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About Us

Expert Steel Fabrication Services and Quality Steel Sheds in Portstewart.

3P Sheds & Engineering are expert steel fabricators and steel works engineers in Portstewart.

We specialise in manufacturing and installing high quality steel sheds in Portstewart and surrounding areas, including:

  • Garden sheds
  • Portable garages
  • Portable sheds
  • Car ports
  • Garages
  • Washrooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Workshops

We manufacture a wide range of farm equipment and agricultural buildings in Portstewart, including:

  • Feeding gates
  • Cattle grids
  • Sheep grids
  • Stables
  • Animal shelters
  • Feeding sheds

We provide bespoke metal work and steel fabrication in Portstewart and manufacture all types of metal products, including:

  • Sports field shelters
  • Metal fencing

Our engineers manufacture and install high quality gates and railings in Portstewart for commercial, agricultural and residential properties, including:

  • Electric gates
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Estate railings

We have over 20 years experience in engineering and metal fabrication and provide high quality workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets at reasonable prices.

3P Sheds & Engineering
  • services include:
    • Electric Gates:

      We manufacture high quality electric gates for residential and commercial properties.

    • Agricultural Equipment:

      We manufacture a wide range of farm equipment, including sheep grids, cattle grids, feed gates, cow sheds, etc.

    • Gates and Railings:

      Our engineers manufacture and install high quality gates and railings in Dungannon for commercial, agricultural and residential properties, including farm gates, electric gates, , estate railings, pedestrian gates, etc.

    Metal Sheds in Portstewart:

    3P Sheds & Engineering specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing high quality metal sheds to suit your requirements, including garden sheds, car ports, portable garages, portable sheds, car ports, garages, wash rooms, utility rooms, workshops, etc.

    Steel Fabrication:

    Our engineers are expert steel fabricators and manufacture a wide range of metal products, including sports field shelters, metal fences, electric gates, pedestrian gates, etc.

    Agricultural Buildings in Portstewart:

    We manufacture all types of agricultural buildings, including stables, storage sheds, field shelters, etc.

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    3P Sheds & Engineering

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    • A 9m x 4m Shed we Installed recently in Strathfoyle, Derry. The Shed is 10ft at the Eaves and 13ft at the Ridge. Goosewing Grey Sheeting and Merlin Grey Flashings. Facebook.com13th Mar, 2018

    • A 9m x 7m Shed we completed. It's 9ft 6" at the Eaves, and rising to 13ft at the Ridge. Roller Door is 10ft wide x 8ft high. 3ft Pedestrian Door. The Shed has a Skylite high in each gable for maximum sun light and security. Facebook.com26th Jan, 2018

    • A Shed we completed for Dorsey Emetts GAA Club in Armagh to be used as a Gym. It's 9m x 9m, 8ft 6" at the Eaves and rising to 12ft 6" at the Ridge, Non Drip Sheeting on the Roof. It has 4 PVC Windows, a PVC Pedestrian Door and a 6ft wide by 7ft high Roller Door. Facebook.com23rd Dec, 2017

    • Field Shelter we done this week in Kildress for D&K Jewelers. Specification: Size: 20ft x 12ft Roof Sloping from 10ft to 8ft Colour: Juniper Green Facebook.com29th Nov, 2017

    • Facebook.com16th Nov, 2017

    • A Shed we done this week in Clonoe. Specification: Size: 9m x 6m Colour: Merlin Grey & Black 2 Roller Doors 8ft x 8ft & 7ft x 8ft 3ft Pedestrian Door Facebook.com4th Nov, 2017

    • A shed we finished today in keady Facebook.com20th Oct, 2017

    • An 8m x 5m Shed Finished. 8ft at the Eaves and rising to 10ft at the Ridge with a 7ft x 8ft Roller Door and a 3ft Pedestrian Door. Facebook.com15th Oct, 2017

    • Here's a Shed we finished today it's 7m x 7m.. 10ft at the Eaves and 13ft at the Ridge, it has two 9ft x 9 ft Roller Doors and a 3ft Pedestrian Door. The Customer will use the Shed as a Garage. Facebook.com28th Sep, 2017

    • A 12ft x 10ft Shed we completed, fully galvanised and non-drip sheeting used throughout. This Shed was designed with louvered panels to provide ventilation for a generator. Facebook.com17th Aug, 2017

    • A Shed we just finished, it's 12m x 7m, 9ft at the eavs and rising to 11ft 6" at the ridge. Two 10ft x 8ft Roller Doors and a 3ft Pedestrian Door Facebook.com24th Jun, 2017

    • A 7m x 8m Garage we done with a 9ft x 8ft Roller Door, 2 PVC Windows and a PVC Door. Facebook.com13th Jun, 2017

    • Facebook.com22nd May, 2017

    • This is a 7m x 4m shed we finished today with a 8 x 8 roller door and a 3ft pedestrian door Facebook.com12th May, 2017

    • Enhance your home with 1 of our car ports, this is 1 we have just finished with a Galvanised frame and sheeted with the highest grade of Polycarbonate boxprofile sheeting that's virtually unbreakable with UV protector to keep out harmfull sun rays while sitting outside . Facebook.com29th Apr, 2017

    • A 12ft x 13ft Shed we completed with a 3ft pedestrian door and a 3ft x 3ft PVC Window. The Shed is 7ft to the Eaves and 9ft to the Ridge. Facebook.com22nd Apr, 2017

    • Just finished a 7ft x 7ft shed it's 7ft high at the front sloping to 6ft 6 at the back with a 3ft lockable pedestrian door. These steel clad sheds are virtually maintenance free. Facebook.com7th Mar, 2017

    • An 8m x 5m shed we did last week it is 8ft at the eaves rising to 10ft at the ridge with an 8x8 roller door and 2 Pedestrian Doors. We also did the base for this shed Facebook.com6th Mar, 2017

    • A one Bay extension we did to a shed, a few weeks ago for extra storage Facebook.com5th Mar, 2017

    • A 10ft x 10ft shed with a 3ft pedestrian door we did this week plus a bit of estate railing and a cattle grid Facebook.com12th Jan, 2017

    • Here's a shed we completed 11.5m x 3m, 2 Pedestrian Doors and Barn Doors in the front. We had to make this shed to suit the space available, the back gable was made to suit the slope of the wall and one of the side wall's was sheeted into the spouting of the existing garage. Facebook.com7th Dec, 2016

    • This is a Shed we finished of today it's 6m x 3m colour Goosewing grey with black door Pvc window and black spouting to be used for storage and a utility room. Give us a like & share please. Facebook.com2nd Dec, 2016

    • Facebook.com1st Dec, 2016

    • A double sided handrail we made & fitted recently Facebook.com20th Nov, 2016

    • Our latest shed a 12ft x 12ft with a 3ft 6" pedestrian door and non drip sheeting on the roof and the walls. Facebook.com19th Nov, 2016

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