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About Us

Metal Polishing & Bead Blasting

Lyndene Engineering Co (Falkirk) Ltd is a family established business in Falkirk which specialises in metal polishing, linishing and wet bead blasting. Throughout Lanarkshire, West Lothian and Central Scotland our domestic and commercial customers approach us for assistance in refurbishing metal parts and bringing them up to a higher finish.

Working with most metals we produce a range of superior finishes according to your requirements. As each job is totally unique it is important to discuss it in detail with us - so that we not only get the task done right and within your expected timescale, but also that we give you an exact costing of everything it involves.

Lyndene Engineering Co Ltd is at your disposal whenever you need us. All enquiries are welcomed.

Lyndene Engineering Co (Falkirk) Ltd
  • For all your metal polishing/vapour blasting needs:
    • Metal Polishing:

      From our premises in Falkirk we undertake metal polishing, using a mixture of abrasive belts, mops and compounds to refurbish metal parts and accessories to their original or a better finish. We are happy to do a sample finish for you to give you an idea what the item will look like when completed.

    • Vapour/Wet Bead Blasting:

      The overall effect of vapour/wet bead blasting (which is water mixed with beads fired under pressure) is that of a very clean very fine satin finish if this is what you prefer. Additionally, it also carries out a degreasing action. This task is done inside a cabinet so if the item in consideration is very large e.g. a motorbike engine it would require to be stripped down and this would result in a better finish.

    • Varieties of Finishing:

      Choose from linished, bright, satin and mirror finishes dependent upon the item being refurbished and your preference of appearance. A discussion with us will result in the correct advice being given relative to the ideal finished look.

    • Metals We Polish:

      Amongst the metals we will polish up are aluminium extrusion and castings, brass, alloy, copper, bronze, copper, cast iron, mazak and stainless steel amongst others. Most metals are capable of being polished or wet bead blasted.

    • Suitable Items For Polishing/Bead Blasting:

      Amongst the many items we accept for polishing and blasting are shop fittings, boat accessories, door furniture, belts, alloy wheels, motor bike parts, car and engine parts. Hinges and architectural ironmongery are also handled by us. The list is non-exhaustive because it is the customer�s decision which determines what we do!

    Why Choose Us?:

    When you are considering metal polishing and wet bead blasting you absolutely require a professional to undertake this craft for you. Highly specialised tasks should be left to the experts at Lyndene � we know what we are talking about and will share our expertise with you to ensure the job is done right first time, to a high standard and importantly, within your timescale!

    All Enquiries Welcome:

    We understand the technicalities of our business and are here to point customers in the right direction relative to the many aspects of metal refurbishment. We are delighted to answer your queried and help you make a decision about the right technique and finish for your metal parts.

    Competitive Prices:

    As each task undertaken is totally unique, this will reflect on the price. We always offer a competitive price for our service and it is important to discuss your requirements in full so that we can detail the exact cost involved to you. You will know where you stand before any work begins.

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    Lyndene Engineering Co (Falkirk) Ltd

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