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Horse Riding & Trekking School in North Lanarkshire

Crowwood Riding & Trekking School in Muirhead, Chryston, in North Lanarkshire is a long established riding school business offering horse and pony trekking to clients throughout the local area. With over 20 years experience in the horse riding lessons sector you can be assured of being in safe hands. Our horses are allowed to act as a free herd and exhibit normal, natural behaviour making them happy, friendly companions.

Crowwood Riding School in Muirhead, near Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire has a mixed group of customers, based in and around Glasgow, including disabled and people with learning difficulties. We offer a range of gentle horses and ponies to the general public, which are intended to suit any budget for horse riding and trekking.

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Crowwood Riding & Trekking School is ideal for anyone with a love of animals and the countryside. Call us for horse riding and pony trekking today around North Lanarkshire, Muirhead, Chryston, Cumbernauld and Glasgow.

Crowwood Riding & Trekking School
  • Riding School / Horse Riding in North Lanarkshire:
    • Horse Riding in North Lanarkshire:

      Riding lessons are available at Crowwood and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. We offer lessons as a group, semi or one to one option. Importantly, they are fun, enjoyable and offered at competitive prices.

    • Pony Trekking in North Lanarkshire:

      Using the open fields around our riding school, pony trekking is our love. We take groups of all ages and abilities to enjoy the open countryside, fresh air and horses and ponies. Whether you prefer a slow walk, canter or gallop we will tailor your trek to suit your ability.

    • Horse Care & Management:

      Are you looking to learn about horse care and management? Then you are very welcome to volunteer at our riding school and develop your knowledge.

    • Pony Parties in North Lanarkshire:

      Do you love ponies and horses and want to enjoy your birthday with friends? Then let us put on a pony party for you. We tailor the ponies / horses to meet the guests requirements and trek at a pace comfortable for the riders.

    • Disabled Riding:

      We have a mixed group of customers, based in and around Glasgow, including disabled riders and people with learning difficulties. We offer a range of gentle horses and ponies to the persons disabilities, which are intended to suit any budget.

    Why Choose Us?:

    Crowwood Riding School and Pony Trekking School in Muirhead, Chryston is a well-established equestrian centre and we devote our time and expertise to those who are keen to develop themselves in this sport. Our relaxed and friendly approach to learning with fully qualified instructors endears us to everyone. We assess your individual needs and enable you to become a proficient rider.

    Horse Grazing in North Lanarkshire:

    We have hundreds of acres of grazing for all our ponies and horses, ensuring they are happy and healthy throughout the year. Our horses are allowed to act as a free herd and exhibit normal, natural behaviour ensuring they are happy, friendly companions.

    Gift Vouchers:

    Do you know someone who loves to trek and ride? Then give them a gift voucher for a lesson or pony trekking session, we would love to have them join us.

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    Crowwood Riding & Trekking School

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    • Poor wee Oliver nearly never seen his 41st birthday..... Joanne and I went looking for Oliver tonight ,as he was missing from the herd , the wee soul had been cast and was lying upside down in the woods . The poor wee soul ,thank God we found him before it got too dark . Facebook.com7th Feb, 2018

    • I received some very sad news tonight , many of you know the man , Robert Peffers , who came down from all the way from Dunfermline to come and enjoy our horses and ponies , sadly he passed away last week . He was a wee gem a nice ,wee gentle soul , he will be sadly missed . Facebook.com1st Feb, 2018

    • Think we may have to call off since it’s started to ⛄️ ❄️ snow. Again Facebook.com21st Jan, 2018

    • Good morning all , it's a tad windy out there today , too windy to ride 😣, however if you want to help come feed the ggs🐎 il be there about 12.30 ..... Happy Hogmany .... to you all, be safe and see you next year ☺ ❤ Facebook.com31st Dec, 2017

