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Candy Land Airdrie OFFER

Tango Ice Blast From £2.75

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About Us

Ice Cream and Sweet Shop in North Lanarkshire

Candy Land is a traditional ice cream parlour in Airdrie whose customers from around Lanarkshire enjoy delicious sweet treats. We cater for all ages and tastes and guarantee you will not be disappointed with the selection of award winning Equi’s ice creams. 

Whether your preference is for cold or hot dishes there is a variety from which to choose.

From traditional ice cream cones, nougat wafers and tubs to chocolate lined waffle cones and milkshakes you decide how many scoops and which flavour you wish. If waffles and crepes (ask for flavours available) are your favourite you will be delighted by a visit to Candy Land ice cream parlour in Airdrie.

Candy Land Airdrie
  • Ice Cream Parlour and Sweet Shop in North Lanarkshire:
    • Ice Cream Parlour in North Lanarkshire:

      Candy Land is a traditional ice cream parlour in Airdrie which offers a selection of cold and hot dishes to its customers. We guarantee that you will find your favourite sweet treat on the menu.

    • Cones /Nougat Wafers/ Chocolate Baskets:

      With a selection of Equis ice creams on offer you decide whether you wish 1 or 2 scoops of ice cream to complete your cone, chocolate nougat wafer or chocolate lined basket. Cones include a variety of twin top and waffles with sprinkles too. The baskets take up to 3 scoops of ice cream so why not mix your flavours?

    • Tubs:

      If a cooling tub of ice cream is what you wish you can choose the size to suit you. From 1, 2, 3 or 5 scoops you will have a delicious sweet treat in a tub, easy to eat and handle. Choose your favourite flavour and have a heavenly dessert in no time.

    • Waffles / Crepes:

      These tantalising hot waffles and crepes are very popular and you may wish to add 1 or 2 scoops of delicious ice cream to them and add that special finishing touch. Tell us what you wish and we will do the rest.

    • Nachos:

      Our ice cream parlour brings the favourite cinema treats of nachos to your doorstep.Our nachos are available as plain or with a cheese sauce for those who prefer this version.

    • Cheesecakes:

      Check out our fabulous selection of cheesecakes by Cheesecake Stephanie.

    Why Choose Us?:

    If you value a traditional ice cream parlour which sells amazing ice cream desserts then you should pay us a visit. With a great variety of sweet treats, both hot and cold, and all at very reasonable prices you should drop into Candy Land Airdrie for the ultimate ice cream experience.

    Freshly Baked Cookie Dough:

    For those who love freshly baked cookie dough we offer a variety of flavours to choose from. With the addition of 1 or 2 scoops of Equis ice cream we will create for you a tasty dessert which will satisfy your taste buds.

    Equis Ice Cream:

    The great news for customers is that we use the award winning Equis ice creams in all our ice cream treats. Cones, wafers, tubs, chocolate baskets and milkshakes will never taste the same again after you have experienced Equis flavours. They make a special finishing touch to our hot waffles, crepes and freshly baked cookie dough.

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    Candy Land Airdrie

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    • 🌟UPDATE🌟 Due to the weather we are closing the shop at 10pm tonight! Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. Please share to let all our valued customers know! Facebook.com19th Jan, 2018

    • Good evening Facebook friends weather permitting we are trying to still do deliveries, we are hearing the road to Airdrie and Coatbridge is gridlock at the moment so please be aware there maybe a delay in delivery times 🍰πŸͺ🌭🍦🍬x Facebook.com19th Jan, 2018

    • Hello Facebook friends! Deliveries are from 5pm - 10pm tonight and we will be open till 11pm - Weather Permitting! Like and share please! Facebook.com19th Jan, 2018

    • Deliveries start from 5.30pm tonight so be sure to get your orders in fast! Please be patient with our drivers tonight as some streets are worse than others so please expect delays! Like and share please to let everyone know! 🍰🍦🍬 Facebook.com18th Jan, 2018

    • Good evening Facebook friends here is one of our Winter Warmers that was flying out the door last night, so get in quick before offer ends only Β£3.50 on its own or add a tango iceblast for only Β£6.00 πŸͺ🍰🍭🌭🍦🍬 x Facebook.com18th Jan, 2018

    • Good news Facebook friends Kandy Land is opened for business just now, so don’t miss out and pop in for some treats why not try one of our famous winter warmers all at Β£3.50 or include a tango iceblast for only Β£6.00 yum yum 🍰🍬🍦πŸͺ🍭🌭xx Facebook.com17th Jan, 2018

    • 🌟GOOD NEWS🌟 We will be open from our usual 5pm-11pm tonight unless the weather dramatically changes! Like and share please! β„οΈπŸŒ¨ Facebook.com17th Jan, 2018

