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About Us

Want to cut your heating bills by up to 50%???? We supply Spray Foam Insulation in Forfar.

Are you tired of your home being cold and draughty? Are you fed up with ever increasing home fuel bills? Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation in Forfar can help.

Air leakage is the main cause of your home losing heat. Anywhere that air can escape, heat can too. We supply and install spray foam insulation in Forfar to keep your home warm.

Our Ezero foam spray insulation could be the answer you need, by offering the following benefits:

  • Up to a massive 50% reduction in heating bills
  • No sagging, settling or gaps, unlike traditional forms of insulation
  • Elimination of draughts
  • Elimination of noise
  • Improvement in air quality, and a reduction in allergens and mould
  • Non-toxic
  • Maintains efficiency for years to come

We are NSAI Certified for use in Ireland and for Irish Conditions

Covering all areas of Ireland, North and South, all our installers have been carefully selected and have been fully trained in best practice, having undergone an intensive training course both in training school and onsite – with Geoghegan’s you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ll only get the best tradesmen.

For your free, no obligation survey, please contact Dublin 01 6392966 or Belfast 028 9060 4040 and give your home the insulation it deserves.

Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation
  • Services Include:
    • Geoghegan Spray Foam Cavity Wall Insulation:

      Cavity wall spray foam insulation prevents damp breezes flowing inside the internal cavity of your walls. We are expert cavity wall insulation installers and provide a fast and efficient service. Making sure that your house retains

    • Geoghegan Spray Foam Attic Insulation:

      We are professional attic spray foam insulation installers. When professionally installed, attic insulation is the most cost effective method of saving money on your heating bills, up to a possible 50% reduction could be achieved from a well insulation attic. Spray foam insulation gives the advantage of sealing even the tightest of corners, and hardest to reach places for a perfect airtight fit anywhere.

    • Breathable vent card:

      Our system is totally breathable due to the use of our own fully breathable Vent Card as seen in the diagram above. This card allows us to create an air gap as per Building Regulations.

    • Open cell spray foam:

      Open cell spray foam as the name suggests consists of cells that expand and are partially open and allow water vapour to pass through. Open cell spray foam is used in applications such as attic insulation, floor insulation and roof insulation where water vapour needs to leave the structure.

    • Closed cell spray foam:

      Closed cell spray foam expands less than open cell and is more compact and ridged. It is typically used to insulate steel and concrete can be used indoors and outdoors.

    Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation:

    Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation E:500 Open-Cell NSAI Certified Spray Foam has brought new levels of air tightness, energy efficiency, and a new level of creativity to those in the professional building industry. We specialise in installing spray foam insulation in wall cavities, lofts, attics, etc. Anywhere you want to stop air / heat escaping, we can help.

    Why choose Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation?:

    Sprayed cavity wall foam insulation will give you the instant satisfaction that your walls have been insulated using the most energy efficient insulating ability available today. As well as the environmental and cost effectiveness, Spray foam insulation also offers many health benefits.

    Get in Touch NOW!!! Save up to 50%:

    Contact Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation to find out how we can help save up to 50% on home heating bills by insulating your home with Spray Foam

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    Geoghegan Spray Foam Insulation

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