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  • Hi Spiralfitter I hope you are having an awesome day. I am here with a request of favour and 5 minutes of your time. We are thinking of starting to use an online booking system for scheduling your workouts. I have a little demo link here and I would love you to check it out: Obviously it would be customised for our time table so please ignore the options for now. I would love your feedback on its functionality and to be honest on a necessity of having an online booking system in the first place. I thought since there are few of us in the gym now (Danny, Barry, Marc and me) doing variety of things, having one booking system would benefit you more. You would not have to think whom to text to book or to reschedule. It would also save time for us. Seems like a win win to me. Please let me know what you think. You can send it in private message or leave it in the comments below. Facebook.com8th May, 2018

  • The way to the gym is lit :) No excuses not to be here ;) E Facebook.com19th Apr, 2018

  • Hi guys, hope everyone's doing grand! 😊 For the next 2 weeks and a half there will be a few changes in the schedule. I have posted it on the notice board in the gym. For next week please contact Barry for your sessions and the following week Marc. Here are their mobile numbers. Barry +447584671623 Marc +447957656378 You guys can still contact me via whatsapp or messenger if you are not sure. Have a great time guys and I'll see you soon! Dan 😎 Facebook.com9th Apr, 2018

  • All hail our Wall Sit master Stuart! 🙏🏽 That's April's challenge done. Congratulations to everyone who gave it their best and improved with their own times. It was a good challenge and a good laugh too 😊 Facebook.com6th Apr, 2018

  • Hi folks! We are operating as usual today and a cheeky later start to the Monday morning sessions. 830am for the first session. Happy Easter everyone! 🐰 Facebook.com30th Mar, 2018

  • On your heels! Please keep on your heels!! Share this if you feel it will help a friend with their squats 😉 Facebook.com27th Mar, 2018

  • You've got 24 hours to decide this month's Challenge! Choose wisely 😉 Facebook.com12th Mar, 2018

  • Thats it for our plank challenge. All hail the new plank queen Lynsey 💪🏽 It was great seeing everyone challenge themselves and smashing their on personal times on the plank. Good good fun but now its time for the March challenge. I'll update you guys soon on what it is 😊 Facebook.com7th Mar, 2018

  • Hi fellas I know I haven't been on this page much recently, but this campaign has tipped me over and I thought I had to say something as I find it wrong on many different levels. I saw it near College today as I was leaving Livingston early in the morning. This statement is simply not true! Correlation doesn't ever prove causation. (Translation) just because we see obesity and cancer (both as a result of malfunctioning of one's metabolism) together as comorbidities (correlation) it doesn't mean one causes the other. Being overweight doesn't cause cancerous mutation of cells. First of all. Obesity isn't a disease. It is a symptom of a disease. Like a headache is a symptom, so is weight gain. There are too many possible reasons for your body to start gaining weight, but we have not got time here today and post isn't about that. One does not treat obesity or at least one shouldn't. The same way headache cannot cause cancer, neither can obesity. Whatever is causing them symptoms quite possibly cause can cancer too. I hope this makes sense. Secondly. I get that campaign's goal is probably to encourage weight loss by helping people to get active and by improving dietary choices. It will be the later two that will help you to restore normal regeneration of your cells and will help to prevent cancerous mutations. Your weight has nothing to do with it :) I wonder if people who are behind this campaign have ever heard of suggestibility? I am not sure who is behind it, but my good guess would be some cancer research organisation together with NHS. Surely these guys should know better. Mind's influence over your physiology has been widely researched and documented. We now know that placebo effect can cure and false believe can cause damage. So, doesn't it seem irresponsible to make such claims publicly? I believe big authoritative organisations should have more precaution when forming public opinion and coming out with campaigns like these ones. This seems to me like subconscious programming from G. Orwell's books :) Please do not believe this BS. Thirdly I wonder if there is anyone supervising what goes out on these billboards across the country. I have been looking to apply for a job in health/social care, but I keep running into the wall as I have no necessary qualifications. I am working on mine as we speak, but I can only wonder if people who came out with this stuff have any :) I hope they are working on their too ;) I hope no one will get upset with this post. It was never the intention. It is for purpose of illuminating and providing another opinion. God bless :) I will try my best to appear here more often :) All the Love Edvis Facebook.com6th Mar, 2018

