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Hypnotherapy in North Lanarkshire

CenScot Therapies near North Lanarkshire is a family run business run by Graeme and Norma Harvey. Complementary therapies such as Hypnotherapy and Past and Future Life Regression you will simply not find a better practice throughout North Lanarkshire.
Qualified practitioners and CNHC Registered, Graeme and Norma are dedicated to offering all customers a first class professional service, we also do consultations via Skype. 

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and all clients will receive and benefit from a truly uplifting experience.

CenScot Therapies in North Lanarkshire are delighted to offer home visits, pamper parties and also take corporate bookings. Why not treat someone special to the treatment of a lifetime with us? Gift vouchers are available upon request. 

CenScot Therapies is committed to help all clients in North Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas to change their lives today!

Censcot Therapies
  • Psychic Therapies / Hypnotherapy in North Lanarkshire:
    • Past Life Regression in North Lanarkshire:

      Past Life Regression (PLR), an exciting trip under hypnosis into your own past lives. This can be a very evocative and exciting experience, opening up your mind to a world that was yours in another era.

    • Future Life Progression in North Lanarkshire:

      Future Life Progression (FLP) is an exciting field of Hypnotherapy. Since time began man has been curious about what his future may hold and has consulted fortune-tellers, prophets, clairvoyants and more besides. Will it be useful to know what you will be doing in five or ten years' time? Graeme Harvey is Scotland's Premier Licensed Future Life Progressionist.

    • Hypnotherapy in North Lanarkshire:

      Hypnotherapy is a use of hypnosis in psychotherapy which can be used to treat weight control, phobias, stress, smoking cessation, anger management, confidence building, IBS, past and future life progression.

    • Skype Consultations / Home Visits:

      For your convenience we offer consultations via Skype. Call or email us for further information. Home visits can be arranged at a time to suit the individual requirements.

    • CNHC Registered:

      Censcot Therapies is registered with CNHC - Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

    Why Choose Censcot Therapies?:

    Censcot Therapies believe that the customers' needs are of the utmost importance and are committed to meeting those needs, resulting in a high percentage of repeat visits and referrals. Personal Service is offered at all times.

    Corporate Bookings:

    Corporate booking can be arranged at a time to suit corporate requirements. Particularly effective for stress management.

    Stress Management in North Lanarkshire:

    CenScot Therapies will help by identifying the sources of stress in your life, which is not always easy as your true source of stress is not always obvious. We will teach you different techniques and strategies to enable you to focus on what enables you to remain calm and in control.

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    Censcot Therapies

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    • Many years ago Australian scientists identified the link between stress and damage to the immune system. Following on from that the correlation between stress and mental health issues was quickly identified with various stressors being linked to various issues. With regards to weight issues eighteen categories were identified split into four sub groups. Only two of the categories were classed as physiological and requiring medical examination. The remainder were all psychological in nature. Compensatory :- Lack of warmth, Lack of sex, Unsatisfactory sex, Past Hunger (famine), Foregoing cigarettes. Environmental :- Misery, Lack of comfort, Modelling, To repel Intimacy, Identity problems Education:- Dietory ignorance, Peer pressure, habit, rejection of exercise, over feeding as a baby, Famine mentality. Physical:- Glandular malfunction(s), Brain tumours. As mentioned above the Physical issues require medical examination the remainder must be investigated and resolved if it is intended to assist the client in achieving their ideal weight and body shape. Failure to identify and resolve these issues will result in failure to achieve long term success as you will be trying to stack goods on a shelf that is full. At CenScot Therapies we use the Clearance Protocol often resulting in only one session needed to reprogramme your mind and get it working to give you the desired results= no more spending on fad diets. Facebook.com17th Feb, 2018

