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Selfridge Engineering

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  • Selfridge Engineering underwent an audit this morning from BSI in relation to CE marking of Structural Steelwork. We have now been accredited for nearly a year. The audtitor found no non conformances and everything was in order. So we are pleased that we can continue with the fabrication of CE structural steelwork. Facebook.com15th Feb, 2016

  • Few punched parts on our Trumpf Trumatic 500. Now off to the Pressbrake. Facebook.com11th Feb, 2016

  • One of our clients recently wanted to cover over a feed passage between two units previously supplied by us. The solution was a curved truss structure, which provided protection against the elements whilst providing great ventilation, due to its elevated position above the eaves of the adjoining units. The other half is to be installed in the next couple of weeks. Facebook.com2nd Oct, 2015

  • Wee load ready for the road in the morn.... Facebook.com1st Oct, 2015

  • Galvanised adjustable sow farrowing crate with stainless steel trough. Facebook.com12th Mar, 2015

  • 3D image showing the cladding profiles which are available at Selfridge Engineering. Various colours, thicknesses and finishes are offered. Facebook.com12th Mar, 2015

  • Selfridge Engineering cladding comes with a 20 year guarantee for agricultural purposes. This is achieved with 35 microns of paint to EITHER SIDE OF THE SHEET. The picture below shows the make up of our sheeting. Sheeting comes in 0.55 or 0.7mm. Facebook.com12th Mar, 2015

  • Some parts punched on our Trumpf TC 500 and folded on our Durma ADS-6320 Facebook.com19th Feb, 2015

  • We have recently been accredited allowing us to fabricate structural steelwork to CE status. Extensive testing and procedures have been carried out to achieve this status. Facebook.com19th Feb, 2015

  • Soon be that time of the year again. Fully galvanised adjustable creep feeder. Gates can be removed from front, becoming a feeder in doors during the winter. Facebook.com12th Feb, 2015

  • Dairy Unit for one of our customers in Co.Antrim. Facebook.com12th Feb, 2015

  • Selfridge Engineering would like to wish customers, staff and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Reopening on the 7 th of January. Cheers Facebook.com24th Dec, 2014

  • Facebook.com28th Oct, 2014

  • Currently off on holidays re-opening on the 28 th July Facebook.com15th Jul, 2014

  • For all your roofing requirements this spring and summer. We've got you covered. Facebook.com24th Mar, 2014

  • Structural steelwork for poultry housing first of two units. Facebook.com14th Mar, 2014

  • 6 m 320 tonne pressbrake Facebook.com10th Mar, 2014

  • Facebook.com10th Mar, 2014

  • Facebook.com10th Mar, 2014

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