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About Us

Delivering Home Heating Oil in Armagh.

Corbet Fuel Supplies (CFS)
offers Home Heating Oil in Armagh which is winter grade standard year round and all fuels are delivered as promised in quantity & quality.

At CFS we pride ourselves on our excellent product knowledge, highly trained staff and quality systems.

We are members of the Northern Ireland Oil Federation (N.I.O.F.) & are committed to excellence in fuel delivery.

We stock everything you need to keep your home warm, including:

  • Unleaded Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Agricultural Fuels
  • Home Heating Oil
  • Derv
  • Red Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Gas Oil
  • Emergency Kerosene Drums
  • Coal

CUT DOWN YOUR WINTER BILLS - save for oil through PayPoint at your own pace. Any questions contact Shauna on 3752 2316 or 4062 9718.

PayPoint? A card is issued to you. You can go to petrol stations/newagents (a lot of places has this facility) and put a minimum of £10 on your card whenever suits you. This means when you order your oil, you will have it already have it part-paid and will only have to pay the difference on delivery, if any.

If you want to order a card or have any questions on this facility please contact Shauna on 3752 2316 or 4062 9728

Our Competitive Fuel Prices are second to none!

Corbet Fuel Supplies
  • Services Include:
    • Home Heating Oil:

      We deliver quality Home Heating oil across Armagh.

    • Coal and Solid Fuel:

      We supply a wide range of coal and solid fuel including high heat coal, logs and sticks and fire lighters.

    • Bottled Gas:

      We supply a wide range of bottled gas including patio gas, propane & LPG.

    • Emergency Oil Drums:

      We supply emergency oil drums, making sure that you are kept warm all winter long.

    • Derv & Kerosene:

      We supply diesel, derv and kerosene ate competitive prices.

    FREE Delivery:

    We offer FREE delivery across County Armagh.

    Areas Covered:

    We supply the whole of County Armagh including Markethill, Keady, Kilmore, Loughall, Tandragee, etc.


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    Corbet Fuel Supplies

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