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  • The world needs more of the building each other up vibe. That's why I love what I do ...with the right plan & motivation with the added determination from megz - this girl is transforming more & more every time I see her.😍 12 weeks into total body revamp!! This amazing girl averages 3 sessions a week! *12 weeks gone so far! *calories kept high! *no long slow cardio sessions. *suffers with polosistic ovararion syndrome- linked in with auto immune. *Mum of 2 children under 8 Can't wait to see the next progress pic now that we are playing with more tools. 😁 Contact (LEIGHJITT) fitness. Facebook.com22nd May, 2018

  • Beach body bootcamp with Stefanie Contact her for more details πŸ’ͺ🏻 Facebook.com22nd May, 2018

  • No ready to hit the gym? Stef runs an online home training programme to get you up and active. Great for anyone not ready to step into the gym just yet, build your confidence at home! Facebook.com20th May, 2018

  • Week 1 - week 4 !! My client absolutely slaying it πŸ’ͺ😍 Couldn’t be prouder of this girl she does everything I ask of her and never complains ( only with doms ) πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!! For any enquiries pm me here or on my personal page Sonia Canavan Facebook.com20th May, 2018

  • PAUL THOMPSON PT Old school No nonsense Sensible nutrition & Hardcore training THAT WORKS NO IFS NO BUTS NO MAYBE s PM ME HERE OR MY PERSONAL PAGE Facebook.com16th May, 2018

  • I have a few slots available. Pm if interested . i also do online coaching. Summer bods approaching peeps πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Strength and conditioning coach. Precision Nutrition coach. Ironman Triathlon coach. Personal trainer. Diploma speed agility and quickness. Kettlebell instructor. Diploma in sports science Pm for details. Carl wright Facebook.com15th May, 2018

  • Really proud of becca on stage. She brought a better package than ever . she sticks to the letter making my job alot easier. Well done becca πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ #bikinigirl #fitness #diet #girlswholift Becca Hamilton Facebook.com15th May, 2018

  • Deadlifts !!! Increase your personal best with me!! Paul Thompson PT Ps Mark is both a long time freind and client and doesn’t mind me filming him I prefer to concentrate on form and supervise my other clients unless they ask to be filmed πŸ’ͺ Facebook.com13th May, 2018

  • Want a circuit to really work you hard ? Paul Thompson PT Facebook.com12th May, 2018

  • Paul Thompson PT Circuitry behaviour Facebook.com12th May, 2018

  • Want a real challenge? Paul Thompson PT Circuits !! Here’s a few examples πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ Facebook.com12th May, 2018

  • Beach body bootcamp with stef πŸ‘™ Train 1-1 or bring a friend and smash it together! Facebook.com11th May, 2018

  • Body weight workout from Stef! βœ… Facebook.com11th May, 2018

  • Paul Thompson PT !!! Want to shed weight ? Build muscle ? Get fitter ? Get stronger ? Come to a PT that knows what he is doing with over 20 years experience in all aspects of muscle gain & fat loss ! No bull ! No crazy supplementation! Just correct training & nutrition! Old School ! Facebook.com10th May, 2018

  • Facebook.com8th May, 2018

  • Opening May Day Monday 9am-5pm Facebook.com4th May, 2018

  • Great post about Stefanie if you want to know a little more about her! Facebook.com1st May, 2018

  • Contact Nick! Facebook.com30th Apr, 2018

  • Wanna get that first pull up? Facebook.com30th Apr, 2018

  • Beach body bootcamp Train 1-1 or bring a friend and smash it together! Facebook.com29th Apr, 2018

  • Facebook.com27th Apr, 2018

  • Personal Training Summer Booking Offer. 3 options available 4 week block 8 week block 12 week block 1 to 1 or group sessions Weight training/conditioning Cardio workouts provided Nutritional guidance Contact Nick Beattie for details Limited spaces Facebook.com26th Apr, 2018

  • Testimonies !! Picture proof of results ! More in the pipeline I will get you results I can lose you fat ! Build that body your after ! Improve your sport specific performance! Get you personal bests And much more ! Pm me for details ! PAUL THOMPSON PT Facebook.com25th Apr, 2018

  • **new slots available with Ross Corry** A variation of morning, day time and nights PM FLEX PAGE OR PERSONAL FB for details and enquiries RESULTS BASED! Weight loss Fat loss Muscle building General Fitness Individual Meal planning Diet advice Comp prep/ photo shoot prep 7 years experience Competitive Bodybuilder Practice what u preach πŸ’ͺ🏽 Summer approaching start now! Results speak for themselves .... anybody of any shape can be the best version of themselves πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ DM for latest offers and info Facebook.com24th Apr, 2018

  • Do you like free tips on how to Get more out of your training journey? -Faster results -Recipes -Training tips -More energy -Improve gutt & all round health check out ...leighjitt on Instagram Facebook.com20th Apr, 2018

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