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About Us

HCPC Registered Podiatrist in Derry


Ciara Orr, BSc (Hons), M.Ch.S

What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist analyses the movement of the foot and ankle during motion, correcting the anatomical relationship between the different segments of the foot, often prescribing orthotics (custom made insoles) to achieve this.


Podiatrists also assess and treat foot ailments, from problems such as verrucas to deformity.  They monitor and manage foot problems and deformities caused by diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as advising and treating patients at high risk of foot problems such as people who suffer from diabetes.


What conditions does a Podiatrist treat?


  • Nail Care
  • Callus Reduction
  • Corn Removal
  • Verruca’s
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Bunions and Claw Toes
  • Plantar Fascilitis ( Heel Pain)
  • Knee Pain


Podiatry works very well with other health professionals and in many cases helps speed up recovery.  Contact Ciara in Derry if you are having foot problems and need a qualified Podiatrist.


Home visits for housebound -
Contact mobile number only to make an appointment

For clinic appointments use the landline number

Nail surgery is also available -
contact clinic for further information.

Ciara's Podiatry Clinic
  • Services Include:
    • Nail Care:

      Here at Ciara’s Podiatry Clinic we provide nail care for those who need help or those whose nails are difficult to manage. We can consult you on the proper nail care that is needed for your nails to ensure that you do not do any damage to them. If you are experiencing any problems with your nails then we can provide treatment for you or refer you on to a specialist if the problem is not something that we deal with or have a lot of knowledge about.

    • Callus Reduction:

      A callus can form on any part of the skin that exposed to friction over a long period of time. They often form on patches on the soles of the feet, on bony prominence's of the toes and around the heel. We can remove these calluses painlessly and provide advice on how to prevent them in the future.

    • Home Chiropody:

      If you are in need of help from a chiropodist or podiatrist, but are unable to come to us, we provide home visits so that we can help you at home. This is ideal for those who find it difficult to walk or cannot leave their home for whatever reason.

    • Corn Removal:

      Here at Ciara’s Podiatry Clinic we can assess your corn(s) individually and provide treatment accordingly to have it removed. It is important that you do not try and remove them yourself as this can be dangerous. You need to visit a qualified podiatrist such as us as we have been trained and have the proper tools needed to remove corn safely. We can also give you advice on how to avoid these in the future.

    • Heel Pain Treatment:

      We can provide you with advice on how to effectively deal with heel pain that you may be experiencing. We can also provide you with tailor made insoles, padding and arch supports to relieve arch or heel pain. You put the orthotic device into your shoe to re-align your foot, take pressure off vulnerable areas of your foot or simply to make your shoes more comfortable

    What is a Podiatrist?:

    A Podiatrist can be thought of as a foot doctor. We can give you advice on how to properly look after your feet and what types of shoes that you should wear if you are experiencing problems. We can also treat a number of foot related problems and advise you on how to avoid these problems in the future.

    Call in with us:

    You can call in with us and have a consultation so that we can see if there are any problems with your feet and then advice accordingly.

    Add us on Facebook:

    Like our page on Facebook and you can keep up to date with any deals or special offers that we may have on. You can also contact us through our Facebook, so if you have any questions then feel free to message us

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    Ciara's Podiatry Clinic

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