visits
  • CQC compliance audits
  • Help with PIR's
  • Domiciliary care services and advice
  • Bespoke care packages

DJD Consultants are fully qualified care consultants in Dewsbury that supports care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care providers in England and Wales. We offer assistance with ensuring homes are compliant with the QCC and Contracts Monitoring Teams, including:

  • Compliance audits
  • Quality analysis and reporting
  • The 5 Key Questions
  • Governance
  • Policy improvements
  • Service user experience
  • Registered manager support
  • Mock inspections
  • Quality improvement

We also offer a turnaround service to homes that have compliance and CQC related issues and also act as operations managers for smaller businesses who do not want to engage a full-time operational manager.

DJD Consultants provide all care sector training in Dewsbury for care home owners and staff, including:

  • Social care training
  • MCA
  • DoLS
  • Infection control training
  • Health & safety training
  • Dementia
  • Fire safety courses
  • First aid courses
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Challenging behavior training
  • Autism
  • Peg feeding (nursing teaching)
  • Palliative care training
  • other training courses available.

At DJD Social Care Consultants, we specialise in audits and pre-inspections for care home owners in Dewsbury to ensure they can achieve the appropriate CQC Standard from the QCC assessors.

DJD Social Care Consultants
  • services help to:
    • Raise the quality of care:

      Our consultants provide advice to help raise the quality of care provided by your staff.

    • Improve occupancy:

      We provide expert advise to improve occupancy in nursing homes and care homes.

    • Increase staff performance:

      We monitor and provide advise to help increase your staffs performance.

    • Support managers:

      We provide support for your managers.

    • Staff rota management:

      We provide staff rota management services and advise.

    Care Home and Nursing Home Consulting Services in Dewsbury:

    We provide high quality social care consulting services, mainly the audits and pre-inspections for care home owners to ensure you can achieve the appropriate CQC Standard from the QCC assessors.

    Training Services in Dewsbury:

    We provide a wide range of training services for the care industry, including social care training, MCA, DoLS, infection control training, health & safety training, dementia awareness training, fire safety courses, first aid courses, first aid training, acquired brain injury, challenging behavior training, autism, Peg feeding (Nursing teaching), assisted life training, etc.

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    DJD Social Care Consultants

