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About Us

Quality Racking and Shelving Suppliers in Armagh.

Racking + Shelving Ltd provide intelligent storage solutions in Antrim for all types of businesses.

We design, manufacture and install bespoke racking and shelving in Antrim for your needs. Helping you increase your storage capacity and best utilise your space.

We have been designing, supplying and installing storage equipment, space management, material handling solutions and racking in Armagh for over 13 years.

We specialise in storage system installation in Armagh and  our products and services include:

  • Partitioning and fit out services
  • Labelling and identification solutions
  • Glazed and stud wall partitioning
  • Mesh panel partitioning
  • Machine safety fences
  • Lockers and locker rooms - cloakroom, PPE, cube, media tower, etc.
  • Cupboards and cabinets - PPE, hazardous, medical, hygiene, COSHH, etc.
  • Cold storage pallet racking
  • Shelving for commercial storage
  • Pallet racking
  • Cantilever racking
  • Plastic containers for small parts storage
  • Office storage
  • Office furniture and work stations
  • Hanging rail storage systems
  • Commercial mezzanine floors
  • Retail mezzanine floors
  • Industrial mezzanine floors
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Longspan shelving
  • Boltless shelving
  • Mobile shelving
  • Carton-live shelving
  • Archive storage
  • Library shelving
  • Garage shelving and storage containers
  • Connect-a-tube
  • Drive-in pallet racking
  • Pushback pallet racking
  • Adjustable pallet racking
  • Very narrow Aisle VNA racking
  • Racking protection
  • Anti racking collapse mesh
  • Rack organisers
  • Push back racking
  • Pallet live storage
  • Double deep racking
  • Mobile pallet racking
  • Pallet racking accessories
  • Drive-through pallet racking
  • Bike stands and bicycle racks
  • Smoking Shelters
  • Roll containers and cages
  • Grit bins
  • Mobile steps
  • Self storage units
  • Wire storage baskets
  • Flat packed K bins
  • Louvre panels
  • Tilt boxes
  • Small part storage
  • Workbenches

We also dismantle and relocate existing storage systems, provide racking safety inspections and provide service and maintenance contracts.

At Racking + Shelving Ltd we believe in providing a high quality service at competitive prices, including a free design service showing storage layouts.

Racking + Shelving Limited
  • storage solutions include:
    • Partitioning and Fit out services:

      We provide expert partitioning and fit out services, including glazed and stud wall partitioning, mesh panel partitioning, machine safety fences, etc.

    • Labelling and Identification Solutions:

      We provide a wide range of labelling and identification solutions including floor marking tape, ticket holders, weight load notices, numbering and racking ID sheets, magnetic easy wipe racking strips, bay markers, aisle markers, etc.

    • Lockers, Cupboards and Cabinets:

      We supply a wide range of lockers, cupboards and cabinets for commerciaql use, including cloakroom, PPE, cube, media tower, etc. hazardous cabinets, COSHH cabinets, PPE cabinets, medical hygiene cabinets, toxic cabinets, acid and alkaline cabinets, etc.

    • Bike stands and Bicycle Racks:

      We supply a wide range of bike stands and racks suitable for motorbikes and bicycles.

    • Smoking Shelters:

      We supply high quality smoking shelters and ashtrays for commercial use.

    • Storage Solutions and Accessories:

      We provide high quality storage solutions for all types of businesses, including plastic containers for small parts storage, office storage, office furniture and work stations, hanging rail storage systems, archive storage, roll containers and cages, grit bins, mobile steps, self storage units, wire storage baskets, flat packed K bins, louvre panels, tilt boxes, small part storage, workbenches, etc.

    • Service and Maintenance Contracts:

      We provide racking and shelving service and maintenance contracts and racking safety inspections.

    Racking Installation in Armagh:

    At Racking + Shelving Ltd we provide expert racking installation services for all types of racking, including drive-in pallet racking, pushback pallet racking, adjustable pallet racking, very narrow Aisle VNA racking, racking protection, anti racking collapse mesh, rack organisers, double deep racking, mobile pallet racking, , drive-through pallet racking, bespoke bunded pallets, cantilever racking, old storage pallet racking and a wide range of pallet racking accessories.