    • Happy to report I have been receiving many messages from colleagues around the world who use the Clearance Protocol. Some have been using it for years and some have just started using it. All are both amazed and pleased with the results just one of the comments from a colleague in New Zealand. Several years ago I met Graeme Harvey, of CenScot Therapies, in a hypnotherapy discussion group. He was promoting his Clearance Protocol as a means of doing just that - clearing negative aspects of clients' lives, often in one very powerful session. After beginning to use the protocol in my own hypnotherapy practice I recognised the effectiveness of this approach and it has become my most often used treatment. My clients are amazed with how easy it can be to deal with negative experiences from their past in a way that is so painless. An excellent investment for any hypnotherapist. Facebook.com4th Feb, 2018

    • CenScot Therapies would like to wish all our clients, colleagues and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Please note we will be closed until 8th January. Just like to share one lovely present I got this morning Hello Graeme I just wanted to let you know of some successes I have had using your clearance protocol as part of treatment with my clients. Recently a client has released a long held fear of vomit using clearance. Another client has released extreme anxiety where she was having daily panic attacks and not being able to leave the house using clearance. She is now looking forward to returning to work in the new year! Again another client has had great success of releasing a fear of being away abroad using clearance. Another client has used clearance to release a long held fear of flying that he didn’t want to pass on to his children. This is only a few examples of how clearance is helping my clients but I thought you would like to know how fabulous your script is in forming part of great therapy for supporting people in letting go and looking forward to the future! Merry Christmas Faye Hatch. Facebook.com23rd Dec, 2017

    • Great afternoon with three clients for OldPain2Go. All felt pain free after their sessions. Just love my work. Facebook.com6th Dec, 2017

    • Amused to read another report from an American research team who have identified the link between trauma and obesity. Just love it when they catch up with what has been known for around six decades and something that the Clearance Protocol has been resolving for many years. Facebook.com23rd Nov, 2017

    • Fabulous weekend at the International Hypnosis Conference in London. Met so many great people face to face after ages chatting here on fb. Lots of people already using the Clearance Protocol and many more interested, sales already coming in along with more offers to translate it into more languages. Fab organisation by Nick Ebdon and his team. Look out for next years dates and sign up. It is a must attend, so much to learn and exchange. Facebook.com7th Nov, 2017

    • Looking forward to meeting so many colleagues from around the world this weekend at the International Hypnotherapy Conference. If you are still awake on Sunday afternoon look forward to you joining me for the presentation on the Clearance Protocol. Facebook.com2nd Nov, 2017

    • Been really busy since getting back from holiday, now qualified in OldPain2Go, Have been informed by 3BestRated.co.uk that I am listed as one of the top three hypnotherapists in West Lothian and next weekend will be at the International Hypnotherapy Conference in London where I am giving a presentation on The Clearance Protocol and meeting up with lots of colleagues from around the world. Facebook.com29th Oct, 2017

    • To all my hypnotherapy colleagues there is a new hypnotherapy group here on FB called hypnotherapy matters run by a good friend Nick Farmer. Please consider joining what has the potential to be a great discussion forum Facebook.com29th Jul, 2017

    • Great Skype conversation last night with a colleague in America interested in the Clearance Protocol as they are working on methods to cure diseases with hypnotherapy. They were not aware of the Australian research six decades ago which identified the links between stress and the damage to the immune system. Another one educated. Facebook.com28th Jul, 2017

    • CenScot Therapies is pleased to announce that worldwide sales of the highly effective Clearance Protocol have just hit the 600 mark this year. Facebook.com28th Jun, 2017

    • The conclusions here do not just relate to addiction but so many issues which the Clearance Protocol can have a positive effect on. Facebook.com28th Jun, 2017

    • In answer to some queries about how the Clearance Protocol works, for those that have computers you know when it starts running slowly and causing problems the main thing to do is clear out all the corrupted files. Once cleared your computer works much more efficiently. This metaphorically is how the Clearance works. By clearing out all the corrupted files i.e. the negative emotions connected to everything that has ever caused you hurt of any kind and damaged your self esteem your mind and immune system start working again the way they are meant to. You do not know what corrupted files your computer is deleting and with the Clearance again you may get a nano second glance of some of what is being removed but you do not relive any past trauma during the process. Facebook.com27th Jun, 2017