    • Happy Christmas everyone x 🎅. I hope you all have a lovely time 😊❤️ because of the wild weather today there be no riding it’s too wet and wild , if you wish to come and help feed then be there at 12.30 x if not il see you next week and have a great time x💕👌🏽👼🕺🏼💃🏿🌞☃️🎊🎁❤️ Facebook.com24th Dec, 2017

    • Not sure about riding again today 😫but they still need fed xx if you want to come and help x Facebook.com17th Dec, 2017

    • Morning everyone I think it may be too icy to ride today , if you want to come and help hay and feed that would be GRAND 👌🏽 Facebook.com16th Dec, 2017

    • Facebook.com21st Nov, 2017

    • Brilliant wee weekend with the best horses and weans in Scotland 👌🏽😍💪😇 Facebook.com19th Nov, 2017

    • What a brilliant weekend at the horses , thanks everyone 💕👍👍✅😊 Facebook.com29th Oct, 2017

    • What a beautiful afternoon ♥️🏆🌞🌼🐎👌🏽👍😋 Facebook.com7th Oct, 2017

    • Wrap up well to come riding today it's a wee bit dreech. ..... see you👀 all at 12.30 😊 Facebook.com7th Oct, 2017

    • Sorry to say ,it's too wet for riding ,☹️ today's riding is cancelled . Facebook.com1st Oct, 2017

    • I will post around 11.30 am if ride is on , but the weather looks much better than expected 😊, here's hoping 🤞 Facebook.com1st Oct, 2017

    • Hi , the weather forecast for Sunday looks as though it may be very wet💧☔💧 at the moment ,it's looking like it may cause another cancelled Sunday's riding 😯,,,,,,why not come on Saturday instead .🐎🌞 Facebook.com29th Sep, 2017

    • Morning everyone , the rain🌂💧☔ is so bad today that we shall have to cancel the ride , sorry about that 😢and hopefully you all get the message and we will see you next week 😊, stay dry and have a nice day 😀 Facebook.com24th Sep, 2017

    • Thanks for a great weekend everyone , it was great 😀 and dry 😆, just to remind you all, there will be no riding for the next two Sundays, however , there will be a ride 🏇on the two Saturdays , let me know if you haven't already booked in if you are coming 👌 Facebook.com3rd Sep, 2017

    • It was a day for lie downs today lol Facebook.com22nd Aug, 2017

    • Hi girlies anyone up today , if so can u pm me , skie has feed in the bin and I want him to get as much as he needs ,so ideally he has access to it most of the day without the others taking it from him , if you can safety let him munch away xxxx that would be great x Facebook.com22nd Aug, 2017

    • Morning , today the ride will be on , it may be a wee bit later , all hands on deck please to help , I can't be there but hopefully will see you all next week . 😊, have a great day 🐎 Facebook.com20th Aug, 2017

    • Hi everyone , I couldn't work today because of food poisoning (all my girlies , jumped in to help x thanks so much ) I am not sure at the moment if I will be ok for tomorrow, I will post here around 11.15 am to tell you if I have to cancel or do we go out , sorry I can't be anymore specific than that ,have a lovely evening x and thanks to everyone who helped today , you are total gems xxx Facebook.com19th Aug, 2017

    • Thanks for helping yesterday girlies , it was a fun day xxxxxx😊🍔🍟🍦🐣🐏🐷🐴🐮🐄🐟🌼🌞🐎you are a brilliant wee team 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭 Facebook.com14th Aug, 2017

    • Hi girls, the fun day at Palacerigg starts at 12 tomorrow so if yous could be there 11.45 at latest so we can catch and get the ponies ready. See yous all tomorrow! 😆🐒🐴🌞🌤🍌🐴 Facebook.com12th Aug, 2017

    • Hi everyone , just to remind you all there will be no riding on Sunday , we will be at Pallacerigg Country Park , doing pony rides , 🐴🐝🐸🐄🐮🐥🐦🐏🐑🐐......... maybe see you there 👀❤ Facebook.com11th Aug, 2017

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