    Quality Shelving in Armagh:

    We supply and fit all types of commercial and retail shelving, including longspan shelving, boltless shelving, mobile shelving, library shelving, connect-a-tube, garage shelving, etc.

    Mezzanine Floors in Armagh:

    We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors for all types of businesses, including retail outlets, factories, workshops, offices, etc. We provide our services across Armagh and surrounding areas, including Keady, Richhill, Markethill, Loughgall and Tandragee

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    Racking + Shelving Limited

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    • Facebook.com27th Feb, 2018

    • We are now closed for the holidays and will reopen on Wednesday 3rd January. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their custom and support this year. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at RSL Facebook.com21st Dec, 2017

    • Recent photos from our project for Costa Ireland. The project included a mezzanine floor, bespoke staircase and handrail. Facebook.com19th Dec, 2017

    • Thanks to all who contributed 🙏🏻 Facebook.com14th Nov, 2017

    • Facebook.com24th Oct, 2017

    • Back to school for RSL staff! Health and safety always a top priority here 😊 Facebook.com20th Oct, 2017

    • There may be some disruption to business today but all being well normal business will resume tomorrow. Here's hoping we don't need them but just in case a few useful contact numbers! Facebook.com16th Oct, 2017

    • The spread was looking good this morning! Thanks to everyone who contributed and to Johnny for organising another successful Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning. Facebook.com29th Sep, 2017

    • Lovely to get this email this morning hard work really is appreciated by our customers! Well done to the team for their continued dedication Facebook.com27th Sep, 2017

    • Recent project turning this empty warehouse into a brand new storage facility capable of storing over 3000 pallets. For further details see our website www.rslni.com Facebook.com26th Sep, 2017

    • Few photos from the weekend! Cantilever! For more info on all our products please visit www.rslni.com Facebook.com31st Jul, 2017

    • First of 4 stores being kitted out with racking, cantilever and A frames. From store layout design to supply and installation, this is just the start Facebook.com7th Jun, 2017

    • Facebook.com1st Jun, 2017

    • Facebook.com23rd May, 2017

    • Facebook.com22nd May, 2017

    • We have in stock second hand shelving for sale details as follows: 1900mm(h) x 900mm(w) x 450mm(d) complete with cladded back and sides and 4 shelves @ £45+VAT per bay collected in Antrim pm to secure yours Facebook.com19th May, 2017

    • We're back and ready for action after a great week off, we will sort all pm enquiries today thanks for your patience RSL Facebook.com24th Apr, 2017

    • Installs 6 days a week - all hands on deck 👌🏼 Facebook.com1st Apr, 2017

    • Free chipboard to anyone wanting it ranging from 18-25mm could be used for fire wood or anyone flooring an attic- collection Antrim please share 👍🏼 Facebook.com10th Mar, 2017

    • A Yorkshire based company who distribute medical products throughout the U.K. and Ireland approached us to create more Pallet spaces and replace damaged racking within their main warehouse. After fitting out their main warehouse in Belfast we were pleased to help them improve their mainland UK operation. We not only supply racking for repair and new pallet spaces, we conduct SEMA approved inspections on a regular basis to keep the workplace safe and usable. Facebook.com27th Feb, 2017

    • Happy new year everyone hope you enjoyed the holidays - We are back and hard at it! Facebook.com4th Jan, 2017

    • We would like to wish a merry Christmas and a healthy and peaceful 2017 to all our friends and customers. Thank you for your continued support, enjoy the holidays from all of us at RSL 🎅🏼🦃🎄 Facebook.com22nd Dec, 2016

    • It's that time of year again and as much as we appreciate all your custom, instead of gifts to our customers these hampers have been made up for the homeless in Northern Ireland. All made up and ready to go Facebook.com12th Dec, 2016

    • Recent pallet racking installation in Belfast another example of how to best utilise a space to achieve the maximum amount of pallet positions. Facebook.com30th Nov, 2016

    • Facebook.com23rd Nov, 2016

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