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About Us

We Strive on Customer Satisfaction

Wheel Wizards Scotland Ltd in Hamilton is a family run business established in 2010. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best service at very competitive rates, working closely with well known car dealers, car lease organisations, as well as the public.

Whether you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment, shot blasting to bring the wheel to the original metal, powder coating or alloy welding, we do it all.

Wheel Wizards Scotland of Hamilton look forward to refurbishing and repairing your alloy wheels. 

Wheel Wizards Scotland Ltd
  • Services Include:
    • Wheel Collection and Delivery Service:

      We know it isn't always possible to get time to come to our garage to drop your vehicle or alloys off. Let us take the problem away and let us collect and delivery your alloy wheels, call us for further information.

    • Powder Coating:

      WE CAN POWDER COAT ANY METAL OBJECT. Powder coating is the application of dry paint to a component. This powdered paint is electro statically charged which allows it to be sprayed onto wheels or car parts and coated. It can come in virtually any colour or finish, matt or smooth, is rust-free and ecologically friendly.

    • Shot Blasting:

      Using shot blasting methods, we are able to quickly clean up and remove rust and scale from a large number of metal products. Our shot blasting services are fast, clean and efficient – far faster than traditional manual means of surface preparation. Components are returned to you in an “as-new” condition, ready for further painting or coating.

    • Alloy Welding:

      We repair alloy wheels in our fully equipped workshop with the highest specification TIG welding equipment. Badly damaged alloy wheels, cracked, buckled, bent, chipped or ripped wheels can all be repaired in our workshop in Hamilton.

    • Motorbike Wheel Repair & Refinishing:

      We not only repair car alloys, we also carry out motorbike wheel repairs too.

    • Tyre Ftting Service:

      A tyre fitting service is available for your Refurbished wheels. Or do you already have a set of tyres? We are happy to fit tyres that you’ve purchased from elsewhere. Call us for an appointment.

    Why Choose Us?:

    With years of experience in the garage services sector and subsequently the repair of alloy wheels, we are the experts to call upon to get your alloys looking like new. Using the latest equipment we will refurbish your alloys quickly and efficiently.

    Same Day Service Available:

    Can't do with your beloved alloy wheels but need them repaired or refurbished? Then give us a call, book an appointment and we will have your alloys back to you the same day.


    We guarantee the refurbished finish for 12 months.

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    Wheel Wizards Scotland Ltd

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