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For All Your Tree Requirements

South Lanarkshire Tree Care of Strathaven are a professional, friendly local tree surgeon offering the highest standard of tree felling and tree surgery services across Lanarkshire and Central Scotland.

Our team of qualified and experienced arborists are capable of carrying out all aspects of tree surgery to the highest industry standards no matter how large or small the job is from troublesome conifers to the biggest of hardwoods.

Whatever your needs are we're here to assist you in getting the job done, call us toady. 

South Lanarkshire Tree Care
  • Services Include:
    • Tree Felling and Removal:

      When necessary, whole tree felling is carried out safely and efficiently with the tree cut off at ground level but the stump left above soil level.

    • Limb Removal:

      We can remove troublesome branches and ensure trees are safe, disposing of the wood in an eco-friendly manner. We undertake the full range of tree pruning such as removing dead wood and formative shaping.

    • Firewood and Logs:

      If you are looking for kiln dried firewood and quality hardwood and softwood logs for sale,we can deliver.

    • Garden Clearance:

      Using specialised machinery and equipment we can access almost every site and clear trees, scrub and vegetation without resorting to burning.

    • Grass Cutting / Hedge Trimming:

      We carry out grass cutting - private and commercial, weekly cutting or as requested. Whether it is 15 metre high conifers, ornamental topiary or a small privet hedge, we have the appropriate skills and equipment to trim hedges.

    Why Choose Us?:

    South Lanarkshire Tree Care is fully insured and an expert in our field with cleanliness and safety being our two biggest concerns at your property. We will remove trees and carry out garden maintenance in a professional manner.

    Stump Grinding:

    We remove the stump using specialist machinery to grind it to below ground level preventing re-growing. This also enables the area to be reused effectively and especially useful where if the existing tree was standing in a lawn.


    We can supply a range of timber to erect fencing for both domestic and commercial properties. Call us for further details.

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    South Lanarkshire Tree Care

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