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Massage and Holistic Therapies in North Lanarkshire

Phoenix Therapies @ The Healing Cave in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire offer a range of holistic therapies, Angel Card Readings, Massage to clients from North Lanarkshire. 

Treatments and holistic therapies include Massage, Reiki, Hydrotherm, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Tanning, Waxing, Nails and Angel Card Readings, Tarot Readings. Phoenix Therapies @ The Healing Cave in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire therapists are trained to an advanced level and tailor the treatments to meet individual needs.

Phoenix Therapies @ The Healing Cave of Airdrie are the experts in holistic therapies including Reiki, Massage and Angel/ Tarot Readings, come in and resurrect your mind, body and soul. 

Late Appointments are available on request.

Phoenix Therapies @ THE HEALING CAVE
  • Holistic Therapies in North Lanarkshire:
    • Hydrotherm Massage in North Lanarkshire:

      From stiff joints and aching muscles to sciatica, frozen shoulders and knees we can help alleviate the pain with our treatments. Hydrotherm is the ultimate in massages, it is instantly relaxing as it is carried out whilst lying face up on two large cushions filled with hot water placed on a massage bed. It creates the sensation of floating on water and being hugged by a blanket of heat.

    • Swedish Massage in North Lanarkshire:

      Deeply relaxing massage therapy which rejuvantes the body by increasing blood flow and easing tension from muscles therefore improving circulation. Swedish Massage can ease muscular pain and tensio, improve sleep, easy digestive problems and flexibility.

    • Reflexology in North Lanarkshire:

      Reflexology is the practice of applying pressures to different zones in the feet which reflect different areas of the entire body using thumb, finger and hand manipulation. It helps clear blockages in different body zones. The treatment can help sinus problems, asthma, digestive issues.

    • Waxing:

      We offer a range of waxing including legs, underarms, bikini, upper lip, chin and eyebrows. We also do waxing packages and eyelash, eyebrow tinting.

    • Head Massage in North Lanarkshire:

      Come in and experience a deeply relaxing massage treatment including head massage.

    • Nails in North Lanarkshire:

      Whether you are looking for a manicure or pedicure we have a treatment to make you look and feel great.

    • Pregnancy Massage:

      Help ease common pregnancy issues such as backache and Sciatica With the deeply relaxing safe and highly recommended hydrotherme massage, in calm ambience surroundings.

    Why Choose Us?:

    Phoenix Therapies @ The Healing Cave in Airdrie offers our clients a wonderful experience and a sense of well being for body, mind and spirit. We guarantee you will feel uplifted by your visit, and our experienced therapists will provide excellent relaxing treatments.


    Reiki healing sessions are available at Phoenix Therapies, you will feel so much more relaxed and at peace after a session. Reiki heals the whole person leaving you feeling at peace, secure and have a sense of wellbeing. We also do Reiki Attunements.

    Angel Card Readings in North Lanarkshire:

    Angel Card readings are informative, interesting and intriguing. Choose from Tarot/Angel card readings.An ideal way to learn more about love, career, relationships, guidance and future goals.

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    Phoenix Therapies @ THE HEALING CAVE

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    • Looking forward to seeing you again soon Louise. πŸ˜€ Facebook.com17th Feb, 2018

    • ...... Youth Meditation Workshop...... ........ FRIDAY 16TH FEBRUARY........ ................... 6.30PM - 8PM............... A reminder that our MEDITATION & RELAXATION workshop for our children and young adults is on tomorrow. Help and encourage your child to learn different methods of relaxation and tools to help them deal with the stresses of life now and in the future. πŸ˜€ Facebook.com15th Feb, 2018

    • So true and inspirational.. Be grateful for what you do have instead of regretting what you don't have. ❀️ Facebook.com15th Feb, 2018

    • ❀️❀️Treat that someone special in your life to a relaxing treatment at THE HEALING CAVE ❀️❀️ Facebook.com10th Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com8th Feb, 2018

    • *****MEDITATION & REIKI SHARE***** Reminder that meditation is on tomorrow evening at 7pm. Look forward to seeing you all. πŸ˜€ Facebook.com8th Feb, 2018

    • ... PREGNANCY MASSAGE... I absolutely love what I do and its a privilege to be trusted by all you mums-to-be to look after you and your precious baby. Thank you Facebook.com4th Feb, 2018

    • REMINDER :These sessions start tody at 6.30pm. Really excited about this project and look forward to helping our young people to help themselves πŸ˜€ Facebook.com2nd Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com2nd Feb, 2018

    • Facebook.com2nd Feb, 2018

    • . YOUTH MEDITATION & RELAXATION GROUP. ............ Friday 2nd February @ 6.30pm............... Many of us have children doing their Prelim exams at the moment and know what a stressful time it is for them. Between the ages of 10 and 18 think of all the changes and pressures our children face: puberty, transition from primary to secondary, options, exams, career choices. On top of this many children suffer bullying and peer pressure. All of these cause many of our children anxiety and stress which can manifest in many ways including eating disorders, depression, addictions. Its so important to teach our young people the tools and coping mechanisms to deal with these stresses and anxieties which will not just help them now but also become life skills which will help them throughout life. At The Healing Cave we are doing sessions aimed at helping 10 to 18 year old become aware of the benefits of holistic therapies as well as develop their relaxation techniques which will help them deal better with stressful situations (eg exams). We will practice breathing, meditation, mindfulness as well as discuss Reiki and Massages. Reiki and massage will only be done with a responsible adult present. Let's help our kids help themselves. Time :6.30pm-8.30pm Cost: Β£2.50 (includes refreshments) for further information please call or message 07745245453 please like & share Facebook.com31st Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com31st Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com30th Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com26th Jan, 2018

    • Book in for an amazingly indulgent facial with Paula. Relaxing and rejuvenating. call.. 01236 760112 or 07745245453 Facebook.com25th Jan, 2018

    • Come and get your nails done for the weekend. Appointments still available. call... 01236 760112 or 07745245453 Facebook.com25th Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com25th Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com24th Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com23rd Jan, 2018

    • ****SPIRITUAL READINGS and GUIDANCE **** **************UPCOMING DATES************** THURSDAY.. JANUARY 25th.. 6pm.. fully booked THURSDAY .. FEBRUARY 15th.6pm THURSDAY .. FEBRUARY 22nd.6pm THURSDAY .. MARCH 1st .. 6pm THURSDAY ..MARCH 8th...6pm For bookings and information please call 01236 760112 or 07745245453 Please like and share Facebook.com23rd Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com21st Jan, 2018

    • For appointments please call 01236 760112 or 07745 245453 Facebook.com21st Jan, 2018

    • Facebook.com21st Jan, 2018

    • *****SPIRITUAL READINGS & GUIDANCE****** Are you looking for spiritual guidance or enlightenment? Are you looking for a sign from a loved one who has passed on? If so then book a private session with our spiritual psychic Janice, an amazingly gifted lady whose connections are pure and from the heart. Whether you come alone or as part of a group you can be assured messages will be delivered with empathy and dignity by Janice. For bookings & information call 01236 760122 or 07745 245453 look forward to seeing you, and please like and share this post. Thank you. Facebook.com20th Jan, 2018

    • Come and relax and cheer yourself up. Call 01236 760112πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Facebook.com20th Jan, 2018

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