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About Us

High Quality Agricultural Services in Limavady

Wilson Bros Contracts are expert agricultural contractors in Limavady.

We provide fast and efficient agricultural services in Limavady and surrounding areas, including:

  • Silage cutting - full job / part job
  • Umbilical slurry spreading with 10 meter dribble bar and 12 meter both with Gps flow meters
  • Crop spraying
  • Muck spreading
  • Crop harvesting
  • Destoning
  • Potato harvesting
  • Whole crop silage cutting
  • Onion harvesting
  • Carrot harvesting
  • Wheat harvesting
  • One path sowing
  • Crop sowing
  • Baling

We have a large fleet of agricultural machinery in Limavady, capable of completing all types of farm services in Limavady, including:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Muck spreaders
  • Slurry spreaders
  • 10m dribble bar and 12m dribble bar with flow meters

Wilson Bros Contracts
  • agricultural services include:
    • Crop Spraying:

      We are crop spraying specialists and provide expert crop spraying services and advice.

    • Crop Sowing:

      We provide expert crop sowing services, including one path sowing, machine crop sowing, etc.

    • Baling:

      We provide provide round and square baling services, including field clearance, wrapping, etc.

    Silage Cutting in Limavady:

    We provide whole crop silage cutting in Limavady and surrounding areas, including Ballykelly, Dungiven etc.

    Crop Harvesting:

    Wilson Bros Contracts provides expert crop harvesting services for all types of crops, including potato harvesting, onion harvesting, carrot harvesting, wheat harvesting, etc.

    Slurry Sreading in Limavady:

    We provide high quality slurry spreading in Limavady, including umbilical slurry spreading, muck spreading, etc.

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    Wilson Bros Contracts

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