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    We are Social

    • Communication is key in health and social care......... We're often asked of ways care staff can improve their skills in practice and develop whilst working. For us one of the key things whilst working with service users is communication. It's easy to think that the way we communicate is okay for our service users and customers. However often this has to be adapted and new skills can be learnt and put in to practice. It also underpins and promotes Person Centred Care. As know we communicate all the time, sometimes without realising it. Something as simple as a smile, a wink or a frown can convey a clearly understood message from one person to another. Good communication is so important in social care. It enables us to build relationships with service users and develop relationships. I addition we build and develop relationships with our fellow professionals. In turn this provides clear information to service users and fellow care staff, and ensures we carry out the appropriate reporting and recording. Remember communication is not just verbal. The variety of ways in which we communicate is so important as it's not one type fits all....... Here below are a few tips and strategies for overcoming communication difficulties; 1. Communicate when the service user is at their greatest level of alertness 2. Give sufficient time for the conversation and take breaks to allow the service user to regroup if they become confused 3. Make sure the place where you communicate has sufficient light and quietness to enable communication to take place 4. Face the person, maintain eye contact, speak clearly and address the service user by their preferred name 5. Use simple language, keep instructions simple and give simple choices 6. Check whether the service user understands what you are saying 7. Listen without interrupting and don’t rush the service user into a response. All of the above may appear simple and straightforward. However this in not always the case which is why it's good to check our communication whilst working with service users. One of the ways to do this could be as simple as to ask a colleague or manager to observe, check and record this whilst you're working with a service user. All useful evidence towards supervisions and appraisals. It is important that care staff communicate with the service user at all times. Saying hello and goodbye are equally as important as asking the service user for information about their condition, day, feelings, or consent to care and treatment. It may be the difference between the person feeling they have been treated with dignity and respect, and received high quality care and treatment, or not. When caring for someone it is important that you communicate as clearly and truthfully as possible. However, there are times when this might not be possible, but understanding some of the barriers that prevent communication from taking place may improve our communication skills. Health conditions and communication impediments Effective communication can be prevented by conditions such as dementia, stroke, autism or sensory impairment, or cases where the service user lacks capacity to make decisions. To overcome this, try to use different communication methods and repeat the communication several times. Check for understanding by asking questions. Autism All individuals on the autistic spectrum have some difficulties in the arena of social communication. But as autism is a spectrum condition, there is enormous diversity within this common difficulty. Staff will need to adapt their approach to communication in order to take account of an individual’s specific preferences and needs. There may be communication impediments such as poor hearing, poor vision and speech impediments such as aphasia (inability to speak) that may make communication very difficult. Check to see what other communication methods might be appropriate, for example, photographs, pictures, or sign language. Service users who are deaf Working with a deaf service user can present specific challenges with regards to communication, such as the impact on care planning and assessment, and access to interpreters. Paying attention to the individuality of what it means to be deaf or and how it relates to an individual’s personal biography and life experience is a key starting point. Inaccurate information and lack of understanding When service users are given inaccurate information or poor explanations, this can be very confusing and can hinder understanding of what is being said. To overcome this, ensure all the required information is available, or if the answer is not known, find out the answer and communicate this back to the person as soon as possible. A lack of understanding of service users can also create communication barriers. Empathy is an important aspect of caring for people and staff should try to understand things from the other person’s point of view. Culture and language Translation services may be required but beware of using family members to translate as there may be problems with them communicating difficult issues, or issues they don’t want their relative to know about, resulting in them giving different or inaccurate information. Anger If someone is angry about their condition or diagnosis it may be difficult to talk to them about their proposed care and treatment. Anger is a difficult situation to overcome except by acknowledging that it exists and offering to help when the person is ready to receive it. Verbal communication comes in two forms, written and oral. In social care we are often concerned with oral communication although, at times, we will need to leave written instructions or messages for others and to record information accurately in care records. It is important that all significant communications are recorded and reported accurately and in detail so that all those involved in the care and treatment of the person and their family know what questions have been asked and answered, what decisions have been taken and what additional care and treatment has subsequently been organised. As part of communication we deliver effective courses aimed at assisting carers understand what is expected of them in regards to maintaining accurate up to date records and documents. The course will help carers improve their communication skills through teaching best practice documentation and record keeping skills. — Products shown: Effective Record Keeping. Facebook.com20th Apr, 2018

    • Spring is in the air but there's no such Spring as a free lunch 🤣🤣..... However there is such a thing as free training. Contact us and ask us about free training (coming soon) to see if you qualify..... Facebook.com20th Apr, 2018

    • To find out what our customers are saying about our services click on the link below. We're delighted and proud of the feedback we receive. Facebook.com20th Apr, 2018

    • Attending ACS for professional development Facebook.com18th Apr, 2018

    • What 3 things makes our bespoke care training and the delivery of it outstanding? 1. We provide a positive, stimulating and pressure free environment where via group discussions best practice is identified. 2. Learners feel valued and their opinions are heard. 3. We encourage and promote a holistic approach to learning so that every learner leaves our courses motivated, refreshed and positive as well as focussed on the importance of a person centred care approach. Check out what our customers are saying as well about our training......https://www.provenexpert.com/djd-social-care-consultants/?mode=preview Facebook.com13th Apr, 2018

    • We work with care organisations to help positively transform their business performance in many areas. • Workforce development and training • Meeting CQC compliance - KLOE . Auditing • Enabling positive change • Positive leadership See how we can help today, and click below.👇 www.djdconsultants.com Facebook.com10th Apr, 2018

    • Did you know that you can now book all our health and social care training online in 4 easy steps. 1. Simply visit our website - https://djdconsultants.com/ 2. Browse for a course via the courses tab 3. Pick a date 4. Book How easy is is that? Why not give it a try? Alternatively you can still give us a call for some advice and a chat. Facebook.com9th Apr, 2018

