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About Us

Expert Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services in Banbridge.

ARC NI was founded by Raymond and Jim Adamson. With over 45 years experience in all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning in Banbridge we pride ourselves on retaining a high level of personal service for all our customers.

We provide a 7 day emergency call out service.

As engineers we are continual training and able to complete jobs safely and efficiently. We always strive to maintain the highest industry standards which allows us to deliver the newest technologies to all our clients.

We provide expert industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration services in Banbridge, including:

  • Industrial refrigeration installation
  • Industrial refrigeration systems maintenance and servicing
  • Commercial refrigeration installation
  • Commercial refrigeration systems maintenance and servicing

From complete project management to bespoke refrigeration system design in Banbridge, we offer a full range of mechanical and electrical services.

Our Projects include call centres, hospital air conditioning, theatres, retail shop cooling, pharmacy cooling and ventilation, sports centre air con, etc.

Our refrigeration maintenance service in Banbridge covers:

  • Package chillers
  • Keg room repairs
  • Spiral cooling
  • Centrifugal
  • Blast cooling
  • Air conditioning
  • Process cooling systems
  • Secondary chilled water systems
  • Bulk storage rooms
  • Control service
  • Electrical certification
  • Compressor repairs
  • Extraction systems

We specialise in cold room design and installation in Banbridge and our commercial refrigeration installation and fitting service includes:

  • Industrial cold rooms
  • Commercial cold rooms
  • Industrial ice machines
  • Commercial ice machines
  • Butchers cold rooms
  • Butchers serve overs
  • Ice cream refrigerators
  • Bottle coolers
  • Supermarket refrigeration
  • Chiller refrigerant conversion
  • Controls conversion
  • Mechanical alteration
  • Complete overhaul
  • Insurance backup

Industrial refrigeration services in Banbridge include:

  • Process cooling
  • Preparation areas
  • Bulk storage refrigeration
  • Blast cooling 
  • Centrifugal systems

We provide expert air conditioning installation in Banbridge, including:

  • Air conditioner installation
  • Air conditioner repairs
  • Air conditioner servicing and maintenance
  • Vehicle air conditioner recharge and repair  

Repeat business always comes from a job well done!!!

Adamson Refrigeration Contracts NI
  • refrigeration and airconditioning services in Banbridge include:
    • Chiller and freezer cabinets:

      Our core customers include retail grocery chains, shops, factories, schools and colleges, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses, with a range of equipment - we are happy to provide regular service ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and reliably.

    • Quality Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems:

      We provide specialist service, and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems throughout Northern Ireland. We provide our services through contracting out reliable electricians, control engineers, plumbers, pipe fitters and refrigeration technicians whom we have worked with for many years and who we know will not let us down and work till the job is completed to your total satisfaction.

    • Cold Room Design and Installation in Banbridge:

      We specialise in cold room and cold room store design and installation all types of businesses.

    • Air conditioning systems installed and serviced:

      We will supply and build specific air conditioning systems designed to meet your companies specific needs. We share knowledge from two generations of industry experience in one business, we have the confidence to be professional, flexible service and offer a service that meets your specific needs.

    • Save you energy and reduce your overheads:

      Our services help you reduce your running costs, ensuring that the setting on all your in store fridges and freezers are set to manufacturers settings. Many freezers can only take 15 min to defrost yet many we see for the first time are set to over 40min. This is simply a waste of energy it adds significantly to your monthly energy costs over the years and affects your bottom line long term. Let us help you ensure your equipment is running efficiently. We are totally commitment to help reduce your running costs through energy reduction initiatives.

    • Vehicle Air Conditioning:

      We provide expert vehicle conditioner recharge and repair services.

    Refrigeration and Freezer Maintenance in Banbridge:

    Scheduling routine maintenance checks with ARC NI will help determine and correct potential problems before they result in costly repairs and refrigerator downtime. We offer maintenance of chilled displays, frozen displays, walk in refrigeration, walk in freezers under counter fridges, worktop fridges, worktop freezers, glass door freezers, milk coolers, meat cabinets, sandwich & salad prep tables (SPT's).

    Refrigeration Installations in Banbridge:

    We provide an expert installation service for all your refrigeration needs. We take on all refrigeration contracts for industrial and commercial refrigeration needs, including installing chilled displays, frozen displays, walk in refrigerators, walk in freezers under counter refrigerators worktop refrigerators, worktop freezers, glass door freezers, milk coolers, meat cabinets, sandwich & salad prep tables, open air merchandisers, etc.

    Offering you best service practice:

    With a combined 48 years of years experience in commercial and industrial refrigeration, we can provide competitive pricing and quality assured service. We are fully qualified to work on a wide range of equipment, and continuous training ensures we can offer bespoke maintenance contracts tailored to all our clients' requirements. We are totally commitment to help reduce your running costs through energy reduction initiatives.

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    Adamson Refrigeration Contracts NI

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