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About Us

Your Local Audiologist providing Expert Hearing Tests in Ballycastle - 'Clearly Better'

Your Local Audiologist providing the latest pivate hearing aids in Ballycastle.

Joy of Hearing is your no. 1 audiologist in Ballycastle and surrounding areas.

We have over 10 years experience in the public and private sectors, dispensing hearing aids in Ballycastle and providing hearing related services, including:

  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing loss assessments for industry
  • Earwax microsuction
  • Earwax removal

We provide expert hearing aid servicing in Ballycastle and service all hearing aid makes and models, making sure your hearing aid is working properly.

If you are unable to come in to the surgery, Joy of Hearing can come to you. We provide hearing tests in your home using state of the art hearing testing equipment.

Joy of Hearing
  • services include:
    • Hearing aid fitting:

      We provide expert hearing aid fittings, using the latest in testing equipment and hearing aid technology.

    • Earwax microsuction:

      We now offer an earwax micro suction service, which is the safest way to remove ear wax.

    • Earwax removal:

      We provide professional earwax removal services.

    • Hearing loss assessments:

      Our expert audiologist has over 10 years experience in diagnostic hearing testing.

    • Hearing Aid Servicing:

      We service all hearing aid makes and models, making sure your hearing aid is working optimally.

    Hearing Tests in Ballycastle:

    We provide comprehensive hearing tests in Ballycastle and surrounding areas using state of the art hearing testing equipment.

    Home Visits:

    Joy of Hearing comes to you. We offer home visits if required in Ballycastle and surrounding areas, Armoy, Cushendall, Cushendun etc.

    Earwax Microsuction Now Available:

    We are fully qualified audiologists in Ballycastle and now offer Earwax Microsuction & Earwax removal.

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    Joy of Hearing

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    • A nice list of ways you can protect your hearing. #asalwayspreventionisbetterthancure Facebook.com7th Mar, 2018

    • So pleased that we won a Randox Clinical excellence award! 😀 Facebook.com27th Feb, 2018

    • An extra special Cochlear implant switch on!😊 Facebook.com25th Feb, 2018

    • Check this out- a synopsis of what I do everyday at Joy of Hearing! 😀 Big thank you to Adrian Logan & Glenn Irwin who feature & my talented sister @ Cinematic Tide - Photography & Video for editing 😊 https://vimeo.com/256406802/3a820f572e Facebook.com19th Feb, 2018

    • Studies show that greater fitness is associated with better hearing! Facebook.com7th Feb, 2018

    • All set for an educational day tomorrow, hoping for some interesting speakers 🤓 Facebook.com6th Feb, 2018

    • New advertising for the sides of my car, make sure to give me a wave if you see me out & about! Facebook.com5th Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com5th Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com1st Feb, 2018

    • It's so important to protect your hearing. Every day I hear from patients how debilitating hearing loss is. It's something we take very much for granted when we are young. Facebook.com27th Jan, 2018

    • For those who are interested, this is a nice illustration of the anatomy of the ear 👂 Facebook.com22nd Jan, 2018

    • Hearing aids are no different from any other piece of technology, they have rapidly improved in recent years & can be as automatic or adjustable as we need them to be. Gone are the days when we programmed them using a screwdriver! Facebook.com17th Jan, 2018

    • A lovely thank you note from a lady we were able to help, not only with her hearing but when she broke her hearing aid the day she received it! The company she is referring to is ReSound. Facebook.com12th Jan, 2018

    • Great job 👍, wax removal is so satisfying! Facebook.com7th Dec, 2017

    • The weather is not always considered when choosing a hearing aid but it does make a difference. Facebook.com4th Dec, 2017

    • Learn about the different types of hearing loss in the video below, if you are curious why not book a hearing test! https://youtu.be/pcGz7uwnPrs Facebook.com1st Dec, 2017

    • Looking forward to the ReSound Business Summit in Cape Town 😀 Facebook.com29th Nov, 2017

    • Facebook.com7th Nov, 2017

    • Have a look at what happened when Adrian Logan came to visit Joy of Hearing Ltd, Crumlin Podiatry and Opticare Opticians Crumlin at the Mill Health Clinic in Crumlin. Facebook.com30th Oct, 2017

    • Big Congratulations to Glenn Irwin who we recently supplied with a set of Motorbike plugs. These were in his team colours & contained a filter to allow speech to be heard but keeping the ears well protected from all the noise 👍 🙉👂👂🏍 #TheMillHealthClinic Facebook.com22nd Oct, 2017

    • A really lovely longstanding patient of mine gave me these- I was so touched!😊 Facebook.com21st Oct, 2017

    • Wow, that's a lot of people world wide with hearing loss! Facebook.com20th Oct, 2017

    • It often takes people up to 7 years to finally admit their hearing has declined & seek help... Facebook.com13th Oct, 2017

    • Big lump of wax successfully removed from a gentleman's ear!👍 Facebook.com6th Oct, 2017

    • Flowers from a lovely patient- made my day!😀 Facebook.com6th Oct, 2017

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