    • COMPETITION TIME - To celebrate the recent launch of our sparkly new website https://djdconsultants.com/ we're running a free to enter competition with a fantastic prize! *Win a free health and social care training course with DJD Consultants* To enter 1. Like this post 2. Comment “I want to win a course on………(choices of courses below) because………….” 3. Like our Facebook page 4. Share on your own page 5. Private message us with your entry and email address Winner can choose one training course from: • UNDERSTANDING CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR • PALLIATIVE CARE • MCA & DOLS • DEMENTIA AWARENESS • MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS • UNDERSTANDING AUTISM • SAFEGUARDING OF VULNERABLE ADULTS • MEDICATION • MOVING & HANDLING • CARE PLANNING & RISK ASSESSMENTS • BASIC FIRST AID – APPOINTED PERSON – 1 DAY COURSE Competition closes Sunday 6 May 2018 at 23.59pm. All entrants will get 10% off their next training course purchase/booking via our website https://djdconsultants.com/ Competition rules, terms & conditions - 1 prize of a free training course up to the value of £72.00. - All entrants must be aged 16 or over and live in the UK excluding employees and relatives of DJD Consultants - Winner will be announced across all of our social media channels on Wednesday 9 May 2018 - Competition winner to attend the course at our training centre on dates available - No cash or voucher prize alternative - You agree to have your name published on our social media pages - You agree for us to email you future offers and training information - A winner will be selected at random from all entries received before the closing date/time - Winner will be contacted via email after the closing date within 28 days of the closing date and will need to respond within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen - The voucher will be emailed within 7 days of the winner confirming their address - A discount of 10% will be offered to all entrants by requesting a voucher via the messagenger entry - Only one entry per person - The promoter is DJD Consultants - The winner’s name will be available on request and published on the DJD Consultants Facebook page and on social media accounts. - By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. - This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook Facebook.com6th Apr, 2018

    • Facebook.com6th Apr, 2018

    • You can now check out all our training courses via our events section and then just click through to our website and book online. It's that simple! Facebook.com3rd Apr, 2018

    • Check out our latest blog. Lots of practical and useful information for care managers. Facebook.com3rd Apr, 2018

    • Looking forward to delivering induction day 1 Facebook.com3rd Apr, 2018

    • Facebook.com2nd Apr, 2018

    • All ready for our next Moving and Handling training on 11 April https://djdconsultants.com/product/moving-handling/ Just book online it's that simple. Facebook.com30th Mar, 2018

    • Helping you get ready for that next inspection. Facebook.com29th Mar, 2018

    • We love receiving feedback from our customers. Facebook.com29th Mar, 2018

    • Attending Skills for Care Workforce Consultation Facebook.com26th Mar, 2018

    • YOUR CARE CAREER STARTS HERE at DJD SOCIAL CARE CONSULTANTS… GAIN A QUALIFICATION THAT COVERS ALL TOPICS REQUIRED TO WORK IN CARE The Care Certificate will provide clear evidence to your employer and the people who receive care and support that the health or social care support worker in front of them has been assessed against a specific set of standards. It will also demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to ensure that you can provide compassionate and high quality care and support. * Nationally recognised care qualification * Experienced and accredited trainers equipped to meet your learning styles and requirements * A positive, stimulating and pressure free environment where via group discussions best practice is identified OUR TRAINERS AND TRAINING METHODS ARE WHAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE We encourage and promote a holistic approach to learning so that every learner leaves our courses motivated, refreshed and positive as well as focussed on the importance of a person centred care approach. https://djdconsultants.com/product/care-certificate-3-day-induction/ — Products shown: Care Certificate 3 Day Induction. Facebook.com21st Mar, 2018

    • Facebook.com21st Mar, 2018

    • Facebook.com21st Mar, 2018

    • Today we're helping and supporting one of our valued customers by delivering some bespoke training around care planning and risk assessing. Call or email us to see how we can help and support you as a carer or a care organisation. — Products shown: Care Planning & Risk Assessments. Facebook.com20th Mar, 2018

    • https://www.facebook.com/kath.kaye.3/posts/1730442076978196 Nice to see our carers going that extra mile in the bad weather. Well done Pam👍😀 Facebook.com19th Mar, 2018

    • This offer is still available until the end of March so don't miss out! Book online now at https://djdconsultants.com/courses/ Facebook.com16th Mar, 2018

    • Take a look at the courses we have coming up for the rest of March and in April. There are still places available across a wide range of topics for people new to care, and for those with experience that need to update and refresh. Booking is essential so don't miss out! https://djdconsultants.com/courses/ — Products shown: Mental Health Awareness, Care Certificate 3 Day Induction, Train the Trainer - People Moving People 3 Day Course, One Day Refresher Course, Dementia Awareness, MCA & DoLS and SOVA - Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults. Facebook.com16th Mar, 2018

    • We love receiving feedback from our customers. If you've attended one of our training courses don't forget to leave us a review. Facebook.com16th Mar, 2018

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