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About Us

High Quality Window and Door Installation and Repairs in Andersonstown.

North Down Glazing and Locks are a family run glazing business in Andersonstown.

We provide high quality window and door services in Andersonstown and surrounding areas. With over 15 years experience you can trust us to complete the job on time and to a high standard.

We supply high quality uPVC windows and specialise in window installation and repairs in Andersonstown, including:

  • Misted double glazing replacement
  • Broken window repairs
  • Glazing repairs
  • Glass replacement
  • Faulty window lock replacement
  • uPVC window repairs
  • uPVC window installation
  • Draughty windows fixed
  • Window hinges and handle replacement
  • Greenhouse glass replacement

North Down Glazing and Locks install high quality uPVC doors and composite doors in Andersonstown, including:

  • External doors
  • Front doors
  • Back doors
  • Patio doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding doors

We provide expert door repairs in Andersonstown, including:

  • Draughty doors fixed
  • Door replacement
  • Letter box replacement
  • Door locks replaced
  • Door hinges replaced

We specialise in garage door installation in Andersonstown, including:

  • Garage door repairs
  • Garage door replacement

We have our own in-house locksmiths in Andersonstown and stock all types of locks. Our locksmiths services include:

  • Lock replacement
  • Barrel locks
  • PVC door lock mechanisms
  • High security locks
  • Lock upgrades
  • Garage door locks
  • Window locks

North Down Glazing and Locks
  • window and door services include:
    • Broken or Cracked Glass Replacement:

      We are expert glazers and provide a fast and efficient glass replacement service.

    • Door Repairs:

      We provide expert door repair and replacement services for all types of doors, including front doors, patio doors, French doors, etc.

    • Misted Window Pane Replacement:

      We provide expert misted pane replacement services.

    • Lock Replacement / Upgrade:

      We provide professional lock replacement and lock upgrade services. So if you have just moved into a new home or want to increase the security of your property call North Down Glazing and Locks for a quote today.

    • Double and Triple Glazing Installation and Repairs:

      We provide high quality triple glazing and double glazing installation and repairs services.

    uPVC Windows and Doors:

    We supply and install high quality uPVC windows and doors in Andersonstown and surrounding areas including Finaghy, Poleglass and Dunmurry.

    Composite Doors:

    We install high quality composite doors in all shapes, colours and finishes. Call today for a FREE no-obligation quotation.

    Garage Door Installation and Repairs:

    At North Down Glazing and Locks we provide expert garage door installation services, including garage door installation, garage door repairs and garage door replacement.

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    North Down Glazing and Locks

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    • Door chain for Pvc doors, available in silver gold and white. Know someone who is looking for a door chain for a Pvc door call 02891225750 Facebook.com1st Mar, 2018

    • A recent customer request to have a door chain fitted to a PVC door started us on an investigation to find the most suitable product. We found a product called Secure Ring that requires less screw holes in the PVC and utilises the existing strength of the door handle. This product is simple to use and has proven to be an extremely top performing product and beats the usual door chains in tests. Take a look at the video on the tests carried out. If you are looking for a top quality product for additional security in your home give us a call on 028 91225750. At only £15 + VAT. supply only this is a good value product. Facebook.com26th Feb, 2018

    • Thinking of changing a window or two, take the time to think of different styles and design. Making some simple changes can change the whole look of the property. The change can bring a more modern look. This window had 4 openers! This means more frame to reduce the light coming in. Georgian bars in the double glazing, again reduces the light . The new window lets in more light while still keeping some openers for ventilation. All windows we install comes with Pilkington K double glazing that can help reduce your energy costs. Call us on 028 91225750 if your looking for a quote for replacement windows Facebook.com13th Feb, 2018

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2018 New Years Resolutions 1. Have the draughty window repaired 2. Have the broken lock on the front door fixed 3. Replace rotten window in Garage 4. Replace that misted up double glazed unit in the conservatory 5. Replace the broken window from the New Years Eve Party. 6. Replace the misted up double glazed unit in the velux window All the above works can be undertaken by North Down Glazing & Locks Ltd. Call 028 91225750 to arrange a free survey Facebook.com1st Jan, 2018

    • Christmas Wish List 1. Wish there wasn’t a cold draught coming in the window and door 2. Wish I could see out the window to see all the Christmas lights. 3. Wish my door would lock properly. Don’t call Santa, call North Down Glazing on 02891225750 and we will ensure all your wishes can be met Merry Christmas from North Down Glazing & Locks Facebook.com17th Dec, 2017

    • https://www.facebook.com/dave.creane/posts/10210296339154656 Facebook.com26th Oct, 2017

    • With the strong winds over the weekend you may have noticed some draughty windows. Call us on 02891225750 and we can investigate and provide a quote to rectify the problem. Best to do it now to save money on the escaping heat. Facebook.com24th Oct, 2017

