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About Us

Psychic and Clairvoyant, Spiritual Classes in Airdrie

The Stone Ring in Bathgate, near Airdrie affords the services of a professional clairvoyant and qualified healer and therapist who are dedicated to offering the ultimate spiritual, emotional and practical healing experience to clients. Throughout Airdrie, Stone Ring in Bathgate is renowned for the amazing range of Holistic Therapies. Reiki, Tarot Card Reading and Angel Card Readings. For an excellent Clairvoyant near Airdrie visit The Stone Ring.

Find perfect peace for all your holistic and spiritual needs at The Stone Ring. We are delighted to welcome clients old and new from around Airdrie and West Lothian and it is our mission to care for your physical, psychic, spiritual and emotional needs in a thoroughly professional manner.

The Stone Ring
  • Holistic Therapies / Clairvoyant Services in Airdrie:
    • Spiritual Readings in Airdrie:

      Spiritual readings can help us in any situation in life we are facing and will help to clarify issues and problems you may have to deal with. Marie specialises in spiritual, tarot and angel card readings.

    • Tarot Card Readings in Airdrie:

      Tarot card readings are informative, interesting and intriguing. Choose from Tarot/Angel card readings or card and Clairvoyant readings. An ideal way to learn more about love, career, relationships, guidance and future goals.

    • Crystal Healing in Airdrie:

      Crystal healing is the belief that crystals have energies and properties that are able to improve health. Crystals, which are minerals with a periodic atomic structure, possess metaphysical abilities. It works because everything is energy and vibrates at various frequencies and that crystals work via these vibrations. Every living thing has a vibrational energy system, which includes chakras, subtle bodies and meridians. By using the appropriate crystals one can allegedly retune an energy system or re balance a bodyĆ¢€™s energies, thus improving well-being.

    • Medical Qigong:

      Medical Qigong uses Chinese methods that guide and direct the Qi for health and healing. Negative thinking, poor diet, pollution and injury all damage your Qi and your Qi reserves get drained. Even with low levels of Qi most of us try to carry on life at the same rate.

    • Reiki:

      Reiki is a holistic alternative therapy based on Eastern concepts of energy flow and the seven chakras (energy centers) in the human body. Reiki was formulated by a Japanese teacher, Mikao Usui, around 1890, but incorporates meditation techniques, beliefs, and symbols that are considerably older. It is distinctive among alternative therapies in its emphasis on self- healing, its five spiritual principles, and its accreditation of healers through a system of initiation.

    Why Choose Us?:

    The Stone Ring in Bathgate was established in 2007 by psychic and healer Marie Young. Marie has been a healer and therapist for many years. She discovered she was psychic from a very young age, and it has been a life long journey of discovery for her, as she expanded her healing disciplines and embraced the spiritual and metaphysical world.

    Gift Shop in Airdrie:

    At The Stone Ring we sell an extensive range of holistic, pagan & wiccan supplies, spiritual healing products, healing crystals, essential oils, gemstones and alternative gifts.

    Spiritual Classes & Workshops:

    At The Stone Ring, we offer a range of spiritual and self awareness classes available every week, each a new experience. Please contact the shop if you wish to attend any of our events. We also run regular workshops and events throughout the year.

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    The Stone Ring

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