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About Us

Supplying quality mobility scooters & wheel chairs in Magherafelt!

Moorings Mediquips
Head Office based in Ballymena, County Antrim Northern Ireland.

We have over 8000 sq ft which includes showrooms, stores, offices and manufacturing facilities as well as a training suite which often hosts therapists studying various aspects of care.

We specialise in supplying a wide range products to cater for adults and children with  disabilities or injuries. Our product range includes wheel chairs, from your basic and affordable to the more high end powered options, High Back Chairs (also known as fireside chairs ) and Riser Recliner Chairs.

We also supply a wide range of mobility scooters in Magherafelt, including:

  • Car Transportable Scooters
  • Mid-sized Scooters
  • Performance Scooters
  • Transportable Powerchairs
  • Mid-range Powerchairs
  • Mid-wheeled Drive Powerchairs

In order to meet its objectives Moorings Mediquip has recruited a team of staff specially trained in seating, wheelchairs, pressure care and moving and handling who between them have more than 100 years of experience. All ages from children to the elderly are catered for and all personnel pride themselves in offering a personal service to match equipment to needs.

Moorings Mediquip
  • Services Include:
    • Mobility Scooters:

      We also supply a wide range of mobility scooters, including Car Transportable Scooters, Mid-sized Scooters, Performance Scooters, Transportable Powerchairs, Mid-range Powerchairs, Mid-wheeled Drive Powerchairs, etc.

    • High Back Chairs and Fire Side Chairs:

      Our high back or fireside chairs can be tailor made for each individual. We supply various brands including ranges from AJ Way and Smirthwaite.

    • Riser Recliner Chairs:

      We supply riser recliner chairs to suit all requirements. We supply various options from the Blenheim Riser Recliner, which is a petite single motor tilt-in-space chair to our top selling mid-sized chair the Chatsworth Riser Recliner.

    • Wheelchairs & Buggies:

      We specialise in supplying a wide range of wheel chairs from your basic and affordable to the more high end powered options. Our range includes 4x4 wheel chairs, tilt-in-space wheel chairs, buggies, etc.

    • Standing and Walking Aids:

      We stock a wide range of standing and walking aids to suit all ages.

    • Stair lifts, Hoists and Slings:

      We supply a wide range of stair lifts, hoists and slings for all types of uses including getting in or out of swimming pools, baths, beds, etc.

    • Beds and Cots:

      We supply a wide range of cots and beds with a homely appearance and features that provide all the functions necessary to assist with mobility & comfort within the home or residential homes, without compromising the look and feel of the bedroom. We also supply profiling beds and the Symmetrisleep Sleep system which helps children & adults to learn to lie straight, improving health & function during the day.

    Bathing and Toileting:

    We supply and install bathing and toileting equipment including bathing slings and hoists, shower chairs, etc.

    Specialist Services:

    We supply a wide range of specialist products designed to enhance your environment and make life easier including Shower chairs, Sanichairs, Interactive Wall Projection systems, Interactive Lighting Systems, LED Colour Wash Lighting systems as well as specialist tilting wheel chairs, slings, buggies, beds, hoists, etc.

    FREE Delivery:

    We offer free delivery across Magherafelt and surrounding areas including Tobermore, Draperstown, Desertmartin, Castledawson, Ballyronan, Moneymore, Toomebridge, Bellaghy, etc.

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    Moorings Mediquip

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