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About Us

Professional Environmental, Geotechnical and Geological Services in Leeds

Rogers Geotechnical Services Limited (RGS), are site investigation specialists based in Huddersfield and work nationwide and locally in Leeds.

We are fully qualified geo-environmental engineers and undertake a full range of environmental, geological and geotechnical services in Leeds, including:

  • Site investigations
  • Borehole investigations
  • Borehole drilling
  • Contamination reports
  • CPD and training
  • Intrusive investigations
  • Soakaway design and testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Ground investigations
  • Soil investigations
  • Site investigations
  • Drilling
  • Insitu testing
  • Phase 1 environmental desk studies
  • Planning application surveys
  • Retaining wall design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Contaminated land surveys
  • CBR testing
  • Plate load testing
  • Cable percussion boreholes
  • Concrete coring
  • Dynamic probing
  • Hand pitting
  • Land purchase surveys
  • Roads and highways
  • Tunnels and services

RGS offer ground investigation and geotechnical services to developers, builders, structural and consulting engineers, architects, insurance companies, local authorities, piling and foundation engineers, insurance companies, private individuals, commercial developments, residential developments and other geotechnical consultants.

We are highly experienced geotechnical and environmental consultants and ground investigation contractors in Leeds working nationwide with over 30 years in the industry.

Rogers Geotechnical Services Ltd
  • services include:
    • Geotechnical Engineers in Leeds:

      We are fully qualified geotechnical engineers and provide high-quality geotechnical services and consultancy, including factual and interpretive geotechnical reports, foundation recommendations (strip, spread, piles), floor slab design, ground improvement design, retaining wall design, soil nailing design, slope stability analysis, working platform design, crane stability (risk assessment), etc.

    • Laboratory Testing:

      Our in-house RGS Laboratory is staffed with trained, experienced technicians and provide a wide range of tests, including classification tests, chemicals tests, compaction related testing, compressibility of soil testing, contamination testing, etc.

    • Contaminated Land Investigations and Contamination Reports:

      RGS provides expert contaminated land investigations and provides comprehensive contamination reports.

    • Borehole Investigations and Drilling:

      RGS provides in-depth borehole investigations and borehole drilling services. RGS have an extensive range of in-house rigs and equipment, that are capable of undertaking the following cable percussion boreholes/drilling, concrete coring, dynamic probing, hand auger boreholes, insitu testing, plate load testing, CBR testing, installation of gas and/or water monitoring standpipes, piezometers and inclinometers, rotary boreholes, open borehole drilling, cored drilling, trial pitting and window or windowless sampling. Should sub-contract services need to be brought on-board, these are carefully selected from approved companies with which we have established relationships.

    • Environmental Consultants in Doncaster:

      We are fully trained environmental consultants and provide a wide range of environmental consultancy services.

    • Soakaway Design and Testing:

      We offer expert soakaway testing and soakaway design services.

    • Flood Risk Assessments:

      We provide expert, comprehensive flood risk assessments for all types of properties.

    Phase 1 Environmental Desk Studies:

    Our environmental engineers provide expert phase 1 environmental desk studies and walkover surveys nationwide.

    Phase 2 Site Investigations:

    RGS provides high quality phase 2 site investigations for all kinds of properties across West Yorkshire, Leeds and surrounding areas.

    Ground, Site and Soil Investigations in Leeds:

    We have a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced Geotechnical Engineers and on-site laboratory facilities to offer a site investigation service to assist you from the planning stages of a project right through to any required remediation solutions and completion of your project. The right ground, site or soil investigation can in many cases, lead to project cost savings in the long term by allowing contractors to foresee problems, make decisions about remediation and proceed with all the facts and information relevant to the project and budget available.

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    Rogers Geotechnical Services Ltd

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    • Another action packed month at RGS. Read more about RGS and industry news in our latest newsletter here. http://bit.ly/2yQhVTI Facebook.com17th Oct, 2017

    • Proud to have team MMA as part of team RGS. Well done guys! Facebook.com12th Oct, 2017

    • Great product from a great company. Well done to Jamie and his team. Facebook.com10th Oct, 2017

    • Nice bit of London Clay for the MD's son's school modelling project. We love boreholes! Facebook.com10th Oct, 2017

    • Do you need a Phase 1 Environmental Desk Study or Desk Top Survey? Give us a call, we can help! www.rogersgeotech.co.uk Facebook.com10th Oct, 2017

    • Great work as usual by team P and P Facebook.com5th Oct, 2017

    • It’s catching, this hoovering malarkey. He wants to break free our Mr Letch! Facebook.com29th Sep, 2017

    • Need any ideas for fancy dress this halloween? @RobRoyPalmer looks quite scary? Get your parties on your RGS calendar! #TheTradesHub Facebook.com29th Sep, 2017

    • Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy this video of a domesticated geotechnical engineer. Never a dull moment at RGS! Facebook.com29th Sep, 2017

    • Couldn’t recommend Jamie and his team enough. If you’d like an intro, let me (Emma) know. Facebook.com27th Sep, 2017

    • Just because Rae absolutely LOVES this photo! Facebook.com26th Sep, 2017

    • So many people in such very small spaces! http://bit.ly/2hpg90R Thanks Tom Armitage of EDINA for this link EDINA Facebook.com25th Sep, 2017

    • Thank you to Gary Farnell Roger Bullivant Limited for the tour of the new state of the art premises at RBL HQ. What a fantastic achievement for the company and the staff who will have a truly great place to work from. We are looking forward to seeing it in full swing very soon, an amazing development in the long history of RBL. Facebook.com25th Sep, 2017

    • Always so much beneath our feet! https://trib.al/b6GKj0X Facebook.com22nd Sep, 2017

    • For all your site investigation & geo-environmental needs. Please contact us to see how we can help www.rogersgeotech.co.uk #TheTradesHub Facebook.com19th Sep, 2017

    • We are so lucky to live and work in this beautiful county http://bit.ly/2xrRvGx And lucky for us it's geologically fascinating too! Facebook.com18th Sep, 2017

    • We work a lot with and invest much time in the next generation of engineers, offering them work experience at RGS, during and after their studies. Almost weekly we have someone with us. It's great to receive this feedback and know that they go away inspired. "I am writing to thank you again for the opportunity to spend some time with your team. It was an eye-opening experience and I have learnt a lot. I was able to put my knowledge into the whole concept of geotechnical engineering. Apart from that, it is a really enjoyable environment to work at. " Read more about it here http://bit.ly/2w4fqfv Facebook.com12th Sep, 2017

    • http://bit.ly/2w2oAJm It's been a busy summer at RGS, continuing to invest in the next generation of engineers, & lots of GI of course 👍 Facebook.com12th Sep, 2017

    • Great perspective on the issues of investigating mining legacy, and not just coal. http://bit.ly/2vWiF8C Facebook.com11th Sep, 2017

    • We are casual at RGS (being mud prodders) but Steve L has worn a tie all week for the first time ever. Think these 3 are being sarcastic? Facebook.com8th Sep, 2017

    • http://bit.ly/2f7T16z RGS are out investigating shallow coal mining legacy almost daily with our drilling rigs. Facebook.com8th Sep, 2017

    • Great family visitor attraction local to us. Kids big and small love this! Facebook.com6th Sep, 2017

    • Do you need a Phase 1 Environmental Desk Study or Desk Top Survey? Give us a call, we can help! www.rogersgeotech.co.uk Facebook.com5th Sep, 2017

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