    • The Clearance Protocol is continuing to raise interest and sales, now in use worldwide in the last two weeks orders have been sent out to USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong and many in the UK. Copies available from the shop on my web site at www.censcottherapies.vpweb.co.uk Facebook.com21st Jun, 2017

    • On post after post in various hypnotherapy groups all I see is advice to regress to cause or the initial ISE. This reminds me very much of the saying "The straw that broke the Camel's back" By removing the straw are you actually healing the broken back? No. So why just deal with the straw? Why not deal with the whole load that is weighing the camel down. The human condition is very similar, it is the accumulation of stress that exacerbates any "straw" that is added and if you remove the "straw" without dealing with the rest of the load you are just creating space for another "straw" to cause another breakage. The Clearance Protocol removes the whole load allowing the mind and the immune system to work effectively as it is meant to do. Facebook.com16th Jun, 2017

    • Off to the sun for a few days so will be closed from 12th May to 20th May, all messages and orders will be dealt with on my return. Facebook.com11th May, 2017

    • Men's mental health issues are an increasing and often ignored problem in this country. Over 70% of all suicides are carried out by males. Stress .. Anxiety .. and Depression often go unnoticed. The sufferer can look perfectly happy & normal on the outside .. whilst feeling that they are broken on the inside. During the last week of April 2017 .. Hypnotherapist throughout the country .. with interest coming from overseas .. are offering free sessions to men who may feel that they are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. The 'therapy' can be as simple as a chat over tea & biscuits whilst lending an friendly ear .. or individual & group sessions of hypnosis ... whatever suits you as an individual. If you .. or anyone you know .. could benefit from these sessions, then please get in touch in complete confidence. You can message me through my Facebook page .. call or text on 07748188278 .. or email me at cen.scottherapies@outlook.com Confidential help is out there .. do not suffer in silence. Thank you. Facebook.com27th Mar, 2017

    • Do you get your vehicles serviced regularly? Do you get your boiler and other household equipment serviced regularly? We do this to make sure they are all running at peak performance. All can be replaced when they wear out but one thing that can't and is with you for ever is your mind. Why not get that serviced regularly? By clearing out all the gunk and baggage acquired free your mind to work at peak performance and be the real YOU. The MIND GARAGE is now open at CenScot Therapies and therapies are available face to face or via Skype. Call 07748188278 or visit our web site at www.censcottherapies.vpweb.co.uk to book your next service now. Facebook.com21st Mar, 2017

    • How many people regularly service their vehicles, heating boilers, and lots of other goods to keep them working effectively? All of these can be replaced but your mind is with you always so why not get that serviced regularly? THE MIND GARAGE is now open at CenScot Therapies. Degunk your mind, clear it of all the baggage that has been acquired and get it back running on full power and be again the real you, the YOU,you are capable of being. Call today on 07748188278 or visit our web site at censcottherapies.vpweb.co.uk Facebook.com21st Mar, 2017

    • Time and time again I see many therapists booking clients in for blocks of sessions costing lots of money. 95+% of all issues can be dealt with and resolved within one or two sessions of Hypnotherapy. By clearing out the root causes of the issues, rebuilding the self esteem and self confidence and factoring in the client's desired outcomes does not require lots of sessions. Having developed the Clearance Protocol ( now in use worldwide) CenScot Therapies are specialists in resolving client issues quickly with long lasting results. Sessions are conducted face to face or by Skype, feel free to contact us for an initial conversation or book an appointment to obtain cost effective resolutions to your issues. www.censcottherapies.vpweb.co.uk or call 07748188278. Facebook.com3rd Feb, 2017

    • Good Lesson to learn. Want to clear out all the negatives that are dragging you down? call now for an appointment. 07748188278. Facebook.com3rd Feb, 2017

    • Good lesson. Facebook.com17th Jan, 2017

    • Be the real you, we can help you achieve this. Let others fit in with you for a change. Facebook.com8th Jan, 2017

    • Live a happier, healthier life drug free. Resolve the root cause of your issue(s) quickly and safely. Facebook.com3rd Jan, 2017

    • Lesson for today Facebook.com12th Dec, 2016

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