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Youyen Thai Massage OFFER

30 Minutes £25 60 Minutes £35 Thai Massage, Livingston

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Mon 11:00 AM-08:00 PM
Tue 11:00 AM-08:00 PM
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About Us

Thai Massage in West Lothian

Youyen Thai Massage in Livingston in West Lothian offer you a wonderfully relaxing Thai massage experience tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking for a Massage in West Lothian, then come and try our treatments, you will not be disappointed.

Youyen Thai Massage in Livingston in West Lothian has highly qualified therapists who specialise in traditional Thai Massage and have honed their skills throughout the UK and Thailand and are now bringing their 30+ years of experience to Livingston.

We are pleased to offer you a range of treatments designed to relax and soothe the stresses of the day away, call for an appointment.

Youyen Thai Massage
  • Thai Massage in West Lothian:
    • Traditional Thai Massage:

      Thai massage helps to strengthen the body and increase flexibility whilst allowing the client to benefit from the relaxing and healing properties of massage. Not only is the physical body being improved the emotions and energy levels are also uplifted.

    • Thai Hot Candle Massage:

      Thai Hot candle massage is perfect as a body moisturiser to nourish the skin, giving it a warm healthy glow. The pure essential wax has detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits.

    • Thai Aromatherapy Massage:

      Aromatherapy is the art of using natural plant essences to relax and balance the body. We add a secret formula blend of essential plant extracts to the massage oils to enhance the healing effects of massage therapy.

    • Foot Massage Reflexology:

      Reflexology is massage to the foot using pressure to stimulate nerve ending and energy flow throughout the body by massaging pressure point the reflect internal organs, muscles and joints. This therapy encourages your baby’s natural regenerative ability.

    • Hot Stone Massage:

      Hot stone massage is very relaxing and soothing body tension free technique to make by placing hot stone on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up light muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

    • Herbal Poultice Massage:

      Thai herbals are not only an essential part of Thaisarn Magazine medicine but are also an everyday part of life in Thailand. Used in massage for their energising and balancing effects on the body.

    • Four Hand Massage:

      The Thai four hand massage is full body treatment where two therapists use massage to ease away muscular aches, tension and tiredness. One therapist works on the upper body and the other on the lower body. This massage is intense and holistic, designed to place the body and mind in a state of deep contentment and increase energy levels. Areal treat. Most of these treatments can be offered as a couples massage too. £70 for 60 minutes

    Why Choose Us?:

    The exciting new You Yen Thai Massage is a haven of tranquility, a caring and peaceful environment to nurture the spirit of modern life. Influences of the East are reflected within the decor of rich Thai style. The 3 treatment rooms, one of which is a very large suite complete with its own private relaxation area delivered by our team of highly qualified traditional Thai Massage therapists.


    We are conveniently located opposite the ASDA Livingston Superstore Centre. We have free car parking

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    The perfect gift voucher for every occasion - BOOK YOUR GIFT VOUCHER NOW ON 01506 441022. You can order in amounts of £5 or £10.

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    Youyen Thai Massage

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    • Dear youyen customers Youyen Thai massage livingston now have move to stirling. Address 52 Baker street stirling fk8 1bj phone on 01786 446220 if you are looking for Lan she's working in stirling now see you all soon . Facebook.com28th Sep, 2017

    • Youyen Thai massage livingston now closing down for good thank you for support hope to see you all in stirling at Sawadee Thai spa thank you. Facebook.com31st Jul, 2017

    • Hello I would like to give prior notice to my vacation . YOUYEN unfortunately will be closed from the 07 06 17 to the 30 06 17 . I look forward to fixing as many of you as I can before I go .Sorry and thankyou for all your custom .Lan xx Facebook.com29th May, 2017

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    • From tuesday 11 am to 7pm thursday dont miss out book by text 07943821034 or call 01506 441022 Facebook.com10th Apr, 2017

    • Summit Sherrifmuir . Looking out over Wallace memorial and stirling . Fixed a gentlemans knee on her way down .work or play people are touched by her love to heal everyone she meets .LAN is a cut above the rest in a league of her own . Facebook.com10th Apr, 2017

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    • On behalf of Youyen Thai Massage and staff would like to say.Thank yo for all your support Lan will be in Livingston on Friday 3rd Mar hope to see you all. Facebook.com26th Feb, 2017

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