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About Us

Specialist sports ground contractor in Ballycastle

McLaughlin Sportsturf Maintenance are a long established sports ground contractor working in Ballycastle and surrounding areas.Specialising in Golf Club maintenance as well as bowling green maintenance, GAA pitches, Football pitches, rugby pitches, cricket squares and private lawns.

Owner Gary McLaughlin has worked in the golf course maintenance business for over 13 years the last six as a golf course manager having trained at Greenmount College.

Gary and his team have expertise in

  • sports surface laying
  • sports surface repair
  • sand slitting
  • sand spreading
  • hollow coring
  • topdressing
  • scarifying
  • verti - draining
  • over seeding
  • core harvesting
  • turfing
  • landscaping
  • goalmouth repair
  • end of season cricket square maintenance

McLaughlin Sportsturf Maintenance have regular customers in the Ballycastle area and the aim is to assist groundsmen and green keepers to keep their highest standard. For this purpose they have invested in the very latest and best equipment.

McLaughlin Sportsturf has also worked on many factory grounds, football pitches , school sports grounds etc in Ballycastle

Mclaughlin Sportsturf Maintenance
  • Sports Ground works completed:
    • Hollow Coring or hollow tining:

      This system works by pushing hollowed tines into the ground. This then removes cores of soil reducing compaction and thatch caused by years of rolling therefore improving air and water movement creating a healthier soil.

    • Core Harvesting:

      This machine is used alongside the hollow corer. It collects the cores of soil removed and can speed up time greens, grounds are out of play. It also saves on labour costs.

    • Topdressing:

      Topdressing is an important aspect of all turf maintenance. We have a range of different topdressing each suitable to specific sports. Topdressing can be matted leaving surface level, true and ready to play.

    • Scarifying:

      Scarifying removes moss and thatch from just below and on the surface. It helps the ground to breathe and allows the topdressing to be worked into the surface. We have a range of scarifiers to suit different sports surfaces from football pitches, rugby pitches, golf greens or cricket squares

    • Seeding:

      The proseeder is used on golf greens, golf tees and bowling greens . Its spiraled roller produces close hole spacing and delivers seed directly in to the holes.

    • Goalmouth Turfing:

      We specialise in goalmouth turfing aiming to getting pitches playable with a minimum of disruption. We also do general landscaping and landscaping of sports grounds off the pitch area.

    Digger Hire:

    McLaughlin Sportsturf Maintenance also hire diggers with drivers for general groundworks and construction

    Verti Draining:

    Verti Draining works by driving tines into the ground. This breaks up the soil allowing water, air and the grass roots to penetrate into the soil.

    Quality equipment and quality workmanship in Ballycastle:

    Gary McLaughlin's pride in doing a good job has seen him acquire the best equipment suitable for each job as well as well trained operators. We have worked in Ballycastle, Cushendun, Cushenall,etc.

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    Mclaughlin Sportsturf Maintenance

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