  • Right guys! Hope you all have been enjoying the North Pole for a few days ☃ The gym is operating as usual but for tomorrow and possibly Tuesday all of yous would have to park anywhere before Weegems cause there is no way you'd be able to drive into the parking lot. Drive safe and we'll see you soon! 😉 Facebook.com4th Mar, 2018

  • Last few days to kill those planks before we are in for March's challenge 😉 P/s: Drug testing kit has arrived!! Facebook.com24th Feb, 2018

  • Is the plank a good exercise for you? 🤔 Facebook.com7th Feb, 2018

  • Just started a new challenge and you guys are already killing it! Oh, and all you Spiral fitters are in for this 😝 Yes, EVERYONE OF YOU! 🏋🏽 Facebook.com5th Feb, 2018

  • Hi guys! In conjunction with the new year we are doing a wee promotion for you guys to try us out and see if our service works for you. From now until April all our packages will be half price for the first two months. We dont bind you to any contracts. If you like us you can stay, if not at least you've tried us out and if you find anywhere that matches our price with the same value we will match it! • £48 per month for 2 weekly group PT sessions (8 monthly) & 5 Metafit + Boxercise classes weekly. • £74 per month for unlimited weekly group PT (as many sessions as you want) & 5 Metafit + Boxercise classes weekly. Come pop over and have a chat with us and also try out your first session for free! If there's any questions please drop us a message or just leave a comment. Give us a wee share and we hope to see you soon 😊🏋 Facebook.com16th Jan, 2018

  • Time to rebuild stronger body inside and out for 2018? Facebook.com3rd Jan, 2018

  • Happy New Year to everyone, may 2018 be another amazing year for all of us! We will be operating as usual starting tomorrow. Can't wait to share all the new routines we've cooked up for you guys! Maybe we will see some new Spiral Fitters too 😉 Facebook.com2nd Jan, 2018

  • Oats, honey, banana and raspberries! A wee power brunch! Always good to give your body some sweet treats to keep the smile and boost your energy 💪 Good food = good mood 😉 Facebook.com21st Dec, 2017

  • If you live your life not following your values, then your are living someone elses life! Could you define your values? E Facebook.com24th Nov, 2017

  • I have read Gabor Mate's book called 'In Realm of Hungry Ghosts'. Dependency on some external source to somehow make you feel good is an addiction. It doesn't matter if it is serious drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, working crazy hours, gambling, smoking or any other behaviour that you have conditioned yourself to sooth your pain. It is the source of pain you will have to deal with if you want to HEAL. And it will always go back to your feeling. xxx All the Love E Facebook.com21st Nov, 2017

  • Happy Monday :) I see this misconception very often (even amongst some 'zen' folk) 🙃 Minfulness is not absence of mind entirely. It is absence of worry of the past and anxiety of tge future ❤ It is being in now. It isn't 'not being' at all :) Mindfulness is focused and purposeful attention towards what you want from life. It is not some sort of state that you reach sitting on a mountain or meditating in a temple. Mindfulness is something you 'wear' everyday :) Mindfulness is not mindlessness 🏯 🙏🙏🙏 E Facebook.com20th Nov, 2017

  • Hi guys! Here is the schedule for a few new classes we've added to the package. All inclusive for Spiral fitters 😊 Hope to see you guys here! Facebook.com16th Nov, 2017

  • Only do it because you love yourself too much, not because you hate yourself! E Facebook.com10th Nov, 2017

  • ...and actions will only follow your feelings/emotions... Facebook.com9th Nov, 2017

  • It is when you run into one without being aware of it,it's when it hurts the most :) E Facebook.com8th Nov, 2017

  • Watch your addictions ;) E Facebook.com7th Nov, 2017

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