    • If you thinking of replacing your windows and doors, now is a great time to be doing it. Material costs are fairly low at present and it is fairly certain prices will rise in the future. We can provide a no obligation quote, just give us a call on 028 91225750 to arrange a free survey of your property. Facebook.com22nd Oct, 2017

    • Having problems with a door lock, hard to open , sometimes doesn't work? When it's dark, cold and raining, it's not the time to be stuck outside because the lock has failed. If your lock is giving you problems, get it looked at now. Call. 028 91225750 and we can arrange to check out your lock and recommend a fix. FREE survey. Facebook.com23rd Sep, 2017

    • The winter is coming, time to solve the draughty windows......the money being wasted heating your property because the cold air is getting on can be fixed by North Down Glazing and Locks. Give us a call on 028 91225750 We are happy to look at your windows and provide a quote to resolve the issues. Facebook.com17th Sep, 2017

    • Having problems opening your Pvc windows, or problems locking them. Give us a call 028 91225750. We can inspect and provide a no obligation quotation. May only need a handle, new hinges or a locking mechanism, but once fixed you will be happy with the results. Facebook.com21st Aug, 2017

    • Looking at selling your house ? First impressions are so important. A misted up double glazed unit of a tired looking front door can put people off buying. Replacing the double glazed unit for a crystal clear unit or changing the panel in the front door, or getting a new letter box and door handles may not be as expensive as you think and may make the difference to sell the house quickly. Give us a call on 028 91225750 for a no obligation survey and quote and let us help sell your house. Facebook.com6th Aug, 2017

    • The locks on your property are mechanical devices and as such can fail at any time through normal wear and tear. The life of your locks can be extended with regular maintenance and checks. As soon as you notice the lock on a window or door is not operating smoothly it is recommended to have it looked at. North Down Glazing & Locks are happy to look at the locks and recommend actions to resolve issues. We also offer an annual routine maintenance solution. If you need your locks checked or repaired/ replace give us a call 028 91225750 Facebook.com30th Jul, 2017

    • Facebook.com26th Jul, 2017

    • Kevin was a lonely and unloved garage, he felt very detached from the rest of the house. The house was lavished with new double glazing and had any leaks fixed. Kevin never made a fuss and took solice in the visits from the cats. Then one day it happened, the sun rose high in the sky and shone through the dull window slightly, Kevins owner had a lightbulb moment and realised the garage would make a great "Man Cave" somewhere he could have quiet and do what ever he wanted. The call was made and the garage rescue company arrived, fitted a gleaming white PVC door and window, with energy saving crystal clear glass to fill the garage full of light. If you have a lonely garage that could do with rescuing, if you are looking for that space to find inner peace ....give us a call 02891225750. We guarantee our work and product but cannot guarantee you will be left alone in the new space.....everyone will want to be there too.. Facebook.com18th Jul, 2017

    • Have a door that has lots of different people accessing it, we have a solution. Recently fitted PVC door with shaped top light on a commercial property. To save cutting lots of keys we installed a key coded access handle. Simples Facebook.com17th Jul, 2017

    • Latest composite door installation, this has transformed the main entrance of the property. Looking to change the first impressions as people arrive at your door ? Give us a call to discuss. 91225750. Facebook.com10th Jul, 2017

    • Proud sponsors of a local club, best of luck for the nationals. Facebook.com5th Jul, 2017

    • BloomField Shopping Centre 3rd June We will have a stall in Bloomfield Shopping Centre Saturday 3rd June. If your in the area please come and say hello and see what we can do for you Facebook.com1st Jun, 2017

    • There are thousands of garages that have not been loved as much as the house they belong to. This is not one of them. The owner asked us to replace the window and door to show the garage that it is loved as much as the house. The results speak for themselves the garage now feels part of the family again with its new face lift. So don't just ignore your garage, show it some love and give us a call on 028 91225750 to get a free no obligation quote for new windows and doors. Facebook.com24th May, 2017

    • Whole house of 11 windows replace under the affordable warmth grant scheme. Original single glazed timber windows replaced with A rated energy saving Inliten PVC windows. The PVC style chosen to keep the original look of the property. Facebook.com20th May, 2017

    • Juliet Balcony installation. Modern design glass balcony, has really enhanced the look of the property. Are you looking for a glass juliet balcony give us a call to discuss. 028 91225750 or email ndglazingandlocks@gmail.com Facebook.com1st May, 2017

    • Will be in Bloomfield Shopping Centre today, promoting the business, be sure to stop for a chat Facebook.com21st Apr, 2017

    • It's that time of year.... bit of sunshine....the grass is growing.....we get the lawn mower out for the first time. Before you cut the grass check there are no stones on the lawn, it could save you money. Stones flicked up by a lawn mower are like bullets. If they hit your windows it will probably break it. But don't worry if it happens, we are ready to help, call us on 91225750 and we can provide a no obligation quotation to replace the glass. Facebook.com10th Apr, 2017

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