    • 🚨 ❄️ 🚨 We have decided to close Kandy Land tonight due to the weather and as the forecast is saying it has to get worse 🚨 ❄️ 🚨 Hopefully we will see improvements tomorrow and we will see u all then for plenty of hot desserts to heat u all up πŸͺ🍨🍰🍬🍭 Have a great snow day xx Facebook.com16th Jan, 2018

    • 🌟Kinder Maxi Crepe🌟 β€’One of our delicious crepes filled with Nutella and a kinder maxi! Hmmm delicious! πŸͺ🍦🍬🍭🍰 Facebook.com16th Jan, 2018

    • Good afternoon Facebook friends! This weeks Kandy Land dessert of the week is our hot muffin with icecream! Come and try one for yourself! Like and share please Facebook friends! 🍩πŸͺ🍬🍰 Facebook.com14th Jan, 2018

    • 🌟NEW🌟 Freshly made waffle baskets! What better delicious treat to brighten up your weekend! Come and try this delicious creation Facebook friends! Like and share please! :) Facebook.com13th Jan, 2018

    • Quick before the offer ends - get 10% discount on all orders placed via www.scoffable.com Deliveries start at 5.30pm tonight Facebook.com11th Jan, 2018

    • Too cold to go out? Deliveries are on until 10pm tonight, treat yourself to some of our winter warmers. Facebook.com9th Jan, 2018

    • New Year New Start We at Kandy Land (Airdrie) are looking for delivery drivers πŸš™πŸš—πŸš™πŸš— If you are interested or no of anyone who maybe interested please call shop on 01236 779699 please share xx Facebook.com4th Jan, 2018

    • Good evening Facebook friends, hope you all had a lovely new year and if you a craving a wee Kandy Land delivery, they are now on her on early before the rush 🍑🍭🍬🍑πŸͺ🍦🌭🍨🍰 xx Facebook.com3rd Jan, 2018

    • Good evening Facebook friends and a happy new year to you all Business is resumed and deliveries are back on from today 🍦🍰🍫🍬🍭🍬 Get online and get your favourite food and drinks delivered to your door πŸš—πŸš™πŸš—πŸš™ We would also like to thank all our loyal customers who seen us through 2017 thanks xxx Facebook.com3rd Jan, 2018

    • Happy new year to all our loyal customers and Facebook friends. We reopen from 4pm tomorrow, keep liking and sharing our posts and help us reach 10k likes in 2018, also keep watching our page for all our new products arriving in 2018 Facebook.com2nd Jan, 2018

    • It’s Hogmanay πŸ˜πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Between 6-8 o’clock tonight it’s Β£1.50 for a slice of our lovely cheesecake, chocolate cake, red velvet and carrot cake 🍰🍫 While your here and since it’s Hogmanay why not treat yourself to a tub of our alcohol ICE ice cream we have : Blue Wkd Strawberry and lime Kopparberg Strongbow dark fruits Smirnoff Ice 🍺🍹🍷 Deliveries start at 3oclock today and last order will be accepted at 8oclock so get your orders in fast to save disappointment, stock up on all your favourites as will be closed from 8pm tonight until 4pm on Wednesday Happy New Year πŸ₯‚ Facebook.com31st Dec, 2017

    • Who would love to start 2018 with Β£20k? Pop in today and for just Β£1 you can play the AFC diamonds lotto, hurry get in for ticket u have to be in it to win it, good luck Facebook.com31st Dec, 2017

    • https://www.facebook.com/robert.mckee.94/posts/10214073837616594 Facebook.com30th Dec, 2017

    • Good Morning Facebook friends, we r open from 11.30am today, too cold to go out? Don’t worry we can deliver all your favourite goodies to your door, deliveries start at 4pm today, stock up before we close tomorrow for New Year Facebook.com30th Dec, 2017

    • Good evening Facebook friends due to the miserable weather outside they may be a delay on deliveries tonight sorry for any inconvenience caused xx Facebook.com29th Dec, 2017

    • Don’t want to leave the house in this miserable weather? Don’t worry, you can get all your favourite goodies delivered straight to your door from 5pm till 10pm tonight! Facebook.com29th Dec, 2017

    • We are open β˜ƒοΈ Cheesecake fridge is full and ready to go for all you Facebook lovelies.. Cheesecakes we have are : Chocolate caramel hazelnut Strawberry Malteaser Mint aero Individuals are : Strawberry tart Orange aero Chocolate brownie Nutella Mint aero Galaxy caramel Deliveries are on tonight also start at 5 and last order will be accepted at 10:00pm get your orders in fast to save disappointment πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸ¦πŸ­πŸ¬ Order through www.justeat.co.uk or www.scoffable.com Or phone 01236 779699 Facebook.com28th Dec, 2017

    • Congratulations to Louise Mackie, the winner of our giant gummy bear competition. Pm us to come claim it. 😁 Facebook.com24th Dec, 2017

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