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About Us

Professional Environmental, Geotechnical and Geological Services in Barnsley

Rogers Geotechnical Services Limited (RGS), are site investigation specialists based in Huddersfield and work nationwide and locally in Barnsley.

We are fully qualified geo-environmental engineers and undertake a full range of environmental, geological and geotechnical services in Barnsley, including:

  • Site investigations
  • Borehole investigations
  • Borehole drilling
  • Contamination reports
  • CPD and training
  • Intrusive investigations
  • Soakaway design and testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Ground investigations
  • Soil investigations
  • Site investigations
  • Drilling
  • Insitu testing
  • Phase 1 environmental desk studies
  • Planning application surveys
  • Retaining wall design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Contaminated land surveys
  • CBR testing
  • Plate load testing
  • Cable percussion boreholes
  • Concrete coring
  • Dynamic probing
  • Hand pitting
  • Land purchase surveys
  • Roads and highways
  • Tunnels and services

RGS offer ground investigation and geotechnical services to developers, builders, structural and consulting engineers, architects, insurance companies, local authorities, piling and foundation engineers, insurance companies, private individuals, commercial developments, residential developments and other geotechnical consultants.

We are highly experienced geotechnical and environmental consultants and ground investigation contractors in Barnsley working nationwide with over 30 years in the industry.

Rogers Geotechnical Services Ltd
  • services include:
    • Geotechnical Engineers in Barnsley:

      We are fully qualified geotechnical engineers and provide high-quality geotechnical services and consultancy, including factual and interpretive geotechnical reports, foundation recommendations (strip, spread, piles), floor slab design, ground improvement design, retaining wall design, soil nailing design, slope stability analysis, working platform design, crane stability (risk assessment), etc.

    • Laboratory Testing:

      Our in-house RGS Laboratory is staffed with trained, experienced technicians and provide a wide range of tests, including classification tests, chemicals tests, compaction related testing, compressibility of soil testing, contamination testing, etc.

    • Contaminated Land Investigations and Contamination Reports:

      RGS provides expert contaminated land investigations and provides comprehensive contamination reports.

    • Borehole Investigations and Drilling:

      RGS provides in-depth borehole investigations and borehole drilling services. RGS have an extensive range of in-house rigs and equipment, that are capable of undertaking the following cable percussion boreholes/drilling, concrete coring, dynamic probing, hand auger boreholes, insitu testing, plate load testing, CBR testing, installation of gas and/or water monitoring standpipes, piezometers and inclinometers, rotary boreholes, open borehole drilling, cored drilling, trial pitting and window or windowless sampling. Should sub-contract services need to be brought on-board, these are carefully selected from approved companies with which we have established relationships.

    • Environmental Consultants in Barnsley:

      We are fully trained environmental consultants and provide a wide range of environmental consultancy services.

    • Soakaway Design and Testing:

      We offer expert soakaway testing and soakaway design services.

    • Flood Risk Assessments:

      We provide expert, comprehensive flood risk assessments for all types of properties.

    Phase 1 Environmental Desk Studies:

    Our environmental engineers provide expert phase 1 environmental desk studies and walkover surveys nationwide.

    Phase 2 Site Investigations:

    RGS provides high quality phase 2 site investigations for all kinds of properties across West Yorkshire, Barnsley and surrounding areas.

    Ground, Site and Soil Investigations in Barnsley:

    We have a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced Geotechnical Engineers and on-site laboratory facilities to offer a site investigation service to assist you from the planning stages of a project right through to any required remediation solutions and completion of your project. The right ground, site or soil investigation can in many cases, lead to project cost savings in the long term by allowing contractors to foresee problems, make decisions about remediation and proceed with all the facts and information relevant to the project and budget available.

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    Rogers Geotechnical Services Ltd

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    • There’s a theme to our site investigations lately; Rotary Driller David Gerndt is almost a trainee cow whisperer now. Moooove over chaps! Facebook.com13th Dec, 2017

    • For all your site investigation & geo-environmental needs. Please contact us to see how we can help www.rogersgeotech.co.uk #TheTradesHub Facebook.com11th Dec, 2017

    • Team RGS have had an absolutely brilliant Xmas trip out. A fine display of speed, lack of direction, crashing, amber flags, red flags, and let’s not forget the egos. Ayrton Alan was glorious in his victory, Basher Brad was a very sorry second, with Flatout Farnsworth collecting the bronze. Great night! Facebook.com9th Dec, 2017

    • Do you need a Phase 1 Environmental Desk Study or Desk Top Survey? Give us a call, we can help! www.rogersgeotech.co.uk Facebook.com7th Dec, 2017

    • One of our drilling crews are soakaway testing today. Here is their supervisor for the day. 😬 Facebook.com4th Dec, 2017

    • And the festive accessorising has begun........Not everyone was pleased to be in this pic 😆 Facebook.com1st Dec, 2017

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    • Mining, safety, drilling rigs and...........experiments with apples! All in a months work at RGS!!! http://bit.ly/2mbRimB Facebook.com10th Nov, 2017

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    • http://bit.ly/2mdquCA @NHBC reports highest Q3 new home registrations in a decade as nearly 38,000 new homes in the UK during Q3 2017, according to NHBC's latest new home registration statistics, the highest Q3 total since the recession Facebook.com10th Nov, 2017

    • Not only do our soils lab team love rocks, they also love silt! Facebook.com10th Nov, 2017

    • For all your site investigation & geo-environmental needs. Please contact us to see how we can help www.rogersgeotech.co.uk #TheTradesHub Facebook.com9th Nov, 2017

    • Filming today, demo by RGS crews, sampling with our in-house built handheld kit, perfect for tight access. Facebook.com8th Nov, 2017

    • Do you need a Phase 1 Environmental Desk Study or Desk Top Survey? Give us a call, we can help! www.rogersgeotech.co.uk Facebook.com7th Nov, 2017

    • Are you under 'pore water' pressure? Read about an interesting case study/experiment by our Technical Director here http://bit.ly/2lxN9Jr Facebook.com31st Oct, 2017

    • Brrrrr, nearly November :( Our drilling crews are getting ready for the arctic weather in our quirky calendar! #EBAcircle Facebook.com31st Oct, 2017

    • Beautiful. Well done Claire and Emma. Facebook.com30th Oct, 2017

    • Every little helps? Will be interesting to see the final results Plastic bottles & bags recycled to build roads http://bit.ly/2lmfORM Facebook.com30th Oct, 2017

    • Very clever chaps these two. We are looking forward to watching Jamie’s amazing product become the huge success he and it deserves, and to seeing the amazing work of Andy when we release our first ever pro video at the end of this year! Facebook.com20th Oct, 2017

    • Great morning with some like minded business owners. Looking forward to hearing Stefan Thomas speak again this aft #EBAcircle @marshdesign Facebook.com20th Oct, 2017

    • Another action packed month at RGS. Read more about RGS and industry news in our latest newsletter here. http://bit.ly/2yQhVTI Facebook.com17th Oct, 2017

    • Proud to have team MMA as part of team RGS. Well done guys! Facebook.com12th Oct, 2017

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